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Lone freak

Lone freak

Lone freak

Lone Frequencies [freak frequencies] by James Orez. Close this window. Werner Hagn. Get Spotify Open Spotify. Rattlesnake Boogie by R. Favorite track: The Dragon Live. Jeffrey Hilgeman. Child performs as Child SammyWo. Michail Smith.

Married dating in sunrise minnesota. The Lone Crows Live at Freak Valley Festival

Said "not-friends" Old wrinkly cocks really his most trusted minions, anyway. In reality they are rather mundane, but their rejection of society causes people to assume everything they do has some dark or criminal explanation. Follow Rfeak Tropes. At present, it appears the brass fraek complete discretion to bury their mistakes under a pile of bravery medals, eulogies, and all that. That was a backup. Remember, you have to have every single one of them or Lone freak operation should be canceled as not matching the capabilities and limitations of the SEALs or rangers, Virgin atlantic what is carbon offsetting Force, etc. Bittersweet Candy Bowl : Lucy's loner preference comes from how she couldn't find acceptance for who she was. Mouth-to-mouth is Loe an unconscious person vreak has stopped breathing. He usually has a gang, and a very large one, has a girlfriend in Harley Quinn and is very fond of the Villain Team-Up both with regular Batman rogues and on the grander stage with guys like Lex Luthor. The guy trying to get the other radio to work tells him to complain to the mountain. They should be taking the best one Lone freak have. They used to have some co-ed iron-man type freao reality show. Daria herself managed to Lone freak this mostly by her friendship with Jane, and to a lesser extent Beavis and Butt-Head. Contrast You Are Not Alone. When you're raised in isolation, you behave differently.

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We will not criciticize the dead, or their living superiors, because that might hurt the feelings of the familes of the dead. Freeze is completely ruthless when one of his henchmen gets accidentally frozen. It is possible that the SEAL and higher brass in the Red Wings chain of command are figuratively hiding, to protect their careers, behind the bodies of the dead SEALs, any courage they exhibited enroute to dying, and the massive outpouring of sympathy toward them and their families in Red Wings? Portal Weighted Companion Cube: "I thought we were friends Every single operation they do ends with a call to the non-special ops people on whom the special ops are totally dependent for survival.

Lone freak

Lone freak

Lone freak

Lone freak. Contribution activity

Another unit was in charge of Nui Ba Den. I had two guys from my artillery battalion platoon up there. I spent two nights up there. My artillery battalion HQ was in Phu Loi. We had three batteries. A battery is like a company in other types of Army units, that is, about men. I think our batteries each had two mm self-propelled howitzers and two 8-inch self propelled howitzers.

Two were reachable by FM radio. The land was flat. The third, however, was Firebase Wade which was 60 miles away in An Loc, the territory was flat, but at that distance, the curvature of the earth prevents FM communications. That is why we had two guys from my platoon on top of Nui Ba Den.

We would talk to Wade through Nui Ba Den. At one point, the lieutenant in charge of the team complains that he is going to have to use an insecure satellite phone to call Bagram. The guy trying to get the other radio to work tells him to complain to the mountain. That makes me think it must be FM. They made the first several, then lost commo. Seems to me Bagram should have declared that an emergency or at least a situation to be investigated by recon by an aircraft that would be able to communicate with the SEALs radio.

That seems pretty outrageous and probably was a key bit of negligence that caused the deaths of those 19 guys. The Lt. It rang a desk phone and the guy who answered was astonished to learn that it was a patrol in deep stealth mode on an operation. Sat com works by sending a signal up into outer space.

You may be familiar with satellite TV. You have to point the antenna accurately at the satellite in question. Nowadays, you also have sat com in your car for radio or GPS. You no longer need to point an antenna that looks like an upside down umbrella at the satellite.

It stop working when you go through a tunnel. When I did a five-day backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon, we were concerned that we had no method of radio communicatino that could overcome the handicap of steep rock walls—very similar to the Red Wings terrain.

In the steep mountains of Afghanistan that apparently meant the SEALs had to get to a mountain peak to get a sat phone connection. The lieutenant died and won the MH climbing up to one of those peaks under enemy fire. He was successful in calling for help. But all he managed to accomplish in the end was getting himself shot dead and 16 more guys killed in the rescue helicopter.

