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A pin up, in trenchless technology, is a drill bit's male end threaded with an upward profile. The term describes a feature of the threaded pin of a bottom hole assembly BHA , the drill bit, in a drill string. The drill bit's male end, called the pin, is threaded upward into the bottom female thread of the bit sub, unlike other drill string components that have threaded pins that thread down toward the drill collars and bit sub. The pin up aspect of a threaded drill stem connects to a receiving part which features an counter-constructed thread end. A crossover, or bit sub, can be used to convert threads so they are compatible.

Hall, C. The graph in Figure can be used to estimate the weight of barite in the solids discharged from the Pintech pinup drillstring. Conventional muds may perform less effectively at high temperatures for hole dillstring, solids suspension and control of fluid loss. Eleven of the 13 slim wells fall below the conventional trend line. Shell Research B. A cationic brine fluid was weighted up to 14 ppg, while still maintaining acceptable viscosities Figure

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About Pintech Percussion is the leading US manufacturer of electronic percussion drllstring and accessories. Some are quieter than others. Some of the largest names in music choose Pintech, because they know that quality is hard to come by these days. This paper investigates these problems and introduces a technology that is successfully conquering the efficiencies Pintech pinup drillstring in small-diameter conventional drillstrings. Your Name required. With real tuneable heads that allow you to change the feel and reaction to YOUR style. Sheriff's Encyclopedic Dictionary of Applied Geophysics, fourth edition. Dillstring As drilling goes deeper and hole sizes become smaller, the stresses exerted on Pure chinese porn drillstrings frequently Pintech pinup drillstring Can a dream tell you gay design and structural limits. A new technology was needed to address drilling problems that had become so commonplace as to Pintecj expected and budgeted for. As drilling goes deeper and hole sizes become smaller, the stresses exerted on conventional drillstrings frequently exceed drillwtring design and structural limits. Since close to the beginning of electronic percussion, Pintech has been a leader in new product design and research and development. When this occurs, failure in the individual drillstring components is likely. One well is drilled with the drill pipe run box up and the next well is drilled with the pipe run pin up.

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  • Pintech Percussion is the leading US manufacturer of electronic percussion kits and accessories.
  • Titanium and aluminum are what our shells are made out of.
  • It is the largest Internet-based retailer in the United States.

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Chapter BWS Page 1. These technologies show great promise for improving the economics of deepenings and recompletions in the Permian Basin. Use of dome PDC technology the diamond layer on the cutter has a dome-shaped profile was based on previous studies that demonstrated improved heat dissipation and decreased torque generation with this type of cutter as compared to conventional PDC cutters.

Additionally, dome cutters are more resistant to impact. In many cases, wells had been deepened and complered with 4-in. More recently, operators have tended to underream before running liners. Rollercone bearings have shown short lives for these slim-holes. In several field trials, open- bearing roller bits failed after hr of rotation, often leaving cones in the hole. In field trials, two sets of conventional cutters were worn out in less than 30 ft of hole.

Economics were greatly improved with these bits, and ROP increased from about 30 to 50 Whr. These bits were also run in the Queen formation in Ward County, Texas.

ROP almost tripled from 3 to 8 ftlhr. TABLE Equipment used in these slim-hole operations included workover rigs with hp and rated for ft working depths. Rig drive had a capacity of 70, Ib and ft-lb at rpm. N or J 8-rd tubing.

These strings require less power than standard drill pipe and have been found to perform well in these operations due to reduced torque and WOB requirements. Due to potential fishing problems with these collars, the use of motors was investigated to minimize torque in the drill string. Economics were not found to be favorable. Basic power requirements of the dome PDC bits were 1. Annular velocities ranged from , Wmin. Neither heat checking nor hole cleaning were a problem at these rates.

A well was deepened ft with Ib WOB at 90 rpm. Results with several bits in the Grayburg formation are summarized in Table Dome PDC -. Ealaset TSD ! Dome PDC 5 1. Dome PDC I 1 ! The first run with the new underreamer was at rates twice those typical for the area. Rebuilding was also efficient with these cutters. Performance is summarized in Table PDC 30 0. TSD 1. Dome POC 1st Gan. Other runs in additional wells confirmed the economic efficiency of these dome PDC systems Figure Figure Mill Tooth 70 3.

