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Cought and diapered

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First she walked over and opened the silacone breast forms and some skin glue then proceded to coat the back side of the forms Cought and diapered then pressed and held them to my chest over my nipples. Telling your mom that you trust her with your deepest Mexican whore secret would make her happy knowing that you aren't afraid to talk Coguht her. Submit comment. Download Full Video. Hard Pole But Cought and diapered have my back up story just in case I was quiet and sullen when we arrived at the second address CCought was a sex novelty diaperd and Dora led me in to the dildo section and was looking at the display djapered a lady walked up and asked if Cought and diapered needed help to which Dora asked to see their different styles of strapons. Constant dreams of me being in diapers only to wake up and realize the harsh reality. She even went back Mature women from tucson to bring some of her little sisters' things to make the game more realistic. Related: diaper punishment diaper sex diaper bondage diaper pee pampers tampon disper daddy chastity belt lesbian teen lesbian bondage humiliation wet diaper breastfeed.

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Though I was never caught in diapers when I was a kid, there were several times when I aroused suspicion. Has anyone else ever been found out when they were young? The closest brush with disaster came one time when I just had to get a quick feel of my little brothers plastic pants. I went in our shared bedroom right after dinner, took off my pants and pulled his baby pants up over my undies.

I stood there relishing the thrill of being so naughty and the feel of those addicting baby pants. After a few minutes, I came to my senses and removed them and replaced them in my brothers drawer. I turned around to get my pants, sporting a huge hard on. I can only imagine what would have happened if he came in just seconds earlier I have been cought a lot as a child. That is how I learned how to hide it as an adult.

And a few times I was almost cought. Those were a good lesson too. I had two younger brothers and I'd steal their diapers and wear them at night.

Most nights I'd wet my diaper and throw it out before falling asleep. There were several times when I'd fall asleep wearing the diaper and wake up in it the next morning. Well, my parents must've figured it out because usually my mom would come into my room and wake me up and leave me to get ready as she went about her morning. One morning, however, she woke me up and just stood there.

I stayed under the covers and she asks if I'm going to get up. I just lay there under the covers and she asks if I "need some privacy to change out of your special panties.

She made me get out of bed wearing nothing but a soaked Luvs right in front of her! She had me go get some baby wipes and wipe myself off and change into my regular underwear in front of her then throw away used diaper. She'd changed my diapers and seen me naked a million times but I was so ashamed that time. I was about that time. I got caught a couple more times over the next couple years. I never wore nappies during the day from being about 5 when My mother finally got me reasonably clean and dry during the day.

The trick I had to master was hiding the fact I wore nappies at night from my friends and my often wet pants from everyone. Not that I was very successful.

It was no secret I wet the bed and as I usually had a wet patch in my shorts most days it was just accepted I wet my pants. I was never caught in my diapers but I am sure my mother knew of my fetish. She made my bed everyday and I know of one or two times I left my diaper between the bed and wall. I kept my diapers in a locked box under my bed and left the key in my desk and I sure she knew where the key was. I I glad she always kept me secret.

When I was about 18 I made myself a pair of "training pants" by sewing three pairs of men's "tighty-whitey" jockey shorts together, one inside the other. We lived in a rather remote area with no neighbors near enough to see our yard, and on warm summer days when nobody else was home I loved going out in the yard in these and pretending like I was a hopeless pants-wetting three year old and peeing in them over and over again.

I'd then hang them up in the closet and let them dry then wear them the next day and do it again as most people here know, I love the smell of peed-in panties and diapers. Once my mother was poking around in my bedroom for some reason or another and found these.

Who knows, maybe she smelled pee and went looking? I was confronted with these and asked if I had a problem and needed to see a doctor. I got rather angry over this. She apologized for invading my privacy and never said another word about it. After that I was really careful about hiding all of my "fun clothes" for a while.

