Transvestite mind control-

The last sentence is a blatant lie. Chemtrails are now no longer propagandized away as non-existent. The patented existence and use of chemtrails is now an open topic of discussion at the United Nations. Therefore, NIH blatantly lies when it claims that high-level exposures to endocrine disrupting toxic chemicals is rare and isolated, when it is now worldwide. Would you please re-read the words in red and meditate on them?

Transvestite mind control

Transvestite mind control

LGBT in the City. Brilliant analysis. The process of collapse is likely to become so cataclysmic as it unfolds e. The average age of Straight recruits was 17, with members as young as 12 and Nevertheless, McKinnon released a video on Mothers Transvestite mind control Transvestihe all days, encouraging kids to walk away from unsupportive mothers. I think what we are witnessing is the largest psyop in world history, and as with all programs designed to create chaos, the end almost always involves an authoritarian agenda. Well done.

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However a few of these stories contain graphic depictions Transvestite mind control Sex acts, Bondage, Domination and other things which may be not suitable for minors. Natalia Forrest Hypnotized. Sissy entrapment 2. Claudia Polansky. Bianka Nascimento. Transformation - xHamster. Shemale Mov. Sissy Dreams - Enjoying the Fantasy 17 min Jimmietheb - Because without their support this site would not exist! Hypno Seductress. Hypnotic Programing. Breaking of the Sissy part one of two Captions.

Gender studies are leaving the college halls and heading into the lab.

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What had happened was that Gloria walked in the front door of Synanon [for drug counselling] and they had gamed her right off. Someone, on purpose, had walked past her as she sat waiting to be interviewed and had remarked on how ugly she was. The next person to parade past had informed her that her hair looked like something a rat slept in. Gloria had always been sensitive about her curly hair. She wished it was long … What the third Synanon member would have said was moot, because by then Gloria had gone upstairs to the tenth floor [to kill herself].

The above quote is from Philip K. At first glance the quotation from VALIS would seem unrelated to the modern transgender trans movement, however, my experience with opposing trans-activism has led me to the conclusion that the activist element in the trans community has become and uses knowingly or unknowingly the techniques of cults such as Synanon.

Certainly those that constitute the more radical activists in the transgender movement behave just like cult members and are just as willing to ignore reality as any member of even the most bizarre religious cult. There are a great deal of questions regarding just who is behind the international trans agenda and what their end game is, or why almost every organ of power is supporting the mass delusion that is the new transgender movement.

Investigation has revealed several billionaires at work notably Martine Rothblatt and Jennifer Pritzker , as well as funding and promotion from the pharmaceutical industry and even the highly lucrative cosmetic giants. But just who is promoting this and why is not the primary subject of this essay; the methodology of recruitment is. With that being clarified, there are of course both macro and micro levels of the trans agenda, and the macro level will be addressed in the conclusion.

It should be noted from the outset that the goal of this essay is not to draw exact equivalencies between Synanon and transgender activists, only to illustrate similarities in the basic psychological processes or agencies that facilitate transgender youths becoming part of radical transgender activism, which is typically centered on various online social media forums.

It is difficult to address this issue without investigating and speculating on the reasons why governments all over the western world are pushing this so hard. Governments that engage in social engineering using deception and propaganda do not tell people why they are doing it. It thus becomes incumbent upon freedom loving citizens to speculate on the reasons why our leaders are supporting the mass delusion that is transgender activism, and this will be addressed in the final section of this essay.

Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing. From George Orwell, In August of , Charles E. Dederich was just one of many alcoholic test subjects at the University of California Los Angeles UCLA that were given the drug LSD in order to see if chemical mind alteration could modify extreme addictive behavior. The project involved giving alcoholics large doses of LSD in an effort to break down and reform the personality of the subject.

Dederich described the experience as critical in his own break from addiction and subsequent development. One of the most typical effects of LSD was the exact kind of self-surrender Dederich reported. Dederich realized, apparently on his own, that it was this destruction of the self or ego that allowed him to break from his bad habits and begin shaping a newer more powerful self. His drug rehabilitation rates were very high — it was the first private institution to actually cure heroin addiction — largely as a result of one particularly effective tactic.

Hence the insults directed at Gloria in the Philip K. The technique, which could last for days or weeks, eventually led to an emotional breakdown and complete psychological exhaustion in which the person disavowed their former selves and ways completely. Its ability to break down drug addicts and reshape them garnered Synanon the attention and financial support of Fortune companies, Hollywood stars, and an endorsement from LSD guru Tim Leary.

Eventually Synanon expanded its focus to include prostitutes and other troubled personalities, and courts began sending Synanon young offenders to reform. Synanon graduates became so dedicated that they eventually began giving up their outside lives and living with the group full time, and formed radical recruitment teams to seek out and bring in new members. The hair shaving technique became a common practise used on all troublesome members, thus society at large began associating followers with shaved heads and confusing them with religious cults such as the Hare Krishnas.

Straight Inc. Ambassador to Italy Melvin Mel Sembler. Sembler, interestingly enough, was friends with Robert Pritzker and sat with him on the board of the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research — the Pritzker family has been heavily involved in funding transgender activism today, particularly via Jennifer formerly James Pritzker.