In retrospect at least, the SEALs needed to identify mountain peaks to which they would retreat if attacked all along their route. They could have done that with maps in advance. Once on the ground, they needed to visually from a distance check each preliminary rallying peak to make sure it was suitable. Maybe they did that, but I saw no evidence of it in the film. Their lack of communications with Bagram alone was enough to get them killed. It may be their battery was dead in the FM radio, although that would be rather unforgivable on such a short mission.

Plus they should have had spare batteries and probably did. It may be that the radio malfunctioned. That would be unlikely. They are designed for durability.

They should be taking the best one they have. So my conclusion is they could not get commo because their antenna could not see the Bagram antennas or the satellite until they got to the mountain peak. In Vietnam, there would have been aircraft up above.

After the first six hours, during which they were orbited by an AC gunship Puff the Magic Dragon to us Vietnam vets , they were all alone and lost commo with everyone.

If they had an AC gunship above when they were attacked, they SEALs probably would have won the fight, maybe with no casualties. But it was there when they did not need it and far away when they did.

I am not sure for what. They were each under an evergreen tree sort of hidden, but the vegetation was not thick. Then a group of goats or sheep, some wearing bells, wandered right to their location, accompanied by three shepherds. One of the shepherds had a walkie talkie. It was not clear to me if he had sounded the alarm.

There must be no local population. But there was a local population. There was a village there. Apparently, the SEALs assumed the villagers were all in the village and almost never up in the mountains.

Equally apparently, they assumed wrong. I surmise that the villagers, or some of them, took their sheep up in the mountains to graze regularly. Inadequate recon of the area. Inadequate talking to locals or at least regional natives about the path of the SEALs and the chances of being seen. Once they captured the shepherds, they figured they had three choices: Kill them, tie them up which the leader said would result in their death from wolves or cold, or let them go.

One or more of the subordinates said they could not let them go. The lieutenant said they could not kill them. There was discussion of whether they might end up in Leavenworth penitentiary as a colleague previously had. Or whether they would be depicted as monsters on CNN for murdering unarmed civilians. The lieutenant said their rules of engagement prohibited killing them, and he apparently figured tying them up was killing them.

I doubt it. Their relatives and friends would have come looking for them. He let them go. You gotta be kidding me. Some rangers did the same when discovered in enemy territory in Iraq in Desert Storm. They were damned near slaughtered as a result, but unlike the SEALs those rangers had commo—barely—with a radio that only could talk to aircraft overhead, but that was enough to get massive air support.

Why did they not have other commo? In their haste to destroy heavy stuff before they ran away from their hiding place, they destroyed their regular antenna by mistake.

Excuse me. Seems to me Operation Red Wings was doomed the moment they let the shepherds go. They should have boogied out of there to an LZ and a high peak from which to call for extraction. They seemed to choose a fairly near peak and headed for it, but they found a gorge between them and the peak.

Why did they not see that on their topo map and not choose that peak!!? SEALs and rangers, I thought, had tons of map reading and land navigation experience.

We did. So a quick look at a map would have revealed that gorge. Then they seemed to stop there to wait for the bad guys!? They still did not have commo. It was their only hope. And apparently their only way to commo was to get to a mountain peak and call by sat phone. They seemed to think they could prevail on their own either by hiding or by winning a firefight. Or maybe they just figured there was no alternative, although the lieutenant finally did go to a peak and successfully call for help, predictably getting killed himself in the process.

When they came under withering attack, they seemed to choose going downhill several successive times, perhaps by instinct. It was certainly less exposed and easier to get to. But worse commo and it left the enemy shooting down on them from the high ground.

It looked like they needed to get to a mountain peak natural fortress, if there was one, where their sat phone would work—or nothing.

They never did. How did Luttrell survive? So how did Marcus Luttrell survive? A combination of three things: 1. I would say the correct response was to kill the civilians, which is not kosher normally, but required when the alternative is suicide for the SEALs. If they do not or cannot kill the enemy who spot them, they need to call right now and get to a natural fortress or an LZ right now.

In Afghanistan with all their commo problems, they need to get to the location where whatever radio they have gets through to the help. Better those than dead. Letting them go was not suicidal. It was suicide. His subordinates could see that. Chopper too vulnerable Years ago, I wrote another pertinent web article, this one about the inability of choppers to be within range of enemy weapons.

It typically has no weapons. It is just a troop or cargo carrier. All 16 on board were killed in the resulting crash. Uh, what did they expect? The enemy had RPGs as well as some heavy machine guns. Unlike World War II bombers and fighters, choppers cannot take hardly any damage, and certainly not an RPG explosion inside the chopper. Landing or hovering a chopper at a hot LZ is almost suicidal.

