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Pregnant and broke up

Pregnant and broke up

Watching a marathon might make you want to run one — but should you? What makes you Silicone golf tee the gamble and still gives her a feeling of being protected and supported? Do not let stress and nervousness ruin something beautiful even before you have actually felt it to the fullest. As a husband, you need to have an immense Pregmant of patience because your vroke has no control over the hormonal changes occurring in her body. As a new father, caring for a baby will be all new to him and he will need lots of guidance and support.

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Is this normal for pregnant women to go through this? Getting Over Your Ex. We've dealt with a lot of great and bad moments - it's been a roller coaster to say the least. But I guess I was wrong. Chris Seiter February 4, at pm. Does not seem fair for the kid. A week after that she spoke with her best friend and also cousin. I feel brok. Just don't like him play games emotionally and you'll be fine. It's hard enough living together during a break up, with a toddler and expecting a baby. By Youichi hentai this site you declare you are 18 or older, you read and agreed to the Site Terms Pregnant and broke up, acknowledged our Privacy Policy and you understand that your use of the site's content is made at your own risk and responsibility. She has been So sorry you're in this situation. I know you don't want to be with your ex anymore, but keep in mind that your child brooke an innocent bystander in all of this. He told me he couldn't give me Pregnant and broke up I wanted right now becau

Breakups happen.

  • I've been with my partner for 5 years.
  • My ex-girlfriend is pregnant.
  • I was with my girlfriend for approximantly seven months.
  • By Chris Seiter.

Every girl knows that there are two words that are sure to make the man in your life stop in his tracks. You start imagining being chained to this girl and a child for the next 18 years at least… It can be overwhelming. I mean even without the added stress of a breakup you have to account for two people and their dreams and goals in addition to your own moving forward. So… In order to get through all of these scenarios and how to handle them we have to find a way to cover each of them.

Getting My Ex Back. Knowing Exactly What To Text. Being pregnant means hormones all over the place. So, tread lightly. You will be faced with two situations here…. These is the easy one.

If she wants to get back together, I suppose the only question is if you want to and are ready to work together with your ex to correct any issues you may have had in the past. Seeing that you can respect her wishes and still be supportive will help change the way she sees you. At the same time you should spend your free time working on fixing all of the issues in your own life.

If you have shortcomings of any kind or did in the relationship then now is the time to get your life together and overcome them. You already have something that will tie you to her for minimum 18 years.

I think that gives you a little time to get on her good side and work on those shortcomings. You want to look awesome in comparison to this new guy. Take it from me, every man screws up at some point. You just have to respect her and be supportive. What you CAN do is keep working on you and being respectful and supportive. So the question is, would you rather piss her off now or control your urges and maybe have a chance after you become You 2. Embrace it. Admit it… seeing your ex is hard.

If she is having as difficult a time as you, then she might want to try and limit her contact with you. It may be painful. She may need a little No Contact of her own to sort out what exactly she does want. But having a kid… you want reasonable and responsible people in your life. Can you put that above your desire to win her back and build a working relationship with her? Your best bet is to honor her wishes.

Make your life better. This often causes issues down the road. He may be on board with the situation or not. Can you set aside how you feel about him to build a life for you, your ex, and the baby? This one. This on is the kicker. If the two of them are together and on board with having a kid, then there is only one thing you can ask yourself….

But the only option is to do this thing where you are supportive and you work on building a great life for yourself and maybe, one day, they might not work out. But, in my opinion, you are better off building that better life for you an moving forward after wishing her the best. So, now you know where you draw the line. Whatever your lines are now you know. I have a lot of guys that tell me their issues were spurred from arguing constantly.

Learning to communicate efficiently and keep your emotions in check is the first step there. A lot of relationships end because the people in it stop taking care of themselves.

If it was the latter, then you are going to have to be prepared to be greeted with that same amount of hate and anger when you reconnect and keep from reacting with anything other than understanding a cool front. Strong relationships work because the people in it work as partners on the same level rather than have one positioned higher than the other. What makes you unique and desirable?

What makes you worth the gamble and still gives her a feeling of being protected and supported? Figure out what makes you the safe bet? Put effort into your appearance. Without it, it all looks pardon my french half-assed. Blog Posts. Products About Quiz Contact. When you are simultaneously going through a breakup it can cause some serious panic.

