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Poo and vomit fetish

Poo and vomit fetish

Poo and vomit fetish

I usually eat Poo and vomit fetish under a rim seat directly from the ass. Diaper fetish. Sign In or Register to comment. I'm interested in stuff like this. It was just the tiniest bit hard to find porn in that vpmit. However, a good solid log that just slides out of some hot girls ass? Join Login. To see an otherwise beautiful woman do something so twisted.

Stories hand pressed skirt inserting. These people are into the grossest sex fetishes ever:

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Poo and vomit fetish

Poo and vomit fetish

Poo and vomit fetish

Poo and vomit fetish

Poo and vomit fetish. Free Scat Tubes, Shitting Porn Tube, Best Pooping Porn Site

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I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was in high school, my friend had been screaming and giggling and covering her eyes in shock and disgust when the piano music crescendoed. I walked over to her as she slammed her laptop shut. Intrigued and horrified by her reaction, I had to know what she was watching.

Oh how naive and wrong I was. Two hot girls begin making out, but what follows is quite the opposite of your run-of-the-mill girl-on-girl YouPorn vids. Sounds lovely, right?! I think that day in high school marked the loss of my poor, poor innocence. Maybe they like the idea of a beautiful woman partaking in such a natural and smelly action, reserved usually for private, to lose all inhibition in front of another person.

Just remember to keep your laundry detergent stocked. Laura is a freelance writer for TFLN. She likes to write about what she knows best — dating, sex, and being awkward, but usually in the opposite order. Search Search for: Search. Image via Giphy I remember the day like it was yesterday. These people are into the grossest sex fetishes ever: 1. I never even considered such a thing nor was I aware that people did that for sexual arousal.

For some reason it really appealed to me and so I began seeking out piss fetish porn. I think what turns me on about it is the fact that it is so fucked up. So dirty.

To see an otherwise beautiful woman do something so twisted. The feel her of her farts coming out, or just the sound of them is awe inspiring to me. Especially if her farts interact with stuff, like she is wearing a dress and her farts move part of the dress. I have a vomiting fetish. I think it mostly started because when I was younger I used to be terrified of vomiting, would have panic attacks if anyone puked near me.

Then one day, I discovered orgasms while fantasizing about vomiting, and I realized that I had a fetish for it. I guess the appeal comes from the intensity of being so afraid of it before. I have to be extremely in the mood for it. I have been on both the giving and receiving end of piss play, and enjoy both. I like being batted around a little and told what to do, but only by my SO.

My reasons include: the somewhat sexual motions involved in the holding touching the genitals, standing in poses reminiscent of those that models have in photos exhibiting their sex appeal, and dancing. I just get turned on thinking about being pissed on. But getting on my knees in a bathtub and being pissed on, or standing under a horse relieving himself, or being straddled by a woman as she urinates on me and feeling the warm liquid flow around me gets me going.

Diaper fetish. I freaking hate when porn involves diarrhea. Some people love it, but I find it disgusting. However, a good solid log that just slides out of some hot girls ass? I get turned on when people really really need to pee. I discovered it when I was around maybe 7 or 8 or so. There was this Mickey Mouse stuffed figure in my room, and I pretended he really needed to pee. It felt good. I pee in the shower and I love the feeling of the hot stream on my leg and foot. I want to share that feeling with someone cause it feels so good.

I wait to hold my urine sometimes just for when I shower. I do eat shit. An ideal turd for me has no taste other than bitterness and is soft but still has form. I usually eat from under a rim seat directly from the ass. Nuts, corn and artificial sweetner can greatly affect the taste and make it much more difficult to swallow. Had a thing for urine before I knew it was not completely normal.

I just assumed urine was a thing for everyone, because, you know, it comes straight from the target and is warm and watching someone urinate is never done. Kinda like sex. Then I grew up and found that not everyone shared my adoration. It was just the tiniest bit hard to find porn in that setting.

I dated a girl who was into shit. Never understood what her fantasy was about. She was the hottest girl I ever dated. Supermodel caliber. I like to participate in and watch others participate in both of those things. I think the fetish comes from the feeling of being desperate itself.

Around the time I hit puberty, I discovered a website that had videos of desperation and pants wetting. I watched some videos and realized that I not only liked holding my own pee, but I also liked watching others hold it. Most of wet dreams I had growing up involved a common event.

Me needing to pee, really badly, and not being able to find a toilet. For me, it is the embarrassment and regression.

Wetting is a submissive and intimate thing that makes me feel vulnerable and embarrassed. It can be very nice to witness or to feel myself. Also the physical feeling of relief and warmth is very appealing.

Poo and vomit fetish