More recently Sembler was appointed vice chairman of the Trump Victory Committee and remains one of the most influential men in Washington. DuPont and later by Nancy Reagan, who made regular high profile visits to Straight offices.

The Straight operators discovered that age-specific peer pressure was more effective than just the general group pressure Synanon used. Fox stated that the goal was to change behavior in such a way that addictive personalities would become addicted to people the group instead of drugs. The average age of Straight recruits was 17, with members as young as 12 and Both Straight and Synanon were eventually forced to close their doors due to allegations of abuse of members and violence against opponents, which led to crippling lawsuits; although Straight would be reborn in the guise of the Drug Free America Foundation still operating, and which, coincidentally, gets much of its funding from the pharmaceutical industry that is also funding and supporting transgender research and activism.

Many, perhaps most, young trans are social outcasts, as I myself was when I was young. The rebuilding of the personality thus can be done by a form of electronic correspondence, without ever coming into physical contact with an actual recruiter. The use of incredibly slick multi-media presentations, the likes of which Dederich et al. Some people are obsessively self-critical.

When I was young nobody was harder on me than I was on myself. In these cases outside intervention is not necessary to break down the ego, the person has already attacked and broken down their own sense of worth. All of these characteristics of course are ubiquitous in trans identified individuals. While much of the gaming has been performed either externally by society at large or internally by the individuals attacking themselves, there are also what appears to be more overt attempts at using Game-like tactics, specifically against opposition from less radical elements in the community.

They hurled non-stop insults at me, insulted every aspect of my appearance and identity. They said I was fake, pathetic, just a dirty old man, and pounded me relentlessly with one personal insult after another — classic gaming.

When it became clear to them they had finally upset me emotionally and that I did not appear to be resisting anymore, they then suddenly changed tone and assured me that if I just came to a realization that I was wrong and they were right, that I too could be a real, beautiful, genuine trans and we could all triumph against trans oppression together. This latter stage of rebuilding is standard in Synanon-styled behavior modifying cults. When my tone changed, the insults came at me fast and furious again.

A person might initially be broken down but then get a second wind of defiance and reassert themselves. Thus many days or weeks of gaming attacks and surrenders might be necessary to finally break a particular individual down. Miranda Yardley is a transsexual male who has been researching and critiquing radical trans activism for several years now, and is probably one of the foremost experts on the topic.

In a private communication Miranda noted:. There are [clearly] aspects of cultish behaviour [in modern trans activism]. Those who break the key rules are punished severely, excommunicated. There is no debate, no discussion of ideas. In his book Kingdom of the Cults , Walter Ralston Martin observed a similar attack on language by Christian cults; Martin noted it seemed as if there was a deliberate attempt to confuse language and rewrite the meaning of words, making communication either difficult or impossible.

If you can distort language you can distort reality itself. This is huge. Trans activism today is largely connected and organized via various online social media sites such as Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. Dennis and Zinnia Jones, who spew non-sense about how sexual orientation and preference are really just thinly disguised transphobia.

Total self surrender necessarily involves pulling away from anybody that would pull you back to former ways of thinking and behaving. Friends and family have always been the biggest threat to cult agendas.

The group must now become the family of the recruit. Cult leader Jim Jones was so worried about the influence of family that he actually rounded up his followers and fled the country to avoid them.

As the cult model would predict, we can see transgender activists encouraging youths to break away from their families if they are not supportive of their new transgender identity.

McKinnon was born male, is still male sex change is not possible; even genital surgery does not change sex , but dresses and expresses in a feminine way, much like the author of this essay. Nevertheless, McKinnon released a video on Mothers Day of all days, encouraging kids to walk away from unsupportive mothers.

From a propaganda perspective the order of the words is very important. How Charleston College could support such a blatant attempt to undermine parental authority is a real headscratcher. Perhaps one of the most disturbing attempts to undermine families can be seen in a slick video produced by LGBT in the City, a multi-media organization that produces talk shows and videos related to LGBT issues and is sponsored by such monster corporations as Telus and TD Bank.

Professional quality video and editing made this call to young children to the queer lifestyle all the more appealing. Once you do you may understand why I say that all children are in danger from the insidious indoctrinating power of the new global trans cult that seems to have complete contempt for the family unit.

Any criticism should be directed at activists and their funders specifically, because most trans identified adults just want to be left alone. Unfortunately most of those I have encountered in transgender rights, support, or activist groups, have shown all of the classic signs of cult psychology covered in this essay.

Control of thought is more important for governments that are free and popular than for despotic and military states. The logic is straightforward: a despotic state can control its domestic enemies by force, but as the state loses this weapon, other devices are required to prevent the ignorant masses from interfering with public affairs, which are none of their business.

The reader needs to understand that the question raised in this essay is not so much whether the trans agenda activists are deliberately using cult techniques or whether the young people caught up in its spell are actual card-holding members of a trans-cult. The characteristics, tactics, and methodologies of cultism are present nonetheless. More disturbingly, what we see in extreme transgender activism is what in previous generations would have been considered unthinkable: modern social outcasts, instead of being turned into the government and pop culture-abhorring Goths or punk rockers of the past, are instead now being repurposed to actually support official government lines and agendas regarding gender, the breakdown of families, and the erasure of sexual distinctions and associated protections.