What do you need help with? Do you have a chance of getting her back? Take the quiz. Popular posts 1. Recent posts 24 Oct.

After 3 weeks of that she finally came home one night and packed her stuff and said she didn't feel the same way anymore and we needed to break up etc. Her dad thinks it is all hormones and emotions and that everything has just hit her at once and she acting irrationally because of it and that he thinks it will get better when she has the baby. Scared, I believe you are onto sometime with your thoughts. He says he just cuddles me and does all this because he feels bad for me. You play no role in your child's life other than to write a child support check.

Pregnant and broke up

Pregnant and broke up

Pregnant and broke up

Pregnant and broke up

Pregnant and broke up. 315 thoughts on “How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back If You Are Pregnant”

After 3 weeks of that she finally came home one night and packed her stuff and said she didn't feel the same way anymore and we needed to break up etc. We are talking now, but everytime I bring up her and I she said that is the last thing on her mind and doesn't want to talk about it.

But I noticed she started communicating with her ex from before me. What does all of this mean? Am I missing something here? Am I blind to something? It is so nice to hear that i am not the only one going through this. My girlfriend or ex depending on how you look at it and i are 9 months pregnant and days away from being parents together. My first, her second from 2 boyfriends ago. We were only together a month before we got pregnant but we weren't scared because we wanted to be together.

I moved in with her and 7 months along we got a bigger place together and consolidated our accounts bills everything. Her sons father who is tattooed has earrings and is a questionable father in some aspects was just her friend and swears to me he still is and thats it. About a little over a month ago i noticed she was getting distant and short with me. She was completely happy and affectionet with me the whole time up until then and she told me every day that she loved me.

The ex before me didn't want the same thing as her marriage, kids. Anyways i noticed she was talking and spending a lot of more time with her ex thatn normal. One night she went to a movie with her girlfriends and went out with them afterwords as the sober chauffer.

She told me that her ex was there so it is not like she was hiding it from me. Well one day she went to drop her son off at his house and was goine for hours.

When she got back i had to use her phone and noticed an odd text. I asked her if we were ok and thats when she said she was feeling like she wasnt sure about us anymore and needed some time and space to figure herself.

Needless to say I have been stayig at may parents house for the last two weeks when we are days away from having the baby. She swears up and down that there is nothing going o with him and she doesnt want to be with him but she is not sure about us and she has no idea or reason why. I found out he stayed the night at our house the very night i volunteered to leave. She says he is just someone to talk to and that he is giving her my perspective because he has been through the same thing.

She says he stayed because he had had a couple of beers and slept on the couch. He has been around my house when i am not there many more times but she still swears there is nothing going on and she has no intentions of being with him. She says she wants me there at the house when he is born to be with her and the baby but whats going to happen after that? I dont understand!? She says she does not want to hurt me in any way and thats whats killing her.

If she goes down the path with him she will loose everything as her parents have told me that they will be done with her if she goes down there path and will do whatever it takes to keep there grandsons out of that environment. I am a college graduate with a stable well paying job and i will not let her take my son down with her. Her dad thinks it is all hormones and emotions and that everything has just hit her at once and she acting irrationally because of it and that he thinks it will get better when she has the baby.

God i hope so. Her mom thinks that she has gotten in her head somehow that she doesn't deserve me, why? Is this normal for pregnant women to go through this? I know they have tons of hormones and emotions but is that it?

Any advice? I'm 14 and my x had my baby boy. I asked my x that if her mom can change her mind on being with me she sed no next thing you know her mom tells me she can I call her and her mom answers and tells me that my x doesn't want any thing to do with me and she doesn't need my help.

I valenteard to child suport just so that I can be in my baby boys life and that I'm regognized as the father of my child. I just wish things could of worked out for the best. Prepare yourself to be the best father you can be under the circumstances. Take care of yourself and keep in mind the focus of all of this — the baby. From my point of view being a woman and all I think the answer is pretty simple, I hear alot of this happening now a days. I think some women that are in fairly new relationships with a man have a subconcious need for power and security When they get pregnant, they start to think that they will have a piece of that man forever, which technically means they will never lose them.