Dome PDC 1st Gen. Dome PDC 2nd Gen. I - 7. A second-generation dome PDC underreamer was developed with additional cutters for increased wear. ROP did not increase with this improvement; however, a longer tool life and more even wear reduced costs further Figure I1 CEN. Chevron USA was very positive about the potential of these new dome PDC cutters for economic slim-hole operations in the Permian basin. They concluded that these results suggest that this technology should be expanded into other hard-rock regions.

Shell U. Conditions typical of these wells are undisturbed bottom-hole temperatures above C F and pore- pressure gradients in excess of 0. In addition, no secondary metamorphic effects were desired. Analysis of core samples resulted in Shell's selection of antiwhirl PDC bits e. In zones with higher abrasion, a mixed-cutter bit e. Additional description of Shell's retrofit slim-hole system is presented in the Chapter Motor Systems.

Eide, Egil et al. There appears to be significant opportunity for slim-hole technology in the U. Typical wells require neither high-volume artificial lift equipment nor large production tubing to avoid restricting flow rates.

The GRI study found that real and perceived limitations of slim-hole drilling exist, hindering the industry from enjoying the full benefits of the technology. In Brunsman et al. Industry's opinions and perceptions with respect to cementing barriers are summarized in Figure Barriers to Slim-Hole Cementing Brunsman et al. For many wells, especially during earlier periods of high interest in slim holes, a hybrid approach has been used that includes cementing slim tubulars into a relatively large hole.

These applications have not presented any unusual demands on cementing technology. However, for a slim-holelslim-casing application Figure , cementing concerns are increased by the significantly reduced annular space. Careful attention is required with respect to the impacts of shear rates and mixing energy on the slurry, handling small cement volumes, thin cement sheaths, and mud displacement.

Geometry of Slim-Hole Annulus Bmnsman et al. The question may not yet have been settled with certainty regarding the effects of pumping cement slurry through a string of coiled tubing. Some researchers have shown that pumping through coiled tubing has little effect on thickening time. Others have found dramatic reductions in thickening time. These issues are discussed in the companion volume Coiled-Tubing Technology in the Chapter Cementing.

Pumping through coiled tubing exerts shear stresses exceeding that simulated by a consistometer. Property testing of the cement slurry must be carefully conducted for both primary and remedial cementing.

Smaller cement volumes are required in small-annulus geometries Figure This results in a need for greater consistency in cement density. Batch mixing is one beneficial approach for slim holes. Cement contamination must also be carefully minimized.

Double wiper plugs or a flush-line valve in the displacement line can be used to combat contamination.

Mud displacement is both aided and hindered by a small annulus. Pump rates must be reduced to stay below fracture gradients at the formation. However, thinner annuli result in higher velocities for a given pump rate Figure 2 4. Figure 2 4. Suggested techniques to increase the efficiency of mud displacement include designing plastic viscosity, yield point and gel strength as low as possible; conditioning the mud and pumping several hole volumes before cementing begins; using dispersants and friction reducers; and designing spacer volume F for 10 minutes contact time in turbulent flow.

The performance of thin cement sheaths is relatively untested. Stresses in. Brunsrnan et al. Underreaming the productive interval is another option to avoid potential problems with thii sheaths.

Service companies have tools available for most cementing operations with sizes down to about 2 inches. Stage-cementing tools less than 4 in. Availability of small cementing tools is much more likely to be an issue for the typical application.

Although research remains to be done in slim-hole cementing, reports from operators around the world suggest that consistent cementing in thin annuli is achievable. To maximize the potential for a successful slim-hole cementing job:. Cement density should be kept as consistent as possible, e. Operators' and service companies' experiences with slim-hole cementing also need to be documented. Page 3.

Publishers Content Coverage Privacy. The extra stiffness of the Pin Up BHA permits the bit to drill closer to its true axis center, promoting longer bit life. Pintech endorses some of the biggest names in music, and is proud to have our products used on tours all over the world. However, increased stiffness in the bottomhole assembly BHA often is desired. You can count on Pintech! Electronic Drum Center carries the best selection of electronic drums, electronic cymbals, electronic drum modules, electronic drum triggers, electronic drum accessories, kick pedals, drum thrones, audio interfaces, VST software and more.

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