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View on map. As a local team based in Warsaw, we have researched ourselves all the strip clubs the city has to offer. By attending countless parties and seeing numerous lap dancing queens showing off their skills, we have finally come to the end of the huge research and found for your bachelor and stag do participants the best possible lap dancing club there is. We are happy to announce not only you will be getting the top quality treatment but will be able to get discounted tickets with us, so feel free to use this recommendation! View more Stag Activities.

Warsaw poland strip clubs

Warsaw poland strip clubs

Warsaw poland strip clubs

I don't know where did they find such amazing and beautiful dancers, because they are truly amazing. Girls was looking like from fairytale. Aggressive people demanded us to pay. Reply Aug 3rd, Reply Oct 6th, I have been to Po,and Orleans few weeks ago during my business trip to Warsaw.

Vintage wagner cast iron cookware. Night club for demanding guests

The most classy strip club I've been to. Swietlica WolnoSci. In addition, there are also several more private areas. Rude staff and ugly dancers who do not get full naked but take lots of money. Brothels are illegal in Poland but there are some around Warsaw. Reply Sep 11th, Stay away there! Welcome to Warsaw Stripclubs Let's Begin. Try to find yourself, try to heal whatever part of you was broken, open your heart and mind, stop being so obsessed with sex, it's an illness, you can enjoy sex, it's natural but there is also a whole world of other interesting stuff to do, go to a therapist maybe, get some new hobbies, find a nice girl in real life to go on a date Warsaw poland strip clubs, love her, be loved, have passionate amazing sex, suck on her breasts and bury your head in her crotch. Good for a Rainy Day. More Embroidered gift for mom. Hey guys, I was in the Exotic Club in Warsaw with some friends. Some of small, rough, cheap venues with few, less beautiful girls. Therefore, Warsaw poland strip clubs should be taken when entering venues with no research.

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  • Why wait in the rope line and deal with security when you can zip through the VIP door right to your reserved VIP table with all the bottle arrangements already made for you?
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  • The capital of Poland has long had a reputation for its popular adult entertainment scene and boasts a huge range of strip clubs, massage parlours, night clubs and bars.
  • Warsaw is well known for having some great strip clubs and bars located within the city.
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Local Life Warsaw is about to select candidates for Best Places awards, dedicated to rewarding and encouraging excellence in products, service and ideas.

You are helping us to make the best choice. New Orleans Gentleman's Night Club has 1 votes. Click here to see the results. New Orlean is an exclusive gentlemen's club located right in the centre of Warsaw.

The club's beautiful and sensual dancers will guarantee a memorable night, whether you're there for your mate's stag do or just out on the town and looking for something a bit more "hands on" than at regular clubs. In addition, for those seeking extra privacy, the club offers VIP rooms on the second level with individual attention. The club's bar is fully stocked with top alcoholic beverages from all parts of the world. A private place with good alcohol and pretty dancers.

They don't make you do or buy anything that you don't want to. The owners made it a welcoming place for any man. Cool club. Guys from my work love it. The important thing is that they are very welcoming for the foreigners, not like some other places in Warsaw. I first bought a minute lesbian show from Marika red dress and she is studying at the music academy and Ewa.

The price was 50 euros. They were tempted to buy a performance that cost euros by lying. They promised me everything that was possible with sex.

The presentation was practically the same as the aforementioned price of 50 euros. I am very bitter, having had cheated. I was taken away by lying in the money. The shift resident did not take my case as I complained to him. I got a bracelet for drinks. I just enjoy one. Do you have the responsibility and the morals?

Are you sure you are in a way that takes the "daylight"? I ask you financial compensation for the incident. I have already written to you twice before with no response. Prices here are honestly too high. They say prices are online but I could not find them before coming here. The girls were fine but rather dim-witted what then what do you expect in a strip joint - they want your money not you!

I travel a lot and have seen MUCH better places and more reasonably priced in other cities Place is a rip of with bunch of huslers. Open bar is zlot that buys you only cheap alcohol that will make you feel very sick next day. New Orleans in Warsaw is the best night club I have ever been to. Parties are out of this world! Huge choice of whisky and gorgeous women - that is a recipe for a perfect night out :. A club of great quality with beautiful girls.

Staff also very professional. You know exactly what you pay for. Huge range of whisky. The food is also good. If you want good company with very nice girls, do not hesitate. I went to New Orleans few days ago, as I was visiting my cousin in Warsaw. I didn't know that there are clubs in Poland on such high level. It was very exlusive and classy and the party was great. I don't know where did they find such amazing and beautiful dancers, because they are truly amazing.