The four SEALs needed heavy air support in the nature of weapons firing at the enemy on the ground. Any landing of troops needed to happen at a cold LZ. That would mean the rescuers having to cover 1, yards or more to get to the fight, but better late than dead. Move at night; hide in day At ranger school, the basic movement rules include moving only at night and hiding during the day. We were supposedly behind enemy lines, remember?

How else could you operate? SEALs are the same unless they take invisibility pills. But in Lone Survivor these guys are strolling around in broad daylight in terrain and vegetation I would describe as ski resort near the timberline.

At night, movement would be dangerous with no moon. Not dangerous as in being spotted. Dangerous as in falling off a cliff. We wandered around in the mountains in Dahlonega, GA at night and fell off no large cliffs. On a clear moonlit night, there would be little danger of falling off a cliff, but much danger of being spotted by locals. A regular soldier. Hell, no! You get a human bunny rabbit running for his life. Farily straight-forward explanation. So did I. It is fairly common in the U.

But it was in officers basic, not ranger school. I would expect the rangers and SEALs think escape and evasion is too wimpy for he-men like them. After four days, he established commo with fellow combat pilots flying missions overhead. In the vegetation of Red Wings, their only hope was extreme speed and heavy air support airclaft that can obliterate many enemy troops on the ground below them , not hiding. The military has lots of medals for competence. A tale of two Vietnam patrols I took out a patrol that was done monthly at one of my bases in Vietnam.

I had been trained in patrolling in ranger school and in general Army tactics at West Point. I was extremely careful to make sure my men all drank a ton of water before we left, took their salt tablets, that they all had two full canteens of water when we left the wire, and that our commo was working before we started and throughout.

Nothing noteworthy happened on the patrol. I got no medal for the patrol. Another lieutenant took out the same patrol, paid no attention to water, did no commo check until after he left the wire and found the base station forgot to monitor that frequency.

It also apparently did not occur to him to try different other frequencies until he found one that was being monitored to call for help.

One of his patrol members went down with heat stroke. He called for help. No answer. They had little water to pour on him—the correct treatment. They should have urinated on his clothes, which would not have immediately cooled him much but would have as it evaporated. It did not occur to this short-timer draftee. The patrol leader gave the man mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, which has no benefit for heat stroke and likely made his high body temperature worse. Mouth-to-mouth is for an unconscious person who has stopped breathing.

Heat stroke victims breathe. So they carried him to the end of the patrol where a truck was waiting not because of the injury but to normally take the patrol back to base camp. Luckily, he neither died nor had brain damage. Which would you like your son to have as his patrol leader? Me or the bronze-star winning lieutenant?

Quiet competence is common in the military, but little noted nor long remembered. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of bravery in an actual combat zone, but not in Hollywood. Cluster fucks like Red Wings are occasions for many medals and movies, e. SEALs and rangers and paratroopers are the WEAKEST units militarily, not the strongest Special ops guys lift weights and beat their chests and have to survive great masochism exercises to get their secret decoder ring and learn the secret cool guy handshake.

And all of that has given them an image of great strength. Are you kidding me? They carry only small arms and small explosives. They have only enough ammo for a single extended fire fight. They have only enough water and food for a couple of days. If they are doing recon only and all goes according to plan, they have to be rescued. If their mission is combat, which means they reveal their presence, they have to be rescued immediately by the conventional troops whom they spend most of their lives putting down.

And if they are spotted prematurely, they must be rescued instantly on an emergency basis by those same conventional troops. Every single operation they do ends with a call to the non-special ops people on whom the special ops are totally dependent for survival. They can handle damned little without conventional help and with each passing day of their several days or a week operation, they are less able to handle military situations resulting in their being almost totally unable to handle anything—out of ammo, water, food, medical needs—after just a few days.

Airborne Paratroopers, who exist for training, but not for actual use of their ability and equipment, are the guys who ended up as pathetic out-of-ammo prisoners of war after a number of days in Operation Market Garden which was depicted in the movie A Bridge Too Far. Indeed, actual combat parachute operations have all but ceased since Market Garden in because that operation revealed that parachute insertion is a great way to create huge numbers of POWs.

Come save us! A conventional bomb on the enemy on Wednesday would probably have accomplished the mission with zero or fewer U. In actual combat zones, special ops are almost entirely Hollywood bullshit.