When I was 11 years old I decided to pin on some diapers while lying on my bed. It was a dangerous thing to do, but I was excited by the chance that I could get caught, hoping that I wouldn't.

With five kids in the family, my odds of getting caught seemed better than average. Just as I was inserting the second diaper pin, the door suddenly opened. It was my mother. She took in the scene very quickly and walked over to the bed with a smile on her face. She said something like, "your older brother found your stash of diapers yesterday.

I thought you might be up to something when you closed your door in the middle of the day. With that, she quickly unpinned one side of my diapers and pulled that side snug. She talked a little baby-talk with the diaper pin in her mouth as if she did this every day. Your decision. She said that I had been seen by our next door neighbor and was just waiting to catch me herself.

That started a lifetime of my being diapered by my mother, my grandmother, and eventually my wife. Years later my mother said that she just loved the look of little ones wearing only diapers. The last time she diapered me was when I was in my forties. I didn't know till then that she had been regularly diapering one of my younger brothers for decades, too.

Both my parents are gone now, but I even have some old photos of my dad in diapers when he was obviously in his forties or so. I think I was out of night diapers by then. My cousin was still in diapers full time and mom would babysit sometimes so she always had a box of Pampers in her closet.

When no one was home, I'd tape two of them together and wear those. I thought I was being sneaky and would put them back without wetting them. But once mom came home early and I freaked. I ripped the pamper out of my pants and put it back really quick. But only the one pamper came out. The other one was sticking out, very obviously, out of the back of my pants.

That little mistake landed me in my old night diapers and plastic pants for the rest of the day. Super embarrassing, especially because my younger bro and his friend were there to witness me having to strip my pants and underwear off and get down on the changing pad to be diapered like a toddler. I got bugged about that one for a long time. What kind of a parent does this to a child?

Holy crap. It saddens me that you have to have a license to drive and for other various things but anyone can be a parent. It's shameful. Read here more information what is bonus group membership. Discussions Diaper wearing An experience to remember - H… Caught in diapers as a child ….

Diapers The beginning. Views : Created: Post number 1. Post number 2. Post number 3. Was caught when I took my grandmother diapers. Post number 4. Post number 5. Post number 6. Post number 7. Post number 8. Really, just a smile. I found out that she had told everybody who would listen that I was her favorite diaper boy. This and much more is absolutely true. Post number 9. I given up counting the number of times I have been caught some was good and some was not.

I know that I got caught by my family all the time. Post number Yes got caught in my little sister nappy and rubber pants mom made me wear them all day. Sorry, Full sized images are viewable for bonus group members only.

After he had seen me dresses as a sissy baby he had been told I was a bisexual who had to wear diapers due to a back injury and liked to get treated like a baby girl. So I lay in my bed waiting for my mother to come in and I look to my side and see a pacifier and I knew then I was in deep trouble because my mother had found out one of my or what I thought was my best kept secrect. I ate them all up. I was quiet and sullen when we arrived at the second address that was a sex novelty shop and Dora led me in to the dildo section and was looking at the display when a lady walked up and asked if we needed help to which Dora asked to see their different styles of strapons. Thanks for voting! After cleaning the cum up with a spoon Shelly then fed it to me as Dora slid some plastic pants over my legs than had me stand up so she could pull them the rest of the way up then tucked my diaper in and had me lay back down so they could lotion the rest of my body.

Cought and diapered

Cought and diapered

Cought and diapered. Other free porn sites

After removing my plastic pants Shelly removed my wet diaper then the dildo and then re-diapered me using lots of baby lotion and baby powder so I smelled right she said. Then she had me stand and step into my plastic pants and Dora helped me put on my jeans then packed my bag and told me that when I returned she will have made me lots of sissy baby clothing to try on. As I walked out the door and to my truck I was told to call later to let them know I had made it safely and to set up our next meeting then I began the drive home thinking what doing a good deed then getting caught diaper could lead to.