One of the best nights in my life! I have been to New Orleans few weeks ago during my business trip to Warsaw. The company I have met with has organized a business meeting there and I was really impressed with this place. The party was very elegant and discreet. I really liked how exclusive the club was, even though it is a night club.

It was one of the best business meetings I have ever been to, casual but elegant. New Orleans is a perfect place for this kind of meetings or corporate parties. I have helped with organizing my cousin's stag party in New Orleans last month and it was a great decision. The place is very exclusive and elegant and the party was just unforgettable, we had an amazing night.

Food and drinks were delicious and dancers are really pretty, sexy and classy. For me it is a little too expensive for a normal party, but ocassionally for special nights it is perfect. I was really surprised how elegant and exclusive this place is! The atmosphere was great, drinks delicious and dancers were beautiful and very talented.

That was an unforgettable night, especially for the groom: It is quite expensive but it is the perfect place for special nights like stag party. In my opinion it is the best club for men in Warsaw. The atmosphere is really great, the staff is very kind and professional , they have probably the biggest choice of alcohol in Warsaw and the dancers are just incredible. It is a little bit more expensive comparing to other clubs but definitely worth its price. I always go there while visiting Poland and I have never left disappointed!

They give you free Vodka, so you get too much drunk and than loot you. Never go to this Exotic Klub. I went to Police, but they refuse to file the complain, they need translator, the Police of Poland already know what is happening in this club, how they loot money, but I think all the girls working at bar are their sister and daughter. So they don't take any action. Dont be overconfident on your self and go into those Bar.

They will mix something on your drink and loot u. I was visiting Warsaw and staying at the Intercontinental hotel, so I decided to visit New Orleans as it's only 12 minutes walk from the hotel. Looks like a nice upscale place and all the staff bouncers included, which is something not very common in Poland are kind. Girls are not really stunning but some of them are pretty; I'd say that in a scale 1 to 10 I would give a rating of 8 to their level of beauty.

As in any other strip club in Poland it's safer to pay in cash, the only problem is that the waiters tend to keep the change for themselves when you pay with a higher bill, so try to pay the exact amount unless you want to spend your night reminding your waiter to bring you your change unless of course that you are of the generous type that leave big tips.

I was there and I have to say that New Orlean's is really good because of few things, first of all private rooms for private dances, second the biggest whisky bar I have ever saw, third ladies are really nice, speaking foreign languages, dreesed very elegant. In conclusion worth to check. Natural, intelligent, beautiful dancers.

WHat they do on the pole some of them is amazing - absolute champions and no fake any parts of the body!!! Restaurant is very good and for what you get steaks, lobsters, etc not too expensive, nice vintage style of interiors, not modern like all of the clubs and restuarnt nowadays.

I love this place, even just to come and sit with on or two glasses of one out of whishy single malts. Great place, you can eat smoething good, meet beautiful woman, spent a great time with friends, great place, great atmosphere. I will back there from time to time when i will be in poland. So nice, I'm glad beacuse I was in club at saturday night with my friends.

Food was really tasty, steak was delicious. Recently I was in thi Club. I must said It was an amazing time. I never see so many beautiful girls in one place. The have a night restaurant with steaks and seafood. The best strip club i've been to. Great food, beautiful girls, really nice atmosphere. I think this club is one of the best from clubs in Europe.

I really like to be in Warsaw in New Orleans Club, I must tell you something - dancers are smart and really sexy. Im in this club 5 time in year and i think this club is better and better i've been before.

It is great to watch changes for better. I really like to spent my time with one beautiful girl, I think i fall in love So special, so great, magnificent. I really like this club. I love to spent my time in New Orleans :.

Largely, the efforts have been rewarded though this is mainly due to the fact that most prostitutes, with the use of a mobile phone, can now operate via their apartments. Business Clients are provided with unobtrusive invoices. We went to a club called Dopamina as some girls on the street invited us. I don't think that there is any other club like that in Warsaw. Swietlica WolnoSci. The body felt like it did at the Exotic Club, wouldn't respond to what you want to do. Reply Sep 1st,

Warsaw poland strip clubs

Warsaw poland strip clubs

Warsaw poland strip clubs

Warsaw poland strip clubs. Playhouse Gentleman's Club

Featured Strip Clubs in Poland. Most visited cities in Poland with strip clubs for stag and hen parties Real strip club reviews and ratings for all strip clubs that are listed. Strip Clubs in Krakow here is a quick preview of some of the amazing strips clubs that you can find in Krakow click here to view all strip clubs in Krakow.

Club Type: Nude Club. Strip Clubs in Warsaw here is a quick preview of some of the amazing strips clubs that you can find in Warsaw click here to view all strip clubs in Warsaw. Playhouse Gentlemans Club.

