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The language used in law is changing. Many lawyers are now adopting a plain English style. But there are still legal phrases that baffle non-lawyers. This guide is intended to help in two ways:. The explanations in this guide are not intended to be straight alternatives.

Prostitute verbage

Prostitute verbage

They are just like a pet to their daddies, if you call that a respect! So far…. If the two can not balance this, I see no hope for this relationship because after so many struggles resulting from misunderstandings they Protitute the end. Mortgage using property as security for a debt. Interest a legal right Prostitute verbage use property. Yes of course resources are extremely important in the world today but there are so many ways to go about this. Sunshine — Preppy lesbians is different. Absolute privilege a defence which can be used in Prostitute verbage case of defamation if the statement from which the defamation arose was: made in Parliament; in fair and accurate news reporting of court proceedings; or made during court proceedings. Ambiguity capability of more than one meaning.

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But how to make it sound authentic?

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The language used in law is changing. Many lawyers are now adopting a plain English style. But there are still legal phrases that baffle non-lawyers. This guide is intended to help in two ways:. The explanations in this guide are not intended to be straight alternatives.

Although we hope the explanations will prompt lawyers to make sure they only use legal jargon where strictly necessary, our wording is there to explain ideas and concepts rather than to give strict legal definitions.

This is very much a 'work in progress', and we welcome any corrections, clarifications or suggested additions. Please email us with your comments. The copyright on this guide belongs to Plain English Campaign. Please contact us if you want to reproduce any part of it. After this date, you must make an LPA instead. If a person is capable of dealing with their own affairs at present they can make either or both types of LPA. But, a health and welfare LPA can only be used when the person can no longer look after their own affairs.

If a court's verdict is that the prosecution has not proved the defendant committed a crime, the defendant has been found not guilty. To witness a document is to watch it being signed and then add your own signature and name, address and occupation. Powered by Joomla! You are here: Home A to Z of legal phrases. A to Z of legal phrases Introduction The language used in law is changing.

This guide is intended to help in two ways: it should help non-lawyers understand legal phrases; and it should give lawyers ideas for explaining the legal phrases that they use. The terms and explanations are for the law in England and Wales. Abandonment giving up a legal right. Abatement cancelling a writ or action; stopping a nuisance; reducing the payments to creditors in proportion, if there is not enough money to pay them in full; or reducing the bequests in a will, in proportion, when there is not enough money to pay them in full.

Abduction taking someone away by force. Ab initio from the start of something. This phrase is Latin. Abovementioned describing something which has been referred to before in the document. Abscond when a person fails to present themselves before the court when required, such as when they have been released on bail and not returned to court. Absolute complete and unconditional.

Absolute discharge someone who has been convicted of an offence being released without any penalty. They may still have to pay compensation though. Absolute owner the only owner of property such as equipment, buildings, land or vehicles. Absolute privilege a defence which can be used in a case of defamation if the statement from which the defamation arose was: made in Parliament; in fair and accurate news reporting of court proceedings; or made during court proceedings.

Abstract of title a document, drawn up by the seller, summarising the title deeds to a property such as a house. Abuse of process when criminal proceedings are brought against a person without there being any good reason and with malice. Abuttals the parts of the boundaries of a piece of land which touch pieces of land alongside. Acceptance when an offer is accepted unconditionally and a legally binding agreement is created.

Acceptance of service when a solicitor accepts a writ on behalf of a client. Acceptor the organisation such as a bank which will pay the cheque or bill of exchange it has accepted. Accessory someone who encourages or helps another person to commit a crime. Accomplice someone who helps another person to commit a crime. Accordingly a word used in legal documents which means therefore or so.

Accounts the record of an organisation's income, spending and financial situation. Accumulation reinvesting income generated by a fund back into the fund. Accused the person charged with a criminal offence. Acknowledgement admitting that someone has a claim or admitting that a debt exists. Acknowledgement of Service when a defendant agrees that a writ or originating summons 'claim form' since April has been received.

