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The acrobatic yoga conditioning component of the retreat is a fun, active and social practice to do something outside of your comfort zone and build trust. In addition to the exercise and strength-building aspects of Acro Yoga, the partner-balancing component can improve concentration and can provide stress relief. Classes incorporate pulling strength, pushing strength, core strength and active flexibility, and leaves you feeling balanced, with a happy core, and ready for any physical challenge. Are you new to Acro? Or maybe you want to touch up on the foundations of the practice?

Tantra fun

There can be instances where we Tantar ourselves unable to give the personal attention which a process might need. A mind blowing beautiful dance in balance. A tantric relationship is a journey to your own soul and Tantra fun the soul of your partner. It was full and alive but delicate in its power to change. Do I have private time as Tantra fun on retreats? I felt happy.

Granny smith apples and heartburn. 3rd – 8th June 2019

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You can join us to train as a facilitator for these types of Festivals or just to deepen your personal journey.

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You can join us to train as a facilitator for these types of Festivals or just to deepen your personal journey. Discover how much you can allow your heart to shine in this sun blessed land….

A place to meet new friends in relaxation, fun and ease…. Want to sign up now? You will be part of a group of wonderful people, surrounded by beautiful nature and tasty vegetarian food. Above all, they are there to support you. During your 6 day experience , you will be creating more intimacy in yourself, with life and in your relationships. Awaken as Love Retreats. Are you interested to go deeper? Find out More. Am I Welcome? At our europe retreat we embrace all relationship styles, orientations and ages over You may be single — wanting to learn and explore with others.

The festival is the perfect nature environment to dive in! Who is holding it? DJs and Performers are also present. Where is it? In addition there are multiple lakes for swimming and air-conditioned domes for workshops. Most importantly, healthy vegetarian food is provided. Margot Anand. James Stevenson. Deva Ashik. Sofia Sundari. Christiano Martins.

Shashi Solluna. Anand Rudra. Riya Sokol. Karlijn Kabira. Afke Reijenga. Dhyan Yogi. Puja Love. Nama Devi. Helena Madeira. Ready to Book? Click here to dive in and join us at the festival. Buy Tickets. Need more information?

All the practical information you need. Tell me more.

The Hot Seat Because your bodies are squeezed together so tightly, this position …. All comments are moderated and may take up to 24 hours to be posted. Inappropriate content. Username Suggestions:. Only one flag request every ten seconds is allowed. Sign Up. The Amazing Butterfly This position is primo for unequaled ecstasy without high-energy com….

Tantra fun

Tantra fun

Tantra fun

Tantra fun

Tantra fun. Quick Links

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Row His Boat This traditional girl-on-top pose includes a tempting twist. The Wow-Him Powwow This takes eye contact and body-to-body closeness to the max but adds a passionate perk. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. The Mermaid Keeping your legs together creates lots of blissful friction and an incredibly tight fit. The Sofa Spread-Eagle While your stable stance allows you to move to his rhythm, your wide-spread legs give you that supersexy vulnerable feeling.

Torrid Tidal Wave Nothing beats this pose when you want to take a make-out session on a secluded beach to a passion plateau. Tub Tangle Entwining your bodies in a confined space creates a cozy connection that's ideal for intense intimacy. Lap Dance This move has unmatched intimacy potential — how many people have seen you this close?

The G-Force You have to hand over the reins to him, but it's worth it.

What is Tantra? Tantra has become a very empty word, often and sadly so catering to the desire of its audience. It is not a way to sedate or distract ourselves from hurt or loneliness. What has it brought me? Not taking anything for granted. It slowed me down. It humbled me till my very bones. It brought a freaking lot of clarity on where I still confuse attachment for love.

It showed me Love, like nothing before. Mostly it brought me intimacy, with myself, with my partners, with life itself. And sure - it resulted in mind blowing experiences in the bedroom too. Also, or especially, when the shit hits the fan. Tantra invites me into radical honesty with myself and my surroundings, and honesty has never, ever, let me down. Tantra arose as a countermovement to this dusty, old-fashioned and patriarchal way of thinking.

However, the entire societal conditioning differs like day and night between the East and the West, therefore many schools and teachers have devised approaches that are more appropriate for the Western mind.