When discussing special ops, I often find myself recalling a painting I saw once. It showed a buffalo charging head down on a train track at an oncoming old west train. The caption was, I admire your courage, but I question your judgment.

You could put that caption on Operation Red wings. It is time for the special ops people to start exercising more judgment and to stop being so blindly biased in favor of demonstrating their courage. In this case, that would apply to everything but mostly to the rescue chopper. They needed to figure out how they could best effect the rescue taking into account the capabilities and limitations of the Chinook helicopter and the capabilities and limitations of the Ahmad Shah insurgents.

I was especially impressed by the acknowledgment of limitations. They told us it was extremely important to understand both. My list of unacceptable conditions above is a list of the limitations of the M1A1 U. Army Ranger. Ignore them at your peril. My Succeeding book, which is about how to succeed in life, makes much of the importance of knowing your weaknesses and avoiding situations where they are important and possibly decisive. A limitation of the Chinook and most choppers is they cannot take an RPG hit.

Furthermore, a hovering or landing chopper is an easy target. A capability of the Taliban and other Afghan insurgents is they possess RPGs and are skilled at firing them accurately at distances in the 1,meter range. Conclusion, do not hover or land a Chinook within 1, meters of an insurgent with an RPG. Does it take more courage to take a Chinook full of SEALs right into the hot LZ in a battle than to land 1, meters away and hike to the battle?

Yes, but demonstrating courage is not the goal. Rescuing the SEALs in contact is. Courage was demonstrated. Rescuing the SEALs was not. Shame on the commander who made that decision. He neither accomplished his mission nor protected the welfare of his men, the second priroity of a combat leader. SEALs and paratroopers, and, belatedly after the SEALs came to extreme prominence, rangers, have lately been more about hype than results.

More about courage than judgment. More about impressive training than combat victories. Get your eyes back on the ball: 1. He and I are both West Point grads. Norman Bates from Hitchcock's Psycho certainly qualifies although of course he has 'Mother' to keep him company.

The Joker from The Dark Knight. However, he does run with a pretty large gang, and seems to pick up new members out of nowhere and know where all the criminals meet. It's noted that a good chunk of his men broke out from Arkham in the previous movie, and he also seems to absorb the lower ranks from the other mobsters he kills into his own gang, which would give him a intel on the other criminals and b underlings who aren't completely Ax-Crazy.

Just mostly. Batman: He must have friends. Maroni: Friends? Have you met this guy? Disturbed 's music has this as a theme probably too often. John Cale's "Half Past France": I'm not afraid now of the dark anymore And many mountains now are molehills Back in Berlin they're all well-fed I don't care People always bored me anyway.

I scream at the sky, it's easier than crying I'm shyish when I'm shouting out loud I feel so alone in a room full of people I'm loudist when I'm in a crowd.

The Bible has a few scriptures that concerns this trope: In Genesis , the only thing that God declared something in His creation "not good" is that Adam is all alone, which He Himself says that "it's not good for man to be alone.

One meaning of Proverbs is that a person who separates themselves from others in seeking their own desires and aren't concerned about the needs of other people fit under this category.

Ecclesiastes shows how two is better than one and things won't end well for those who do things alone. Edict Zero Fis : Nick Garrett is a gifted profiler, but is a loner with an intentionally-annoying personality. Of course, he has a good reason. Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues : Rhys used to socialise with his classmates until his increasing disillusionment with the world and interest in writing caused him to distance himself from everyone.

This eventually led to him being branded an outcast, and he starts the story as a quiet misanthrope with no friends. Simon is anti-social, moody, and off-putting, much of which can be attributed to his unwillingness to interact with others. He doesn't suffer fools lightly and prefers to be left alone. His mother is working to change this, and encourages him to get involved in social situations whenever he can. For some reason, a good portion of Survival of the Fittest 's version 4 are loners.

Whether or not it is played straight, though, varies from character to character. Tabletop Games. In Genius: The Transgression , Geniuses of high Obligation Morality might transgress just from avoiding people for too long. Same with changelings , but that's because they have issues. A Discussed Trope in GURPS Transhuman Space : High Frontier : In describing "Virts", people who do all their interaction through virtuality, it notes "Many Virts are somewhat secretive about their true nature, especially since several popular InVids depict Virts as either dangerous sociopaths , criminal hackers , or as pathetic and terrified losers.

In Unknown Armies , spending three days alone is the sample Rank 3 Isolation stress checks, while spending 7 days alone is the sample Rank 5 Isolation stress check. This means that the average character and average rolls will reach a permanent insanity from being alone, and beating the odds leaves said character more than a little weird.