The defendant fills in, signs and sends back the acknowledgement of service to confirm in writing that the documents were received. Acquit when a court lets a person go without any penalty. If a court decides that a person is not guilty of a crime, or the case has not been proved, it will acquit the person. Acquittal the court's decision that a person is innocent of the crime they were charged with.

Action using the law to make a claim. Active trust a trust where the trustees have other responsibilities rather than to just let the beneficiaries have the trust's assets when they ask for them. Act of bankruptcy an act which, if carried out by a person with debts, could have led to bankruptcy proceedings against that person. Act of God an extreme naturally occurring event such as an earthquake, avalanche or flood that could not have been anticipated.

Actual bodily harm hurting another person but less severely than would amount to grievous bodily harm. Actual loss an insurance term which means that the insured item no longer exists.

Actuary an expert on pension scheme assets and liabilities, life expectancy and probabilities the likelihood of things happening for insurance purposes. An actuary works out whether enough money is being paid into a pension scheme to pay the pensions when they are due. Actus reus an act which is illegal, such as theft. This term is Latin. Additional voluntary contribution AVC extra money people in occupational pension schemes can pay in to increase their pension benefits.

Ademption when a gift in a will cannot be made because the item no longer exists. Ad hoc for a particular purpose.

For example, a committee set up to deal with a particular situation is an ad hoc committee. Ad idem in agreement. Ad infinitum endlessly or forever. Adjourned sine die when a court case has no date fixed for it to continue. Adjournment postponing a court hearing. For example, if someone cannot pay their debts a court may adjudge them bankrupt. Adjudication order the former name for a court order which made someone bankrupt. It has now been replaced with the term bankruptcy order. Administration order an order made by a county court when a person or a company cannot pay their debts.

Normally the court orders that the debts are repaid by instalments and as long as the debtor keeps to the order the creditors cannot do anything else to recover their money. Administrator someone who has been appointed:to manage the affairs of a bankrupt business; or to manage the estate of someone who has died without leaving a will. Admissibility of evidence which evidence can be presented in court. Evidence must be relevant to the case but even some relevant evidence cannot be presented, such as hearsay or evidence of little value.

The judge decides whether or not evidence can be used in the case. Admission one side in a case agreeing that something the other side has alleged is true. Admonition reprimanding of a defendant by a judge even though the case against the defendant has been discharged dropped. Adoption the system which people use to become parents, even though they are not the child's natural parents. Adoptive child a child who has been legally adopted. Adoptive parent a person who has legally adopted a child.

Ad valorem in proportion to the value. An ad valorem duty goes up as the value of the goods, shares and so on that it is charged on rises. Adverse possession intentionally occupying land to prevent the rightful owner or tenant using it. Adverse witness a witness who gives evidence which damages the case of the side which asked the witness to testify for them. Advocate is: the lawyer who speaks in court for a client; or a Scottish lawyer who is the equivalent of a barrister in England and Wales.

Affidavit a written statement which is sworn to be true by the person signing it. It is sworn before someone authorised by the court. Affirm to: solemnly promise to tell the truth in court; solemnly promise to tell the truth in an affidavit; confirm a decision made by a lower court; or allow a contract to continue even though it could have been cancelled because it was fundamentally breached.

Affirmation solemnly promising to tell the truth when giving evidence. It is an alternative to swearing an oath when the person giving evidence does not wish to. Affray fighting unlawfully. It is a criminal offence. Aforementioned describing something referred to previously in the document.

Aforesaid describing something which has been said or referred to before in the document. Agency the relationship between a principal and an agent. Agent someone appointed to act for a principal.

Age of consent the age when a person can consent to have sexual intercourse.

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Prostitute verbage

Prostitute verbage

Prostitute verbage

Prostitute verbage

Prostitute verbage. What slang words have this meaning?

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Know the Language of Human Trafficking: A Glossary of Sex Trafficking Terms

But how to make it sound authentic? We want it to feel really alive. We sort of know when [a word] feels wrong, or too contemporary. Some phrases sound jarringly modern, so we tried to weed those out. Hailed as a feminist workplace drama , Harlots lets the female characters do most of the dirty talk, perhaps because they do most of the talking in the first place.

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Prostitute verbage

Prostitute verbage

Prostitute verbage