More another time this happened friday nov. After meeting Dora and her room mate Shelly after thanksgiving I kept thinking of them and how they promised to treat me as a baby girl if I wanted. Finally after the holidays I called them and asked if they wanted to meet the next weekend and was told by Dora that she would love to and I should bring my sissy baby wardrobe.

That Friday I carefully packed my dresses and other baby stuff in a suitcase then told my daughters I would be back Sunday or Monday.

As I drove south to Tonopah nev. I wondered what Dora and Shelly had in mind for me because Dora had told me that they had lots of plans for me. She smiled and told me that Shelly had gone shopping and I needed to show her my wardrobe.

As she examined my dresses she told me she could make me more clothing and just use most of my stuff as a pattern. She then had me strip down so I could be dressed properly as I removed my clothing she pulled out one of my print onesies and pulled it over my head then had me lay back so she could snap the crotch snaps then she walked into the kitchen to fill me a bottle of apple juice.

As I lay there with my bottle Dora picked up my baby cloths and placed them in piles so she could show me how to properly clean and care for them. When she finished she had me get up and carry them into the laundry room them as I placed them into the washer she showed me how to set the dials and start the laundry. Dora said she could tell but the baby would have to wait till she was done before she could fix that lil problem.

After the trim Dora started to use shaving cream and a razor to shave my legs then my chest then she squirted lots of foam on my crotch then she carefully shaved my crotch and balls then had me get on my hands and knees so she could shave my ass crack.

After drying me off Dora marched me into the guest room witch Shelly was now calling the nursery and had me lay on the baby comforter. As I laid there Dora and Shelly started to lotion my crotch and as they started to rub it in on my cock and balls.

I started to get hard as they started to talk baby talk to me asking if I loved the way it felt as the stroked my cock and Shelly had me bring my knees up so she could add lotion to my butt. When I raised my knees I felt her poking a slippery finger in my ass and slowly massaging my prostate till I started to cum all over my chest and belly. Then Shelly slid a butt plug in my ass as Dora sprinkled powder on my crotch then fastened the diaper that she had slid under me.

After cleaning the cum up with a spoon Shelly then fed it to me as Dora slid some plastic pants over my legs than had me stand up so she could pull them the rest of the way up then tucked my diaper in and had me lay back down so they could lotion the rest of my body.

When they finished Dora asked how I felt to be baby smooth and smell like a real baby. As I marveled how soft and smooth my body was. Dora then told Shelly she had to put my dresses in the dryer and wash more of my baby things and to please get her measuring tape from the sewing room because she wanted to make me more baby clothing. While Shelly was gone Dora explained that she had lost her only daughter and husband in an accident but she still missed them and every day while she was teaching the children at the school she longed for a baby of her own and would I like to be her part time baby girl.

When I told Dora that I would love to be her baby she told me good and now she could treat me like she always wished she could treat her daughter. When Shelly returned with the tape Dora had me stand so she could measure my body and had Shelly write down the sizes. Dora finished and told Shelly it was time to dress her new baby then she dug out a pink onesie from my bag then pulled it over my head then had me sit so she could pull a pair of white tights over my legs and then snapped the crotch snaps then she pulled out a pair of pink ankle socks on my feet and had me stand and step into a pair of wind pants and told me that now that the baby was dressed it was time to go shopping for some dress material.

Shelly told me that that was too bad but she would remove it when I was wet enough to need a diaper change. When we finally reached Fallon Dora found a fabric shop and when we finally found the material she wanted lots of pink prints and pink satin material she said that there was a Wal-Mart store just down the street and she could find everything she wanted for her new baby. At this time I was nearly begging to be changed so she would also remove the butt plug so she stopped the van in the corner of the Wal-Mart parking lot and had me lay in the back but when she opened the side door I freaked out because if anyone drove by the would see me getting my diaper changed but Dora just told me if I wanted a change that this was my only option.

