Reasons why musicians make bettre lovers-37 Reasons You Should Date A Musician, As If You Needed Any Convincing

Rockstars have sex appeal. It's why — even though Amy Winehouse looked like an already-burned witch, and Ozzy Osbourne like a nightmare creature she summoned from beyond the grave — their milkshake undoubtedly brings many suitors to the proverbial yard. Star-power aside, all musicians have honed a particular set of skills that make them particularly adept at "sheet music. There are a near-infinite number of things your partner can do with you between the sheets that feel fantastic especially anything that would make a Mormon uncomfortable to hear about. But eventually, they need to settle into a consistent rhythm if you're going to reach the finish line and have a " romance explosion.

Reasons why musicians make bettre lovers

Reasons why musicians make bettre lovers

Reasons why musicians make bettre lovers

About Contact Newsletter Terms Privacy. Take, for instance, my very first Bumble date. Plus unless he's Top 10, he's skint. Adele fans are obsessed with her new look. When their longest song is seconds long, makw have to question their staying power. If we saw him now, lacking his drumsticks, he would probably not even get the slightest bit of our attention. And that guy was awesome. Or at least try really hard to be. Why not do as Nicole Ritchie does bettrre if we needed any convincing on that and carve out some quality time with your BFFs while your BF is zig-zagging across North America.

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Sonicbids Inc. Here are nine solid reasons why Sex characteristics makers have the greatest jobs ever. Other times they receive a gross sum, and they are responsible for paying for associated expenses tour or merchandise money, at least in this hypothetical case. These singular income streams are then used as a proxy to Reasons why musicians make bettre lovers Rrasons the joys Sex ecord woes of the entire musician population. It would be nice to be able to support myself by being a musician however, it is my outlet for stress relief and my love. Women are also better decision makers regarding their diet, duties and health check ups. Any rationalization to the contrary is nothing more than an excuse. Like many musicians, I too wanted to make my living as a musician. And thanks for writing! Interesting site, but much advertisments on him. Any girl who has ever dated a trumpeter or a horn player knows all that tongue work certainly pays off between maks sheets.

Classical musicians are, by nature, tricky beasts to pin down.

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  • They not only point to the problems with piracy, but also the shift away from album sales to singles sales, both of which have diverted consumer dollars away from physical CD sales.
  • Take, for instance, my very first Bumble date.
  • Why do some people want to become artists, writers and musicians?

Take, for instance, my very first Bumble date. He was a teacher, but also played guitar in a band comprised of him and four friends. He wrote his own songs and found nothing more romantic than serenading me via FaceTime with a new verse or a chorus he was working on. He was cute, smart and funny. The vibes between us were authentic.

He also thought spending hours on his hands and knees was de rigueur, which I understandably appreciated. All that concentration certainly makes for a guy who knows how to use his fingers to their utmost potential. Any girl who has ever dated a trumpeter or a horn player knows all that tongue work certainly pays off between the sheets.

Trained musicians have the "superior ability to maintain and manipulate competing information in memory, allowing for efficient global processing," according to a study by York University. By Izabella Zaydenberg. Musicians get a bad rap, and you know what? I, for one, have had nothing but good experiences with musicians. Guitarists, violinists, guitar players and, yes, DJs all use their hands as part of their job.

One track minds? Not musicians. That means if you tell him to grab milk on his way home, he might actually gasp! Also, multitasking is awesome in the bedroom. They understand emotions.

Writing a song — let alone singing it — forces you to feel. In my experience, musicians are never the type to be afraid to talk about what's on their minds. It also means, yes, they will know exactly how to talk dirty. They've got style. Their stamina is through the roof. Do you know how much cellos weigh? He can lift without ever even having to step foot into the gym. About Contact Newsletter Terms Privacy.

Nightly Business Report on the Business of Music. The worldwideweb is your oyster, ya gotsta just apply the pressure to get to that pearl. I hear from some of these musicians years later, and they invariably tell me the same sob story about how nobody ever gave them a chance to become successful and this is why they failed to become pros in this industry. For example, after getting through customs in Hamburg, Germany with 3 bandmates, oversized luggages and work visas in hand, picking up a friend at the airport, still making your hair cut, and paying your phone bill on time is cake. Some people are musicians because they just have to be. Infinite possibilities for income … not just one check every two weeks.

Reasons why musicians make bettre lovers

Reasons why musicians make bettre lovers

Reasons why musicians make bettre lovers. 2. The constant day-to-day variety

Image via everythingaudio. Musicians are often the envy of the working world, and for good reason. Seriously, can you think of a more entertaining career? I doubt it. Here are nine solid reasons why music makers have the greatest jobs ever. Image via pixshark.

Image via milemarkerreview. Image via shutterstock. Aside from the cognitive benefits of playing music, making a living as a musician teaches you about all kinds of business and communication skills that could even be used later in life should you want to try your hand in another industry.