Also, they feel free to push the man away, because they think they can get them back whenever they want. I strongly believe this happens because these kinds of women are truly scared of permanent loss. Scared, I believe you are onto sometime with your thoughts. I would hope you could elaborate further. My ex broke things off suddenly after announcing to me she was pregnant. However, in terms of loss, her father left her life when she was young then he died of a drug overdose.

Her life is filled with episodes of loss, perhaps she feels more comfortable in this role? I am currently going through the same thing and the best I can say is that you just need to back off. Your feelings for her may be strong and it may hurt you to the core but it is not about you and her, it's about that baby. If you can be around for the doctors appointments then you are doing alright, if not however do not stop trying to be a part of that childs life.

It's a delicate balance and make sure you do not hold so much in that you explode. That is the best I can give anyone on this situation and the best that can really be done. Dont play into any drama. I am going through the same thing, and am so confused right now. It is comforting to see that other guys out there are going through similar situations. My girlfriend ex is approaching 12 weeks. She is telling me she is really confused and thinks we should spend some time apart.

Also her ex boyfriend has come back into the picture and has told her he would help with the baby! When he didn't appreciate her when he had her and they dated for 4 years we have been dating about 8 months. This is tearing me apart and it is hard to stay focused on anything, I call, send texts nothing, I am trying to be understanding of her situation but this is driving me crazy!

I found this site by chance, but me and my ex girlfriend were dating for two months before we broke up. When I met her I was in the middle of a divorce and made one of the biggest mistakes and told her my divorce was final. Long story short she found out it wasnt but said she still wanted to be with me and loved me and wanted me to still move in the house she just bought.

When we broke up she cut all contact with me dosent answer my calls text nothing. I went to a party about a month ago which the ex also went and one of our mutual friends told me my ex had called her and told her she went to a doctors appt and found out she was 8 weeks pregnant and told the friend it was mine I tried to talk with her while at the party after hearing this but she said she had nothing to say to me.

I have sent her text telling her I found out and want to be there for the baby and be a part of our childs life and help her out anyway I could but still hear nothing back from her. She is now about weeks pregnant and still nothing. Any ideas or help would be great I just dont know what to do anymore. R elationship T alk. Pregnant girlfriend broke up with me By jdel , 10 years ago on Breaking up.

A little bitter. Those may interest you: My girlfriend and mother of my 2 kids is pregnant with black guys baby My g Ex girlfriend is pregnant with her new boyfriend months after breaking up with me. I think there are a few possibilities to consider. Those may interest you: My ex-girlfriend is pregnant.

We broke up 6 weeks ago and we Long story short, I don't love my pregnant girlfriend. I was Help with my 10 week pregnant girlfriend who is pushing me away. My girlfriend and I broke up we are talking again but she told me, that she slept with a guy. Those may interest you: My Pregnant Girlfriend Broke up with me, and had an abortion behind my back. I want to leave my 4 months pregnant girlfriend!!

My pregnant girlfriend doesnt seem to want me around. My girlfriend loves me, but she broke up with me and I want her back. Be well. Those may interest you: Help - Pregnant Girlfriend won't talk to me anymore.

My pregnant girlfriend hates me and keeps pushing me away! My pregnant girlfriend left me :? Ex girlfriend is 6 months pregnant, will we get back together. Those may interest you: My new girlfriend is still texting her ex husband they have kids with. Broke up with girlfriend. Had sex with someone else then got back together. Pregnant girlfriend left me? She doesn't know if she loves me or not. My girlfriend recently told me tha Ex boyfriend told me his last girlfriend was better at sex than I was My girlfriend is 6 months pregnant and is now engaged to her ex.

My girlfriend just cheated on me, she is pregnant and all along she told me My pregnant girlfriend broke up with me, and just wants to be good friends.

He doesn't want to be with me becuase he thinks I'm difficult. I want to keep the baby, so I suggested going to couple counseling to see if we can work out our differences and maybe make the relationship work. If there was love there before I'm sure it can come back. It's worth a try for the baby I still suggest counseling so at least you can have a civilized relationship with her for the baby. Counseling for the sake of having a civil relationship is a VERY good idea- I grew up as the child of a reknowned family counselor and am more than equipped of navigatiing any kind of relationship- but it will never hurt.

