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Do you need to let the women in you out? Maybe you are a closet CrossDresser or weekend fetishist? Maybe there is more to it than just dressing. Cross dressing is not about the degradation or mocking of women. You can call and discuss briefly what you have in mind when you are making appointments.

Crossdressing makeover services canada

Crossdressing makeover services canada

Crossdressing makeover services canada

Crossdressing makeover services canada

Please note that the actual affirmations themselves are barely audible, so they won't disturb your listening experience. The TG Miss studio is girl heaven and well, heaven is a little boring alone, so please come join us. Book Your Makeovers and Makeup Lessons. The false eyelashes the girls put on Crossdressing makeover services canada were so long and curvy, they felt heavy on my eyes. If you do not have a another shoot within 90 days or you cancel later than 3 days from your shoot, the deposit is forfeited. Whatever your comfort level is, we will do what we can to make dressing a comfortable and fun experience.

Shoes discount peep toe. Wardrobe :

After moving to Los Angeles, Gina earned a degree as a master of Makeup for Motion Pictures and Television and now for over 17 years has been servicing the Bbw fiction community with her makeovers. Welcome to September! M2Fantasy Makeovers. We also make sure you can recreate your look and instructions on how we achieved it. Extremely professional and very friendly I just wanted to say thank you for the service you offer. Thanks again. She also has great looking stockings to help you complete the ensemble! I can only recommend that. Sono No 33 Stretchy Penis Extension. If you don't have a buddy to come Crossdressing makeover services canada with you, phone a friend - don't be Crossdressing makeover services canada to take pics of yourself in a mirror and send it off to a level head for evaluation from afar.

We are the only Transgender owned and operated boutique, makeup studio and social club on the west coast.

  • All the details can be found over on the GNO page.
  • I create all types of make up from simple natural looks to full on goth or drag make up, I love and welcome input from clients on what they would like to see at the final reveal and enjoy creating many different wardrobe looks from my lovely range of clothes.
  • Femesque has a fantastic range of top quality wigs to use during makeovers and also to purchase as well.
  • For many years, transformation artist Jamie Austin was one of the very best in the business.
  • The affordable store serving the crossdresser and male to female transgender community.
  • Think of it as a social visit where you get to play a dress-up with your girlfriend and feel beautiful.

It just did Over , Monthly Visitors What makes us different? Do you have a fantasy where multiple women gang up and sissify you with lingerie, heels, girly outfits, wigs, nail polish, and lots of makeup?

Perfect; we'll make that happen for you! Gloss is a safe, sane, nonjudgmental environment where you can let loose and be yourself en femme. Your secret is safe with us. Gloss Opening: January, I was about 13 years old at the time. We drove up from Massachusetts in a station-wagon, just me, my step sister, Tammy 13 also , my dad, and my stepmom. Among the kids were my two cousins, Travis 12 and Charlotte We were all living together in a big isolated house in the woods for the next 3 days.

Myself, Tammy, Travis, and Charlotte all shared the basement. Travis and I shared a room; Tammy and Charlotte shared a room. We stayed up late the first night playing truth or dare and poker. However, we had a secret plan. When the girls fell asleep, we crept into their room quietly and put honey in their hair. When they both woke up, their hair was sticking to their pillows and they were furious but washed it off in the shower.

We all continued with our day. After a family dinner that next evening, Travis and I were hanging out in our basement room taking about girls when Tammy and Charlotte walked in with a small pink leather bag. We both bolted up and ran past them, sprinting for the back door!

We made it past the door and the girls chased us towards the woods. All four of us kids were back in the basement hanging out before we went to bed. We watched the movie Grease together in the girls room before Travis and I went to our bedroom to go to sleep. We turned the lights off and I had this sinking feeling that the girls were going to prank us that night.

I tried my best to stay awake but ended up falling asleep. I was alone. I awoke to the sunlight lighting the room from a small window near the ceiling. I tried went to scratch my shoulder but realized my wrists were tied to the bedposts with what looked to be black leggings.

The material was soft against my skin. As I opened my eyes, my eyelids felt heavy and I could see my eyelashes! They looked longer and thicker than usual, as I had never noticed them before. I looked down and what I saw immediately surprised me.

The girls got me good. I was so embarrassed. The first thing I noticed when I looked down was long blond hair on my shoulders and pink lumps on my chest.

How did they put me in a wig without me waking up? I could feel a pair of satin panties between my legs. I noticed that my legs were also restrained by leggings and when I went to look at my ankles, I realized they also put a pair of pink high heels on my feet and painted my toenails white.