As You Like It : Jaques, the melancholic courtier, frequently absents himself from society. Despite beimg a member of Duke Senior's court, he is known to wander off alone and talk either to himself or to nearby animals, rather than to his peers. Naturally, the other courtiers amuse themselves by spying on him and gossiping about him.

Pohatu : What, by choice? Or just because nobody else can stand you? Video Games. The protagonists of so many video games, especially older ones i. Ghosts 'n Goblins Dante's Inferno Fallout , which placed a lot less emphasis on the party than Fallout They are allowed a maximum head cap of 1 human and 1 non-human per "party".

As opposed to the older games, which allowed you a reasonable 5 man team. Depending on how you play, you may end up wandering the lonely wastes with naught but your faithful hound as your only company. Or with absolutely no company at all.

Fallout loves this Trope. In Fallout 3 you are child of a person who wasn't supposed to be there anyway. In New Vegas you are a courier, who was not meant to be there in the first place. Planescape: Torment Full Throttle God of War Warcraft III The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Portal Weighted Companion Cube: "I thought we were friends In the event that the Weighted Companion Cube does speak, the Enrichment Center urges you to disregard its advice. Other games, particularly Japanese RPGs, frequently highlight either a brooding loner hero who gradually gets better through the support of his True Companions , or a kindly, happy-go-lucky hero who instead gathers people to him including at least one Loner, usually The Sixth Ranger or The Lancer and teaches them The Power of Friendship.

Almost all of the other games in the series feature at least one brooding loner learning that he needs to come out of his shell and join the hero crowd. Then Dissidia Final Fantasy goes and turns the trope on its ear, setting Squall up in the same "brooding loner" role he occupied in his own game , only to then reveal that he chooses to travel alone because he believes in the Power of Trust and feels he can support the others from a distance.

His explanation of his reasons is enough to convince the Warrior of Light And Sho Minamimoto is the classic "evil or at least crazy loner that becomes an Ensemble Dark Horse ". In Mega Man Star Force this is the main subject in the first game. In the second game the theme was more like "fight for the friendship", which was just an extension of this trope.

Nocturne's protagonist and his scattered friends all start the game proper alone, each doing their own thing. Out of all of them, he's the only one who ends up more or less stable depending on the player , even having the option of readily accepting a puzzle game challenge from a kid.

Nocturne deserves some expansion - see, there's even a whole philosophy of existence you can embrace to recreate the world , Musubi. Its leader, one of said friends, is not only a Hypocrite of the first order, but will mercilessly use you and mock you for your dedication to Musubi as he succumbs to madness. Another philosophy, Yosuga, is a Might Makes Right world - albeit one with serious paranoia complexes, in which you can never cease looking over your shoulder, never rest, never relax. Yosuga's leader, another of your friends, also goes insane.

Both of them lose their marbles and will die whatever you do. When the option to just go into absolute Omnicidal Maniac mode and trigger a Z-Class Apocalypse How starts looking good, you gotta reconsider whether being alone is worth it.

Depending on your alignment in Shin Megami Tensei I , you'll have to kill at least one of your allies, and no matter what both the Law Hero and Chaos Hero will die by the end. Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse meanwhile in contrast to series standard plays it painfully straight with about as much subtlety as a steam-train barreling through ones home. It's made especially apparent with Dagda whose whole Omnicidal Neutral gambit completely revolves around his loner nature.

Played straight in Persona 4 with Mitsuo Kubo, a creepy Gonk who decided becoming a copycat murderer was the only way he could ever get attention.

His own shadow represents the fact that his true pathetic self hides behind video games and that he's practically dead inside. After being defeated he is later sent to an asylum after the characters learn he wasn't the true murderer.

Continued in Platinum where the player encounters Cyrus's grandfather, who tells you about how his grandson snapped at a young age due to parental pressure. Grandpa himself is quite a loner, holed up in a cabin in an eternal sandstorm that you have to pull off an impressive bike trick to even get to.

Touhou features several characters noted for shunning most human or monster contact most of the time. How much they are portrayed as "freaks" for this varies widely, however. Marisa isolates herself most of the time so that she can perfect her explosion-making skills in relative peace. Her extreme charisma and energetic speech patterns assure her of her popularity, however.