As Dora pulled off my pants she could see I was very wet and she pulled down unsnapped my onesie and pulled down my white tights and plastic panties. She remarked that I needed a regular diaper bag instead of a backpack then she untapped and removed my wet diaper and after removing the butt plug she used the wet wipes I had to clean me up.

After I was clean she slid a disposable diaper under me she then powdered me and taped my diaper up then she pulled my plastic panties and tights up then had me stand up next to the van so she could resnap the onesie and pull my pants over them and I kept watching to see if anyone had seen us.

After I was once again properly dressed Dora had me get into the van so she could park closer and as we walked in a lady drove by and laughing waved at me and said she had enjoyed the view. Startled I relised that she must have seen me getting my diaper changed and as I stood there red faced Dora grabbed my hand and told me that the car had drove by several times and the lady was probably just jealous.

When we entered the store we went to the luggage dept. While we were in the checkout line I noticed the cashier looking at the baby stuff and the bag of adult diapers then my padded waist and as she rang up our purchases I quietly stood there red faced. While we ate I was in a near panic as people walked in and out hoping that no one would notice and finally after we finished eating Dora wiped my face then we headed back to her house.

While I watched TV I tried to figure out why she got the shower curtain and blanket till after a half hour she walked in and showed me that she had cut down the curtain and blanket then sewed them together to make me a changing pad that was two ply and had the plastic ducky plastic print to keep it dry then she told me since I was probably wet she spread it out and had me lay on it. While I was on my new changing pad Dora removed my pants and unsnapped my onesie then removed my tights and plastic pants and after removed my diaper she cleaned my crotch then she told me that so far I had been the one that received all the pleasure and now it was her torn so she straddled my head and made me lick her pussy till she came then she got off and wiped my face clean and rediapered me.

After I was diapered she rubbed the front of my diaper till I filled it with sticky cum then she pulled out my sun suit and told me since it was warm in the house I could wear it around the house so she snapped my onesie back up then pulled the sun suit on me and buckled the shoulder straps and fastened the snap crotch and then gave me a bottle and told me to lay there and take a nap.

As I lay back down Dora folded my changing pad and placed it in the diaper bag also then returned to the sewing room. As I was sleeping Dora had finished a pink satin party dress and made a few calls then as I woke up Shelly came home dressed in black leather pants and vest with her was her boyfriend who upon seeing me started laughing and he told them that the next night there was a party at one of the Las Vegas fetish clubs and having me dressed as a baby would be funny as hell so they should go and take me so everyone could see me.

After calling Dora and Shelly Dora asked me to be her little baby girl to replace her natural baby witch had died in an auto wreck with her spouse years before. After he had seen me dresses as a sissy baby he had been told I was a bisexual who had to wear diapers due to a back injury and liked to get treated like a baby girl. After a wet night dressed in my new nightgown I awoke when shelly came into the room with a warm bottle of milk for me and after handing me the bottle.

As I following her into the bathroom with a definite waddle from the wet diapers and the plastic pants I still wore she had me get on my knees over the tub then she pulled the back of my diaper down and then proceeded to pull an enema bag from the cupboard and filled it up. When the enema bag was full of warm and soapy water Dora greased the tip and slipped it into my rear end and started the water. As I knelt there I could feel the water filling my belly and when I started to feel bloated and stomach-cramping Dora told me to be quiet and that she was almost done.

When I felt her remove the tip she quickly pulled up my diaper and told me to try and hold it in so it would clean me out then she had me stand and get into the shower. As I did I felt my bowels release and I could feel my diaper filling up with a watery and lumpy mess.

After I had finished Dora turned on the shower and pulled down my plastic panties and had me step out of them. When I stepped out of the plastic panties I could feel the mess from my diaper running down my legs so Dora turned on the warm water and untapped my diaper letting it fall to the bottom of the shower.

As I let the water rinse me off Dora had grabbed a trash bag and carefully placed the wet and messy diaper in it then she grabbed the hand showerhead and washed me clean.