Club Type: Lingerie Club. Filter Cities. Remove Filter. Strip Clubs in Gdansk. Strip Clubs in Koryta. Strip Clubs in Lodz. Strip Clubs in Swinouscje. Strip Clubs in Wroclaw. Strip Clubs By City Find the city of your desire, and the strip clubs that this city has to offer. Add Your place. Guide and advice to the best Strip Clubs in Warsaw. Some of small, rough, cheap venues with few, less beautiful girls.

Others, are high end, beautiful, large VIP clubs, but you will be charged for the luxury. Then there is everything in between. All offer girls dancing nude on stage, so there is entertainment outside of the private shows. Some of the dancers are very good performers and the shows are more like cabarets than clubs. Strip clubs in Warsaw work on the 'Champagne system'.

Lap dances are sold alongside drinks and bottles of Champagne. This is because the stripper will make a commission on every drink, or bottle, sold. Whilst clients are not pushed for lap dances straight away the way the would be in some countries, they are expected to buy drinks immediately. It has a population of over 3.

Warsaw is Poland's financial centre as well as being a hub for the countries media, manufacturing, culture and education. It is said that, along with Frankfurt, London, Paris and Rotterdam, Warsaw has the largest number of skyscrapers in the European Union. In , nearly 8. Germans were the most abundant nationality. Out of these visitors, a large number were stag parties, due to the cities growing popularity.

Alcohol prices are cheap compared to other European countries. Warsaw has a thriving nightlife to explore. There are also a growing number of agents that offer package holidays for this specific demographic. Lap dancing clubs in Warsaw goes from every end of the spectrum. Authorities do turn a blind eye to indiscretions in this area. Therefore, Warsaw has many erotic massage parlours, sex shows and brothels as well as the lap dancing clubs.

As a result of the law and it's enforcement, many girls offer more in the strip clubs in Warsaw. Clients and dancers expect touching and this is considered a normal part of the dance.

Many gentlemen's clubs in Warsaw offer Jacuzzi dances.

Warsaw Strip Clubs | Strip Clubs In Warsaw, Poland | Warsaw Life

Clubbing here is slightly more "high end" than other Eastern cities so dress smart. Your fine threads will make you lots of friends, show a little charm and you'll receive it back.

Poles are one of the most hospitable people you will ever meet and Polish girls - one of the most if not the most charming in Europe. Expats frequent Warsaw's bars and clubs like Paparazzi and Eve to name just a few located in the city centre. The dance floor is packed with a young, single clientele. The club closes every day at 6am. Strict selection, like in many other clubs, so it's best to go with a local guide to avoid negotiating at the door.

On the artistically hip side, there is Kulturana , Powiekszenia and Plan B where you don't need to dress up, and you can get by with jeans and a t-shirt. For the more adventurous, cross the river to the run-down Praga district. Here you can find bars and clubs in former factories and in old tenement buildings.

Fabryka Trzciny and Saturator are two popular clubs. This has become a major problem in last 2 years in all tourist destinations in Europe, especially Krakow. Warsaw Pissup's a reliable U. K based holiday organising company in Warsaw.

Taxis - it's always better to use a corporate one. Remember : There's only one river in Warsaw :. Traffic - no jaywalking - traffic can be busy and you don't want to pay extra fines. Always look left first :. Tip: All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips.

Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Profile Join. Log in Join. Warsaw Traveler Article: Warsaw: Nightlife. This article contains a discussion by TripAdvisor members concerning the above topic. Please note that the discussion was closed to any additional postings as of Nov 1, and, as such, some of the information contained herein may be outdated and cannot be commented on by travelers at this time.

Please take this into account when making your travel plans. Nightlife Expats frequent Warsaw's bars and clubs like Paparazzi and Eve to name just a few located in the city centre.

Other more popular choices and things that are good to know about them: Platinium Club - a trendy nightclub; favored among tourists and local show-biz. It is also one os the most expensive bars in Warsaw and door selection is very strict. Klinika - As well quite trendy music club. Located in old Russian military fort on the Raclawicka 99 street.

About 5 minutes travelling from city centre. Kokomo strip club - not the best one but pretty central - be careful of drink prices.

Regeneracja - a popular bar with dancing open late. Crowd tends to be a bit older 30's and people who don't take work seriously. Lemon - another late night fun dancing spot, but not a formal club like Platinium. TripAdvisor LLC is not responsible for content on external web sites. Taxes, fees not included for deals content. About Us Help Center. United States.

Warsaw poland strip clubs

Warsaw poland strip clubs

Warsaw poland strip clubs