Image via globalaccessibilitymap. You'll have to be careful with your money as a full-time musician, but doing so will teach you good habits that will keep you out of the kind of trouble many people get into! Image via eonline. Image via bluepeak. Regardless of how smelly the van gets, getting to travel and play for a living is more exciting than most people could dream of. Image via hypebot. Image via simpleplan. Music serves society and helps people in ways that no other medium can.

It's a super special and important job to have. And partly, because most other people quit when it gets too hard. Persevere through it or quit before you start. No matter what your chosen art is, you have to believe in it and persevere through all the terrible early iterations of it there will be many.

And that knowledge helps you take those bad producing years less seriously and less personally. It actually becomes liberating. It frees you to experiment and be prolific, which accelerates you through The Dip at a faster rate. You have to get those bad songs, bad paintings and bad stories out of you so you can finally get to the good songs, the good paintings and the good stories. You might as well start as soon as possible. Your fans are waiting. Thanks to Patrick Jarenwattananon for the original article on Scott Clark.

And also thanks to Ira Glass and Seth Godin for their advice on creating art. Great post, Daniel. Like many musicians, I too wanted to make my living as a musician. I have made some money playing, but most of it has come through teaching.

As I look back, though, I have been able to touch a lot of lives in a positive way. My funny story is when I played in a country band out of Kansas City. When we located the building, there were tons of motorcycles parked outside, and we just kind of looked at each other.

When we went in, we found that our agent had told them we were a rock band. Every year, they had a birthday bash with a rock band and food. There were people who had come from as far away as Minnesota. All young kids see is the success. This is so true, Daniel. But, as you said, it was liberating to know that I was just starting out, that I had a lot to learn, and that I WAS going to get better as I worked at it.

It did help to have such great support from the big band guys, who took me under their wing. But, I had to work and still do to sound as great as I should and as great as I want to be.

10 Reasons to Never Date a Musician | Houston Press

Imagine the most unattractive person you know. Now imagine them with a bad case of acne, a greasy barnet and stinky breath. Now think of that same person again, but this time they're the lead singer in the latest chart-topping band. Stick some boys on stage, with instruments, and they will have the girls swooning at their feet. Even if just a few months before they could not manage to pull the most desperate of girls wearing the strongest of beer goggles.

That instant increase in attractiveness is what I dub 'The Musician Effect', and it seems to be an odd phenomenon that has been around for some years. Oddly enough the band doesn't have to be chart topping, just four lads who can throw a song together seem to have this strange effect on women. As an 11 year old in my first year at secondary school it was almost an obligatory duty to fancy at least one member of the band in the oldest year, the band name now escapes me and my closest friend but we both distinctively remember a tall, redhead drummer.

If we saw him now, lacking his drumsticks, he would probably not even get the slightest bit of our attention. My second experience of The Musician Effect came aged 15, where by intense stalking more than anything else I managed to find the lead singer of a local band and began chatting to him. The kudos gained from my friends when the immortal line: "he's in a band" were muttered was so high it even led to some congratulatory high fives. Looking back at photos however, I realise the boy so idolised by my younger self was actually just a geeky sixthformer with unkempt hair and badly fitting jeans.

It was the mic in his hand and the three mates behind him yielding guitars and a drum set that made him the boy me and my friends spent hours musing over. I must add that nowadays said geeky sixthformer has become a good friend of mine, and grown up to become a geeky adult with much better hair and jeans that look good. He's also still playing music, and probably still reeling in the women.

Many of my friends have also swooned over musical types as a result of the musician effect. There's the boys who plays in the local pubs.

The lad that gets mentioned on local radio, and one friend did the best of everyone and bagged herself a boy who has got himself played on BBC Radio 1. Money and fame could be blamed for this instant attraction to bands.

Yet none of these boys have money. They live with their parents, travel in clapped out vans and the closest they get to owning designer clothes is probably a decade old pair of Converse. In fact the majority of musicians are neither rich nor a celebrity and still manage to use the guitar on their arm to bag them a hot blonde on the other. Reading up on it, it seems there could be some science behind this attraction to music makers.

Psychologists say women are attracted to those with musical ability because back in caveman days if a man had the time to be creative it meant they were so talented at basic survival skills they had chance to conjure up art in their spare time.

Of course, these days the line up of Arctic Monkeys don't need to have to hunt dinner and find a cave whilst writing the follow up to Suck It And See, but the fact that their ancestors thousands of years ago would have had to do this may be the reason women lust for Turner and co.

Or it just could be because a man looks incredibly sexy with a guitar in tow, and that can override any misdemeanours in his looks. And on top of that, who hasn't dreamed of rocking up at a gig and uttering the line: I'm with the band.

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Reasons why musicians make bettre lovers

Reasons why musicians make bettre lovers

Reasons why musicians make bettre lovers