The aggression of the outcasts, which used to be turned against the state, is now being turned against enemies of the state and anybody that opposes its new reality warping transgender theories and laws. Even the right to sexual orientation is now under attack, from inside an organization that used to fight and argue for just that right. That such an attack would come from within a community whose entire existence was based upon fighting for the right to sexual orientation is not only bizarre, it almost seems like a deliberate attempt to fracture the community from within.

As mentioned earlier, it would be easy to laugh this stuff off if it were not for the fact that government, Hollywood, mainstream media, and almost every institution of power is promoting this insanity. This fact should be a red flag for everybody.

Why, when trans persons comprise such a tiny minority, is there such a sudden and urgent rush across most of the Western world to push the trans agenda?

What is this all about? The people at the top of our society, particularly the advisers behind the scenes, are not stupid. So why are they allowing the distortion of reality and the brainwashing of children?

Why are they promoting the absurd notion that men can be real women? Why do we see Fallon Fox, who was born a male, in the UFC ring beating a real female to a pulp while everybody pretends like this is okay and normal? The people at the top know this is an outrage. While those in the seats of power would tell you to just trust them and not speculate on the reasons why the trans agenda is so important, I would remind the reader of the words of Jacques Ellul:. The propagandist naturally cannot reveal the true intentions of the principal for whom he acts… That would be to submit the projects to public discussion, to the scrutiny of public opinion, and thus to prevent their success… Propaganda must serve instead as a veil for such projects, masking true intention.

It is my contention that young people today are being brainwashed and turned into Orwellian servants of the state for a much larger agenda.

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Transvestite mind control

Transvestite mind control

Transvestite mind control

Transvestite mind control

Transvestite mind control

Transvestite mind control. Access Agreement

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The last sentence is a blatant lie. Chemtrails are now no longer propagandized away as non-existent. The patented existence and use of chemtrails is now an open topic of discussion at the United Nations. Therefore, NIH blatantly lies when it claims that high-level exposures to endocrine disrupting toxic chemicals is rare and isolated, when it is now worldwide.

Would you please re-read the words in red and meditate on them? Hermaphrodites are a chemically induced perversion of nature. Hermaphrodites do not normally occur in nature. This perversion is intentionally being induced on a global basis. But why? Legitimizing sexual perversion guarantees extinction of the specie. Creating friction between the perverted and the unperverted guarantees violence, which facilitates a more rapid extinction of the specie.

Sexual perversion is only a mental illness insofar as our entire world population is currently subjected to chemically induced physical and mental illness , with the exception of those with sufficient wealth to afford countering measures. This mental illness is being facilitated by the propaganda that is now mainstream media programming in its entirety. Is there a solution to the chemically induced perversion of human sexuality?

Whether they are off-world or inter-dimensionally invading through demonic possession is another topic. When you have the leftist faction in the United States that calls itself Democrats backing a lesbian who promotes perversion and espouses destruction of human rights as her objective, and when her primary opponent embraces the promotion of perversion and rape, which is completely opposite his alleged conservative platform, then what you have is a captive nation, because nothing is going to change for the better.

They share the same agenda. Most likely nothing. Because they are fundamental to his agenda to facilitate the rape of heterosexual women and children in public restrooms. If he can facilitate rape then he has no intention of stopping the American jihad. Dear Jane is a fresh alternative to advice columns such as Dear Abby.

Not sure about Abby's opinion? Get a second opinion. Make up your own mind about what's the best course of action. Write to janedoesmithrogers gmail. All inquires will receive a reply but not all inquiries will be published.

View all posts by Jane Doe Smith Rogers. Show Show. Skip to content. May 11, August 8, The sex and gender distinction is not universal. Some dictionaries and academic disciplines give them different definitions while others do not. Scientists today are asking hard questions about potential human effects: Do EDC exposures impair fertility in men or women? Can they cause sexual organ malformations, stunted reproductive development, or testicular or breast cancer? Do fetal exposures to EDCs alter sex phenotypes?

Do they change later gender-related neurobiological characteristics and behaviors such as play activity and spatial ability?

Could such exposures even be involved in the etiology of children born with ambiguous gender? But high-level exposures such as these are relatively rare and isolated.

Going back 30 years, researchers were investigating what became known as endocrine [hormone] disrupting chemicals and how they were affecting frogs [who sometimes had five legs or hermaphroditic characteristics ], other aquatic animals, and mammals. These animals were the proverbial canaries in the coal mine. We are also exposed to more than , chemicals regularly.

Most of them have never been tested for human safety. So, almost nothing has been done to reduce human exposure to a myriad of hazardous chemicals. In fact, over the past decade, the Bush administration dismantled many environmental laws in existence for 30 years, to let corporations off the proverbial hook.

Billions of tons have been sprayed on us. What does Donald Trump plan to do about chemtrails? Go to Infowars for different propaganda. Like this: Like Loading Published by Jane Doe Smith Rogers.

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Transvestite mind control

Transvestite mind control