All of them are designed to lead us to freedom within. A sweet little fact is that Tantra is the only spiritual lineage in which most lineage holders and teachers were women. It shows you that your fear is like the mud from which the fragrant lotus flower grows. As it constantly invites you to slow down and become the observer of your experience, you get to perceive the experience as a temporal reality, you get to feel the joy in its full expression, the anger in its raging madness, the sorrow in her deepest depths.

And, moving through all these colours in ravishing aliveness, you discover that there is an essence of life-energy always present for you. It is you. It has been you all along.

It will always be you. It takes you by the hand through the miraculous world of your own body and mind, to reveal the blockages and create space for your divine nature.

It shows you that inner peace and stillness hold hands with sizzling ecstacy, and they are always just around the corner: they want to be lived! That tastes like more, tell me, what do we do then?

In short, we taste our ever present potential and explore what keeps us from experiencing that potential as an everyday reality. Recurring themes we work with are a. Come and plunge into the unknown!

You are so welcome! By whom? Who is Bart-Jan? Bart-Jan Dokter has been traveling the path of Tantra with enthusiasm for over 6 years now. The more aware I became in all aspects of my life, the more freedom and abundance I experience on a day to day basis. Acting less from fear, daring to be me, recognising the mesmerizing greatness of life itself.

What do participants say about Chris and Bart-Jan? A mind blowing beautiful dance in balance. I felt safe, seen and loved by Chris and Bart-Jan, beautiful souls. Bart-Jan: sweet, calm, reliable, the big rock in the middle of the sea. Chris: Wow, what a woman!

Free, sensitive, sensual. Strong Shakti. Together, you are a great combo… The work of a rock in the ocean and a sweet warm breeze. Does that make sense? Everything with care and attention. They see me, see the group. They create a super safe space. You are you, above all - you. That is what Tantra is for me.

Such clarity! Please read all or most of the above ;- Do I have to go naked? No, when nudity is desired for a particular structure for example a massage or a specific exploration of our body image it is always mentioned beforehand and you are never! We are committed to carefully take your needs and process into consideration and will always respect and honour your boundaries.

Do I have to be intimate with everyone? What about my borders? Sometimes you might end up doing a partner exercise with someone you absolutely love to work with and other times you end up with someone with whom you experience resistance. Both scenarios inform you about you and precisely in the space of that observation is the real exploration. Is tantra always fun? Yes and no. Departing from traditional tantra sexuality is a minute and very advanced! However, tantra invited for a complete embrace of life.

Of which sexuality is an inevitable part. Tantra works with cultivating and liberation our life-force, our prana or kundalini, our creative and sexual energy. It is the energy from which we have all been conceived and she is incredibly powerful. Many people experience this force of energy when they are making love and henceforth a strong association between one and the other is made. Because of this, sexuality and living the full expression of your sexual energy is a topic that quickly brings up blockages and resistances.

Meeting these blockages eye to eye invites us over and over again to expand our personal paradigm and look at ourselves and the world around us from a broader, more compassionate and vibrating perspective.

Should I be experiences if I want to participate in a longer retreat? Is tantra for everybody? There can be instances where we consider ourselves unable to give the personal attention which a process might need. Many people experience our retreats as therapeutic, however, they are certainly not a form of therapy in and of themselves, which is why we ask the participants to take honest responsibility for their own process. And of course we always have a team of facilitators and experienced assistants to support your process where necessary.

What age are the participants? Our activities are designed for all ages. In reality we find that we attract an audience between approximately 20 and 50 years of age. Do I have private time as well on retreats? Yes, even though a period of retreat can often be experienced as a rollercoaster, we always make sure there is enough time for integration. Do I have to participate in every exercise?

What about food and accomodation? The accommodation varies per occasion. Usually we are equipped with a team of experienced chefs who spoil us with highly nutritious, vegetarian and organic deliciousness! Take a look at the event itself for the specific details.

What are the costs? This also varies per location and event, but globally you can estimate 75,- euros for a full day, ,- euros for a weekend retreat and ,- for a full week. When your budget is very limited you can always contact us as we usually have a couple of budget tickets available. See the specific event description for details. Is your question not yet answered? Back About Chris van der Weide. Back Blog.

Back Audio Video. Tantra is.. Upcoming Events. More than I could have dreamed of. Delicious, free, deeply moved. Breaking boundaries.. Unable to put into words. The amount of energy you gave and how present you are in every moment. And your authenticity.. Very special.

Tantra fun

Tantra fun