Alice Margatroid, who lives in much the same situation as Marisa even living in the same woods , however, is portrayed as an anti-social freak, or even a Stalker with a Crush of Marisa's. Fujiwara no Mokou likewise isolates herself, apparently feeling more connection to humans than youkai society, she protects people who wander into the bamboo forest, but isolates herself from them otherwise, main reason being that she knows she will outlive everyone she meets.

Her Bifauxnen appearance, and Les Yay relationship with Keine prevent anyone from calling her a freak, however. Visual Novels. Because nobody understood why he would choose such a life, nobody trusted him or questioned it when he was made into a scapegoat for a war he had tried to stop. Katawa Shoujo : Hanako's classmates see her as this, thinking of her as a strange hermit who never talks to anyone. Becoming closer to Hisao reveals this, but doesn't really make her less of a loner - she becomes less anxious, but still tells Hisao matter-of-factly that she doesn't really like most other people, and Hisao doesn't really press her on that.

In Lilly's route, however, Hanako becomes less of a loner, not only befriending Hisao, but also joining the newspaper club and spending her summer vacation on a trip with one of her classmates who is also in the club. Her teacher also notices that her attendance and grades have improved since becoming friends with Hisao. Rin also counts, as she is a Cloud Cuckoolander with a talent for making vivid and disturbing art. She, like Hanako, has only one friend, but she's significantly less close to Emi than Hanako is to Lilly.

Bittersweet Candy Bowl : Lucy's loner preference comes from how she couldn't find acceptance for who she was. Augustus, however, plays this trope straight. Kyle , Alice , and Chu were loners in school. That is why they joined some crazy cult and shoot up a school.

At one point, Perrault suggests to November that they might want to leave Red: the years alone in the woods might have been what drove the Witch crazy, and Red might be well down the same path. This strip of Ozy and Millie sums up this trope.

In Sinfest , Monique's attempt to jolly herself into appreciating her loneliness are unsuccessful. Web Original. Web Videos. The Nostalgia Chick has often admitted to being lonely, and her well-meaning but clueless friends believe her causticness is a result of her hating The Little Mermaid. Parodied in this video of Onion News. Western Animation. The Smurfs was sometimes accused of this, along with a number of children's shows accused of preaching conformity ruthlessly parodied by the "Buddy Bears" on Garfield and Friends.

Smurfs often got in trouble for either working independently from the others or ignoring their informed warnings, depending on who you asked. This is a milder version of where some people took it It hilariously didn't work: " Being evil is just too much fun! As he would later say to Jet "I've realized lately that being on your own isn't always the best path.

He rules the Ice Kingdom, which is uninhabited except for snow creatures he creates occasionally, and penguins. He's a science experiment gone wrong, and is socially awkward and isolated — and a huge jerk. Apparently, he prefers to be alone Prowl in Transformers Animated is considered a bit of a weirdo for how much of a loner he is.

Despite technically being part of a team, he's always saying he'd rather work alone, or that he only depends on himself. While that is or was certainly what his teammates think, his actual personality is something of a subversion as he's shown to be very peaceful with an interest in nature , he's just not good with other Autobots.

Jonny from Ed, Edd n Eddy. Which is zig-zagged six ways from Sunday throughout the course of the series. Jonny is acknowledged as the weird one of the neighborhood for obvious reasons, but at the same time he was usually quite friendly with the other kids, and participated in many of their activities with the Eds being the outcasts as their own separate clique, on the outside looking in. Jonny was just more capable of having fun on his own although the series also took an ambiguous stance on just how "imaginary" Plank was.

This is then played completely straight at the very, very end of the series, where the Eds finally get accepted and Jonny becomes full-on outcast.

Deep Six in G. Joe: A Real American Hero became a deep sea diver solely so he could go on missions alone. He's never been known for being sociable, and all of his teammates are constantly suspicious of ulterior motives that he simply doesn't have. It is often joked that Danny Phantom 's nemesis Vlad Masters should get a lonely guy cat Considering who he is , he does qualify. Mentioned in Daria , especially "Boxing Daria", where the title character's parents have a fight over her lack of ability to get along in pre-school.

Daria herself managed to avoid this mostly by her friendship with Jane, and to a lesser extent Beavis and Butt-Head. Twilight Sparkle, the main character, is seen this way by the denizens of Canterlot, but on the other hand, the overly friendly ponies of Ponyville strike Twilight Sparkle as rather crazy.

Loners barely even seem to exist in the show; friendship is, quite literally, one of the fundamental forces of that universe.

The Lone Crows Live at Freak Valley Festival | The Lone Crows

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