But please do not forget, it takes two willing participants to form a healthy relationship. A relationship formed for any othe reason than because both parties want it, will breed resentment which will not be healthy for either of you or the child. I married my first wife for the right reasons, but even the though that we'd married because of her pregnancy helped cause our relationship to fall apart.

Please remember: a baby is NOT a peacekeeper, nor should it be used or burdened as such. Trust me, they will know it. I broke up with her last week because I just can't trust her anymore. I always manage to find out about these from my gut instincts and her eventually admitting to it after i pressure her into admitting it. I found out that an ex that I particularly do not like have been trying to see her again via messaging thru a second Facebook account that she had.

Im just totally lost right now. I agree with some of what was said, it is the woman's choice on what to do with the pregnancy. She has to go with her morals and ethics and you nor anyone else will change that- accept that. You also need to understand a couple of things: 1 her mind and body are going through big changes.

Women's personalities change and there is a lot of pressure on her knowing you are gone. No woman wants to have a baby alone. Of course she is bitter; you would be bitter too if you were left "holding the ball"..

Yea, you can elect to remove yourself from all this but she has no choice- think about that. I would say that rather than get paranoid about child support, that you get busy supporting that baby because it has your DNA. Did your father abandon your mother when you were about to be born? If yes, would you not rather give your child a better place in this world than what you have?

Sorry to hear about your situation. To echo what other people have said, her body is her business, and if she wants to keep the baby, then that's they way it's got to be. You learn how to civilly get along with your ex so that you can co-parent. You maintain two separate households, and you contact each other only to make basic parenting decisions ex.

You do not have a civil relationship with your ex. I know you don't want to be with your ex anymore, but keep in mind that your child is an innocent bystander in all of this. I'm sure that if given the choice, your child would want a relationship with you. Anyone can father a child, but it takes a lot of hard work to have the privilege to be someone's Dad. Obviously, I think you know the "right" thing to do is to man-up and be a Dad to this kid, regardless of your feelings towards your ex.

This website, along with others, are may be helpful for you if you decide to be a co-parent with your ex. I am involved in a similar dilemma. I have met a girl recently and she got pregnant after an unprotected sex despite the fact she was on the pills. I have explained to her that I am not going to be involved with the child and she is adamant she is going to keep the child. My question is I know through reading your blog and some other blogs that it might be the case that I have t pay a child benefit check every month or so, could you tell me how much is going to be this monthly check and is there gong to be any legal issues like counts etc.

Child support is based on what money you make.. You better start lookiing if you do not have a job! Because you do not want anything to do with the child does not excuse you from paying. I will reserve what I think about all this and shut my mouth.

I would encourage the author of this post to man up to your responsibility. They child is yours and is innocent to everything. Behind every dark clouds there are silver linings. Sometimes the child we refuse becomes the one that love and care for us in times of need and in our old age.

Im not ready and set up to have this baby fact. She wants to move on and have this child anyway. At 7 weeks, a pill is no longer an option. Or maybe things have changed. You don't have to sign the birth certificate. All you have to do is give up your rights to the child and you don't owe her or the baby anything. But if you do that, you have no rights to see the child or anything. Welcome to the real world You can't force her to do anything.

Afterall, it is her body, her morals, ethics, principles. Examine yours. Risk comes with everything we say and do.. With it came risks Pill is not completely 'foolproof".

To me, you were trying to be a "MAN", but now you want to be a boy- and shed responsibility. Is it fair to bring a child into the world were the parents live in separate states? How hard is that on the child. I make 30k a year. She is unemployed what chance is this child going to have? Seems so unfair to it to be brougt into a life where both its parents don't get along and can't be together and has no structure no support seems better on both people if she would just take the pill and end if.

She can not give me a reason for having this kid other than she just can't get an abortion. Bringing a child into a world where both parents don't want if. Does not seem fair for the kid. What is it going to cost if she chooses to go through with this can't she assume all do consul burden?

I'd rather not have a child my job pays 30k not e ought to raise a child on and I have to do this in a different state.

She is difficult to say the least but I have realized I still love her. She won't talk to me at all and is still crazy mad I did not want the baby. What t do?

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Pregnant and broke up

Pregnant and broke up