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Quick links. Matrix Discontinued? Discontinuation date: unconfirmed. But it's comfortable and affordable, with a strong reliability record and gas mileage close to 30 mpg. Because it has been a popular car for years, the Matrix should remain appealing for a long time.

Pontiac vibe discontinued

Pontiac vibe discontinued

Pontiac vibe discontinued

Gallery News, reviews, videos Pontiac dealers Used vehicles Pontiac. There have been ivbe minor changes between model years. Luggage racks are no longer standard order. In an attempt to 'converge' the Pontiac look, the front grille was restyled to resemble the look of the Pontiac Solsticealso adopted by other vehicles in the Pontiac line. Toyota buyers who stubbornly believe that the Vibe is less fuel-efficient, less reliable and less durable have no idea what they are talking about. Statement by Honda Canada Inc. April 1, Pontiac vibe discontinued though the Pontiac Firebird, and Trans Am are among the all-time classic American cars, Pontiac is no more, one of four brands killed off after General Motors declared bankruptcy. Mileage must be kept track of manually until a solution is found. To add it Pontiac vibe discontinued your profile, you will need to sign in.

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The largest engine was a massive cubic inch V8 that was available in most of their mid-size, full-size and sports car models. These new chassis allowed for reduced weight and smaller body sizes. My grandmother has completely lost her fenders around her front passenger tire and passenger disscontinued. ForPontiac introduced the new sub-compact Astrea version of the Chevrolet John deer hay wagon rubber tires. So I met up with some friends and we turned the back of my car into a buffet. Pontlac holdout to this industry-wide slide was the Super Duty engine of — When the mid-sized Chevrolet Chevelle was introduced in it was sold in Canada as the Acadian Beaumont 'Beaumont' was formerly the top-level trim of Chevy II-based Acadianand in Beaumont became its own marque. GM had planned to launch a Pontiac vibe discontinued version of the Corvair dubbed "Polaris"but "Bunkie" Knudsen—whose niece had been Pontiac vibe discontinued injured in a Corvair crash—successfully argued against the idea. The Star Chief's four-door "Vista" hardtop was also shared by the Bonneville. First Name.

Over 96 Canadian journalists from coast to coast are now taking part in a four-team battle.

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  • Pontiac was a car brand owned, made, and sold by General Motors.
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It was only sold as a five-door hatchback. The Vibe and Matrix were made in different factories. The Vibe had replaced the Chevrolet Prizm in due to low sales and the discontinued Toyota Sprinter Prizm was a mere rebadged version of this car.

The Vibe was sold in Japan by Toyota as the Voltz from to After Pontiac announced it would go out of business, General Motors announced that the Vibe would be replaced with Buick Verano a badge engineered Opel Astra. Though it only offered limited AWD it was often categorized as a compact crossover and competed with the Dodge Caliber. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This short article about transport can be made longer. You can help Wikipedia by adding to it. Categories : Sport utility vehicles Pontiac automobiles.

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The brand was also popular in Canada, where it was marketed as a low-budget offering. Purchased by General Motors in , Oakland continued to produce modestly priced automobiles until when it was renamed Pontiac. V8, and could be backed by a T six-speed manual. With the model year, Pontiac came out with its "Arrowhead" emblem, with the star design in the middle. Vibe Owner. Thanks for the warning.

Pontiac vibe discontinued

Pontiac vibe discontinued

Pontiac vibe discontinued

Pontiac vibe discontinued. Pontiac Vibe Buyer's Guide


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Over 96 Canadian journalists from coast to coast are now taking part in a four-team battle. Actually, it's more of a nationwide rally that started in Montrea General Motors of Canada has just issued a recall similar to Toyota's. However, instead of nearly , vehicles, only 16, units are affected.

Honda will recall 14, model years and Fit vehicles in Canada to replace the lost motion springs, components within the engine valvetrain. The lo Favourite added temporarily. To add it to your profile, you will need to sign in. You May Also Like. Catch the Vibe! Statement by Honda Canada Inc. Regarding Lost Motion Spri More Articles. From this author. Articles By Auto Buying a used car: How to choose the right in More from this author.

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Pontiac vibe discontinued