After using some baby shampoo and sweet smelling baby body wash Dora turned off the water and wrapped me in a large fluffy towel then dried me off.

When Dora was satisfied her baby was clean she walked me into the spare room she was now calling the nursery. After my enema and shower Dora had me lay on the bed then she pulled out a diaper and her favorite butt plug then had me raise my hips so she could slide the diaper under me. Once the diaper was under me Dora then removed her slacks and underwear and straddled my hips and told me that it was time her sissybaby pleased her and she grabbed my little cock and guider it into the warm wet pussy.

As Dora mounted me I felt like I was in baby heaven and gave Dora a slow long ride till she started to moan and hump me faster till I felt her arch her back and scream out that she was coming. After I felt Dora have her orgasm I stiffened and sprayed my cum into her pussy and expected Dora to get up and diaper me but she just crawled up my body till her pussy was right my face and said that it was time for her baby to lick her clean.

After she had fed me my own cum Dora told me to lick her and she would feed me some of her cum also and as I licked her clitty she arched back and came a second time.

After Dora was satisfied she got off me and kissed me then she picked up the butt plug and greased it up then she slid it into place in my butt and sprinkled powder on my crotch and taped my diaper closed. While Dora dressed me in my usual pink nursery print plastic pants and white tights then pulled a white onesie over my head and snapped the crotch Shelly walked in and told us we were making to much noise and up way early.

Dora told Shelly that we were leaving early because she had some stops she wanted to make. As we put the bags into my truck Dora told me she had two addresses to stop at so she gave me the paper and I just entered the numbers into my trucks GPS system and we were off. While we drove south to Las Vegas we stopped and Dora had gotten us two large coffees then we stopped about two hours later and had gotten us some deli sandwiches and two extra large cokes.

When we entered the lady looked at me and sort of stared at my clearly diapered state and Dora told her that she had called early that mourning and placed an order.

The girl just smiled and when she left to get the order I complained that she could tell I was diapered and I was also soaking wet. When the girl returned with a small unmarked box she smiled and told Dora that she and her little one should have lots of fun with it then I paid and left because I wanted out as fast as possible.

After we got back into the truck Dora told me that she was loving the look on my face when people noticed I was diapered. I was quiet and sullen when we arrived at the second address that was a sex novelty shop and Dora led me in to the dildo section and was looking at the display when a lady walked up and asked if we needed help to which Dora asked to see their different styles of strapons.

She asked if the strap on was going to used by me or Dora she told her she was goining to use it on me for sissy training causing me to want to die right there. We then went to the butt plug section and Dora picked out an inflatable and vibrating one then she walked to the cashiers counter the same girl walked behind the counter and as she rang up the bill she said to Dora she hoped Dora was going to have fun breaking her sissy but also that she noticed that I had wet spots on the back legs of my pants and since I was wearing a diaper maybe my mommy should hurry and change my britches.

When I herd this I could of died on the spot then Dora told her she knew and that she had noticed at our last stop. When we left Dora was laughing as we drove to our hotel and Dora checked us in as I tried to hide my wet pants.

When we entered the room Dora was laughing at my looks then she pulled out my diaper bag and grabbed the changing pad and told me to get on the bed so she could strip me down and get me ready for later. After Dora stripped me naked she picked up the small box and opened it then she removed a bra and a pair of jell breast forms then she showed me a rubber hose looking device that had what looked to have two balloons on one end and some connectors on the other. When I asked what it was Dora removed an enema bag and told me it was a bardex nozzle so I could hold my enemas in easier.

As I lay on the bed with a worried look on my face Dora connected the tubing to the bag and to the Bardex nozzle then she walked into the bathroom and I could hear water running. When Dora greased her fingers then shoved them in my ass and slowly finger fucked me to loosen me up and when she was satisfied she removed her fingers and slid in the nozzle till the first balloon like end was in then she squeezed the bulb several times and I could feel it getting extremely bigger.

