Vektor hernan booty crawler-Thomas Hernan (domer01) on Pinterest

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Vektor hernan booty crawler

Vektor hernan booty crawler

Vektor hernan booty crawler

Vektor hernan booty crawler

I hear Pappa, I see his cheeky Vektor hernan booty crawler Amanda escort nottingham his infectious energy behind the club altar after blessing the crowd with his underground-infused holy water. Mary Velo — Detune [Frozen Border] From deep and melodic grooves to stripped back bounce, rolling basslines, jacking beats and everything in between, the second disc truly emphasises the dedication to quality that has made Saved one of the most respected Labels in the UK and around the globe. The tears came suddenly out years later, when I was alone in my room in Berlin. Is it worth it?

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Over the last 5 years German Brigante has risen through the underground techno and house fraternity to become a genuine headline booking. The Spaniard he is only German by name is known for a impressive back catalogue of tough and moody productions which always display an air of suspense about them.

Currently in the studio working on his new album to be released on Get Physical , the talented producer has taken the time to mix our next Balance Selections podcast. And what a ride it is: Deep and engaging, but never losing sight of the dance floor. With tracks from labels like Kompakt, Noir, Visionques t and more, there will be something for everyone here.

What music did you listen too as a child? My father is a flamenco guitarist and my cousin is considered one of the best flutists and saxophonists of Europe.

Flamenco is everywhere at home hahaha. When was the first time that you realised that you liked electronic music? The electronic sounds of this period fascinated me.

When was the first time you saw a DJ in a club? The first DJ I saw was a person who is one of my best friends nowadays. Jordi Slate introduced me to the DJing world, he taught me a lot. Gradually he introduced me to the break beat world, it was what we played. The first album that impressed me was Plastikman — Artifaks. It really made me crazy. An EP with three incredible cuts. What is your current production and DJ set up like? In my studio I use little more hardware than software.

Also I have an analogic mixer. The synth of my life will always be Juno and JX8p, I love it. What releases do you have on the horizon? Where can we hear you perform? Tell us more about the podcast you made for Balance? For this podcast I selected 10 tracks that I like and play whenever I can and are artists that I admire. I wanted to show a personal side to me. If I could choose anyone to compile a Balance compilation it would be: Chaim. Tracklisting: 1. On this incredible Balance mix, he has taken the essences of some of his best-loved tracks by other producers and filtered them through the prism of his own stunning sound, re-editing and reconstructing them to create a truly original listening experience.

Remaking tracks and remixing all thirteen of them to give a story is a hard mission — but I used every second I had to produce these tracks and to listen to what I had made.

Juan Deminicis — Once upon a time Guy J remix 6. Dactilar — Day one Guy J remix Echomen — Perpetual Guy J remix Darkbeat has been at the forefront of the Australian underground dance scene since the dawn of the millennium, and this year they toast a decade of hosting quality underground events.

John Sharp is the head honcho of Fluidlife:only promotions and he has collaborated on numerous events with Darkbeat over the years. At the time, I remember a high intensity on many levels, but the work between us all were executed brilliantly, and as a result, we delivered superb shows.

This is a long one so fire up the CD and listen as you read. I was not aware of the tracklisting for this release until it came down to slotting in the final pieces of this review puzzle; I ventured into this open-minded, which is the only way to approach any new situation: innocent and free from obscured influences, especially relating to labels and artists I either like or yet to like. Why have I chosen to spend the next few hours of my life to do this?

Deep into the mix, my mind casts back to with my arrival in Australia and my hopes of meeting Phil K along with Danni Minogue — purely from a schoolboy fantasy perspective so I could pick his mind. I soiled myself in absolute shock that I was speaking to one of my greatest inspirations. This CD reflects a character with divine, unconditional passion for music in its entirety.

I knew what to expect with Pappa though — even without knowing the track-list I was excited to immerse myself in some vintage Anthony Pappa mixing. I hear Pappa, I see his cheeky grin; feel his infectious energy behind the club altar after blessing the crowd with his underground-infused holy water.

Pope Pappa the 1st is at the Vatican delivering a speech through the united medium of music; fueling my highly unusual need to clean the kitchen from top to bottom. How could I ever forget this rider? Some of the more memorable requests on the rider included:. If this man can be this creative with his rider then I was under no illusion he was going to tear the gig -that I would book him for- a new one.