The shoes somehow fit perfectly. Who could it be? She turned the corner and was looking right at me. She somehow had her full makeup done early in the morning, wearing a light pink slip, fuzzy pink wedge slippers, and her hair in curlers. Hold tight while I grab some things upstairs. She uncaps the eyeliner pencil, grabs my face by my chin, and proceeds to make a dot on the side of my face. Aunt B put the camera down and picked up the mirror.

Was that me? The girl in the mirror was so feminine. I actually looked like a real girl! My eyebrows were filled in and shaped. I was wearing heavy blue eye shadow above sharp cat-style black eyeliner.

The false eyelashes the girls put on me were so long and curvy, they felt heavy on my eyes. My cheeks were rosy with blush and my lips were filled in with bright shiny pink lipstick!

I was even wearing sparkles around my eyes and on my cheeks. I could see the black beauty mark that Aunt B added before she took the pictures. I really looked as feminine as Aunt B.

I even smelled like her too. I felt so embarrassed that my cheeks went bright red. Unfortunately they were already bright pink from all the blush the girls put on me. Aunt B untied me and I was able to take off the girly outfit and wash the makeup off in the bathroom sink. I put on my regular clothes and shoes and continued with my day. The girls would giggle at me and call me girly names for the rest of the weekend. After leaving the house in Maine, I, Tammy, my dad, and my stepmom all got back to our house.

As I got ready for bed, I took off my shoes and clothes before putting on my pajamas. I noticed the remnants of my forced feminization and humiliation: my sparkly white toenails. Ah, what a weekend. Are you looking for the easiest way to improve your life as a woman? All outer change comes from inner change. You need to change your own thoughts first, in order to change your life. You simply let them play quietly in the background, while you do whatever you're normally doing.

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Please note that the actual affirmations themselves are barely audible, so they won't disturb your listening experience. Your subconscious takes these commands and uses them to "update" your deepest thought patterns, and literally "reprogram" your mind with positive, new behaviors. For example, you may use a CD or MP3 file for improving your confidence.

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Latest comments. Also, people come in all shapes, colors and sizes. We have sourced our collection from top manufacturers. We stock a complete line of sexy stockings, tights and bodysuits from the biggest and most reputable brands including Leg Avenue, BeWicked, Shirley of Hollywood, Dreamgirl, and more! For many years, transformation artist Jamie Austin was one of the very best in the business. One of the things that has really helped me get back in the groove has been visiting and catching up with people! M2Fantasy on Thumblr.

Crossdressing makeover services canada

Crossdressing makeover services canada

Crossdressing makeover services canada

Crossdressing makeover services canada

Crossdressing makeover services canada. How can we help?


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For more than 10 years TG Miss has been the place to come to where you can see what the girl inside of you might look like. In this time our crossdressing service named the Full Experience has evolved into what is arguably the best MTF TG transformation available anywhere. We have a beautiful sq. The TG Miss studio is girl heaven and well, heaven is a little boring alone, so please come join us.

We are going to do everything we can to make you feel comfortable and at home. Throughout the day you will see the girl in you come to life. The photos we capture will take your breath away. Many a happy girl sheds a tear of joy when she sees how pretty she looks. The studio is our sanctuary and we look forward to sharing our skill and passion with you.

The Full Experience crossdressing service is by far the most popular photography package available at TG Miss. Time required is 6 to 8 hours. So be on time because the clock starts ticking when your shoot is scheduled to start. Deposit Policy: If you cancel within 3 days of your appointment, the deposit can be applied to another shoot in the next 90 days.

If you do not have a another shoot within 90 days or you cancel later than 3 days from your shoot, the deposit is forfeited. So Many people ask why it takes 6 hours… The Full Experience works best in a 6 — 8 hour format. There is much to do, the average girl has her first photo taken on stage about 4 hours after she arrives. Here is what happens before that first photo. We welcome you to the studio and introduce the staff members who will be working with you during your shoot.

After the items you have brought with you are unpacked in your dressing room, we lead you on a brief tour. No one has gotten loss yet, but there is a lot going on in our spacious studio.

We want you to be comfortable and familiar with your surroundings. After you have had a look around we have a brief chat. We want to get to know you. We will address you by your girl name only. Our crossdressing service is about the girl in you. We sit down, have nice conversation and help you express your desires for your transformation.

Some girls are first time crossdressers, others are seasoned veterans. Regardless where you are we will work to achieve your goals. Some girls want to see if they can really be pretty, others are looking for an affirmation of the inner girl they have always felt but never seen, still others are at TG Miss to take great photos for that special someone in their life, but most girls come in just to have fun.