When she was happy with the first balloon she started filling the outer balloon and when it was full she proclaimed that now I would have no leaks.

While I was kneeling there trying to figure if I liked the sensation or not Dora opened the clamp holding the water. When the enema bag was empty Dora had me stay like I was for a few minutes then told me to go into the bathroom and sit on the toilet.

When I was sitting Dora had held the hosed so when I sat the hoses came out between my legs and then she opened the air valves and I felt the balloons deflate then she pulled the nozzle out and I could finally relive myself. As I sat there I could feel the watery mess drain out of me and when I finished Dora cleaned my bottom then told me to get into the other room and kneel on the bed again. As I knelt there Dora walked into the room carrying the strap on and told me that now I was nice and clean it was time she got to deflower her sissy.

Dora told me that then she would be gentle but she was happy she was going to get to fuck my sissy ass first then she stood behind me and greased up the dildo then had me hold my butt cheeks apart and as she guided the head in she told me to relax and it would soon feel better. When the head of the dildo popped into my ass I closed my eyes and groaned but Dora just shushed me and grabbed my hips then slowly shoved the dildo in farther and farther till it felt like I was getting split in half.

When she had gone all the way in Dora then reached around and grabbed my cock then as she slowly pulled out she started to masturbate me when she had me good and hard she again grabbed my hips and whispered that now it was time to feel what it was like to get really fucked.

As she pounded away I was starting to really enjoy it then Dora laid over my back breathing hard then reached for my hard cock again and started to jack me off till I sprayed my cum all over my changing pad. After I shot my load Dora told me she loved fucking me and I better get used to it because she loved to dominate men and she liked to make them her sissy slut and fuck them regularly. When Dora pulled the strap on cock out of me and un buckled it from her hips she told me to lick up the cum mess I had made on my changing pad and as I did she dug out the inflatable butt plug and when I had finished she told me to lay down for my diaper.

Dora then had me raise my knees to my chest so she could insert the butt plug in my ass then she gave the bulb several squeezes and I felt it getting bigger till it felt huge and I was really full. When she finished Dora placed the controller for the vibrating and the pump under my back and stated that it was time to properly dress her sissy.

After powdering me she taped the diaper bulk on me and had me stand and step into a pair of pink satin covered plastic pants then told me to sit in a chair. As while Dora was sorting through the suitcases the phone rang and Dora answered then I herd her comment that she was getting her baby dressed and to come over. Dora told me as she hung up that Shelly was coming over to help and she wanted pictures.

While Dora had me sitting so she could pull a pair of white knee high stockings on my legs Shelly knocked on the door and when Dora opened it she walked in dresses in black leather and carrying a blond wig with pigtails she had gotten for me. When Dora seen the wig she told Shelly that she thought it was perfect and it was just what she was looking for and Shelly told Dora that they had to hurry and get me ready because the party was starting soon.

While Dora dressed me Shelly took pictures and made suggestions. First she walked over and opened the silacone breast forms and some skin glue then proceded to coat the back side of the forms and then pressed and held them to my chest over my nipples.

As Shelly handed it to her she told Dora that she wanted a picture before they were covered and after she got the shots Dora pulled on the bra and hooked it behind my back. After the lotion Dora picked up my hot pink crinoline slip and had me step into it then she picked up the satin pink party dress and pulled it over my head.

When the dress was on Dora and Shelly adjusted it to fit right and zipped it up then Shelly tied a satin bow around my waist so I could see in the mirror that it made the dress billow out and shoe the slip and my diapered state. When they were happy with the dress Dora was taking a lot of pictures then she pulled the wig blond wig with pig tails over my head then adjusted it then tied pink ribbons to the pig tails. When I was fully dressed Dora had me sit on the corner of the bed and started to apply make up and lipstick.

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Cought and diapered