To have such a rich pedigree of artists together on the same bill was an amazing feeling for me. As his mix progresses, I hear a new side to Pappa: his notorious teasing style is still present, but I have a feeling that his recent life decisions and experiences are reflected throughout this mix more so than any of his past mixes.

Life is a journey and not a race, and whether Pappa is consciously doing it or not, I believe he is channeling the status quo of his life with this compilation. Where would I most want to be if I was with Pappa for a night out? North Korea. With courtesy to the safety of the general public of Planet Earth, this would be the safest place for us both.

Not even their Nuclear weaponry could come close to stopping the fun. So, finally I give into my analytical mind with no answers to the questions I was twisting myself with and enter the Rollin Connection audio display with a clear and open mind. Why was I thinking this way? Do any of us care about the definition of a DJ these days as long as the output is quality? Also, being the man behind Darkbeat , I expect him to really think about what he wants to portray in this mix.

Not influenced by categorising RC to a particular genre or sound I deter all reference to genre classification , I was gently led into what I felt was going to be a whole new story. That might just be my perception, or maybe that really is how he communicates best: through music. This mix is serious. He Banko is in a situation of sincerity.

He eats, breaths, drinks, shits and dreams Darkbeat and what it can offer to the scene. That is an aspirational character trait that everyone should achieve — total belief in something. From my perspective even in the multiple-looped emotional roller-coaster of a ride that is Electronic Music this is a great thing to witness. Thank you to Darkbeat for the chance to reminisce those joyful times I had with the Darkbeat crew — and the extended circles that will never be forgotten.

This 3CD package offers several great things: memorabilia for the Darkbeat faithful, an opportunity for the new consumer to understand what goes into putting every last ounce of energy, life and soul into something you love for others to enjoy, and of course, fucking great music. Is this a good foundation for further releases in my opinion?

A thoroughly enjoyable audio and reminiscing experience for myself. I hope you enjoy it too. Pacing through the snowy sand; white beaches that leave marks behind every step; Seagulls chirping, and suddenly a steady bass appears as waves crash onto the beach. A dream-like state begins, and as the beat sets in, you are lost in the sounds of Stimming.

His new album was born in this very state of mind, on the beaches of the Baltic Sea, during a 5-week retreat from reality in the winter of Even without a direct storyline, listening to the album will leave you drifting off into another world, filled with extravagant characters and thoughts, blossoming ideas and suspenseful moments.

The contrast of traditional and modern, of colorful yet sinister, of the classical but still unheard compositions is the main focus of this album. The Origin 2. Third of June 3. Ferdinand feat. Urzula Amen 4. Cherry Bud 5. Die Taube auf dem Dach 6. From One Cell feat. Urzula Amen 7. Cherry Blossom Uberblick Feeding Seagulls. From the downtempo gloss of his Quiet Village project to a half-hour-long remix of Diddy to the audio-visual soundscape immersions of The Machine , he continually strives to push his music forward and keep himself on his toes.

His concoction for Balance comes in two distinct parts, its 33 tracks marking a stark contrast to the stripped-back simplicity of his fabric 48 mix. I had a minor operation in January which went wrong and what was supposed to be a simple procedure turned into a real nightmare. I also split with my girlfriend and had a huge fight with a best friend which is so not me. It was a series of events that seemed totally out of control and it really threw me off balance.

So, it meant I had to delay working on this project, but I still believe the end product might be even better due to the earlier events of the year. Emotions and experience are so important for me as an artist and I believe I work best when I need to lose myself in my work and immerse myself in music.

We soon find ourselves in familiar Radio Slave territory — deep, swirling techno and off-kilter chugging tech house. Sure I love the odd disco edit but these days I wanna hear forward thinking music. Disc 2 travels through the deeper recesses of his record collection, soaking up ambient, downtempo and experimental flavours that are bound by a sense of majesty, melody and atmosphere.

Also being able to use the Sakamoto track from Babel was crucial in the way I wanted to express a mix that was ambient but had tension and movement. And as with all mixes, with the limitations in time I wanted to take the listener through my record collection.

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Vektor hernan booty crawler

Vektor hernan booty crawler

Vektor hernan booty crawler

Vektor hernan booty crawler. Buy VEKTOR - TERMINAL REDUX music


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Vektor hernan booty crawler

Vektor hernan booty crawler