After our brief consultation we dive into our extensive wardrobe to find the garments that will show off the girl you have always wanted to be. Our extensive wardrobe is one of the things that make the TG Miss crossdressing service better than the rest. We have nearly dresses for you to choose from. We have something that will fit most everyone. There are dresses for crossdressers of all ages from young to very experienced. We have a nice selection of fancy formals, club dresses, prom dresses and even wedding gowns.

In addition we have a great collection of Victorian Gowns and Renaissance Wear; with all the hoop skirts and petticoats to match. Many girls bring a few changes of clothes. Some girls bring several suitcases. Regardless, we will go through what you have brought and plan a shoot based on the look you have chosen and a combination of your clothing and items from our wardrobe selection.

Between our dresses and what you have brought we will come up with what you want to wear. We always have a good time, be prepared to have fun! The next phase in our crossdressing service is Makeup. Makeup techniques vary transformation to transformation; the average crossdressing service makeup time for The Full Experience is about 3 hours.

Here is a good example of how makeup might be applied:. Taping: Sometimes, especially in older clients, it is advantageous to apply wig cap and tape to produce a mini face lift. Our transformation experts will decide if this technique is needed once you sit in the makeup chair. Taping is not required, you can opt out of this part or you can ask for it specifically.

Foundation: We will select a foundation to match your skin tone and color. We use a combination of cream, pressed powder and airbrush foundations to give you that near flawless look. Few other crossdressing services offer this level of professional foundation. Foundation requires a good deal of time; luckily we have comfortable makeup chairs and a relaxing environment.

Eye Brows: In recent years eyebrow fashion has changed. A fuller eyebrow is more popular now. Heavy tweezing is seldom needed, but some girls want us to go all the way. Most often we simply do a cleanup removing the scant hair s that are out of place and remove unibrow.

We like to make your eyebrows look like they would after you visited a full service salon for men. Some clients want nothing done with their eyebrows at all. While this makes a convincing feminine look more difficult, we have techniques for this eventuality. Blush and Contour: Our 3 step foundation process has given us a great blank canvas.

We use several different blush and contour colors to put color back into your face and in all the right places. Blush, used in conjunction with highlighter will accentuate a feminine cheekbone while contouring colors are used to thin, curve, widen, or lengthen the visible dimensions of your face as needed.

Eyes: Eye makeup is the second most complex of makeup applications. While eyebrows are somewhat part of facial framing and contour they figure prominently in eye makeup. Most people are familiar with eyeshadow and we have over colors to choose from. It is not uncommon to create custom colors for a transformation. We use several eye shadow mediums; pressed powders, water bases, loose powders and acrylic body paints.

Eye liner can be anything from simple to complex. Eyeliner defines the shape of the eye and has to be done expertly. False eyelashes provided free with the crossdressing service add great emphasis to our tg transformations. We will choose the length and style of false eyelashes that are just right for you. For hygienic reasons we will not use mascara as it is vehicle to spread eye infections. Lips: When it comes to overall look of a transformation, the lips are as important as the eyes in defining and shaping the face.

The cupids bow is one of the features of lips that we like to emphasize. Older clients are likely to have a natural thinning of the lips. We are well equipped to reverse this trend. All of your makeup is likely to be bolder than you would wear every day. Your lips will be no exception. We use bold makeup to keep your face from being washed out by the bright lights of the stage which you will soon encounter. After a final blend, your makeup is complete and its time to get dressed.

We have picked out great outfits. This process includes getting dressed and finding the perfect wig and shoes. Then it is accessorizing your out fit with jewelry , hair bling, belts and whatever else works. Dressing : Unlike other crossdressing services, we provide a spacious private dressing room. We are happy to give you as much help dressing as you need. Some girls prefer to dress alone and others are happy to have a hand with their wardrobe to keep their makeup pristine.

Whatever your comfort level is, we will do what we can to make dressing a comfortable and fun experience. There is a large mirror in your dressing room to help you decide if the outfit you just tried on suits you. After you are dresses we will work on accessories: wig, shoes, jewelry and hair bling. Hair Chair: We have over wigs ready for you to try on. Have you ever wanted to be a blonde, red head or any other shade?

Here is your chance! We have more than pairs size 6 through A good fitting pair of shoes is a must for posing. If you have a pair the fit well, bring them along. We have costume jewelry and hair accessories to complete your outfit. We work hard to put your outfit together. With a few tweaks, a safety pin and a twist you will be ready for the amazing TG Miss stage. The photography segment of our crossdressing service is well orchestrated and fun.

Most girls are at best uncertain of how to pose themselves.

Crossdressing makeover services canada