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Well, I have heard some anti-abortionists say women should be prosecuted, even to the point of facing the death penalty. But then I have female evangelical friends who will admit that, when push comes to shove, they really do want to keep the legal option of having an abortion. They just are very careful to whom they admit that wish. This a great post and a more than fair question, but I think the preceding conclusion is a jump. I think two things may be said.

Consider this. Why do you think we would not demand both woman and doctor be tried for murder? The prices are insane out there. I love learning the language. Alot of people fall on god and their faith to base their moral decisions on.

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Sanderson, 33 Or AppP2d Nevermind tzo harassment Parts of this article those related to the Sex Discrimination Act which was repealed by the Equality Act need to be updated. A The offensive physical contact consists of touching the sexual or other intimate parts of the other person; or. The garbage cans made it extremely hard for the defendant to safely back-up his vehicle when he left for work at 4 a. Afterward, it came to light that was no "Josh Evans. State v. This Act provides for a jail sentence of up to six months or a fine. However, employers cannot Nevermind tzo harassment this defence to a claim of harassment under the Month end dating from Harassment Actunder which they will have vicarious liability for the Nevermind tzo harassment of their employees. Also as the claim can be made in the County Court costs are recoverable and legal aid is available. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. This article includes a list of referencesbut its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. The purpose of Wikipedia is to present facts, not to train.

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  • Harassment is a topic which, in the past couple of decades, has been taken increasingly seriously in the United Kingdom, and has been the subject of a number of pieces of legislation.
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Just wondering if there are any readers in Japan who could give me an idea of what it's like to work there as a Software Engineer. How easy would it be to get a job, given that I don't speak any Japanese? Apart from "good morning" and a few other phrases that are not entirely appropriate to a business environment. What's the attitude in general towards foreigners?

What are the salaries like? Quality of Life? Cost of living? Thanks in advance for any tips. Gaijin are not particularly welcome and lack of language will almost certainly be a problem, perhaps not from business perspective, but from social one. Cost of living in urban areas is outrageous. That being said, probably a fabulous experience for a couple of years. If you don't speak the language and don't have exceptional development skills, I wouldn't recommend you go there.

For an Occidental, about the only positive thing in living in Japan is that you can walk to the ATM while leaving your car with the engine running, the camera you forgot on the train will most likely be waiting for you at the Lost and found, and you can take a walk in Tokyo in the middle of the night with no risk of being mugged harassment by drunken salarymen is a sure possibily, however.

Apart from that If you are willing to work in a bank or consulting company there are thousands of english only development positions in Japan. Depending on experience, you make 7 - 15 million yen a year. This is plenty to rent a modest 1 bedroom apartment in Tokyo. Rent in Japan is not as bad as this thread is making in out to be.

Things are expensive, but not so worse than New York or London. If you guys can't figure out when someone's impersonating me, then I give up. Everybody's muppet. How fun. I'll never forget the melon I saw in a Tokyo market a while back. A beautiful little musk melon. And I thought New York and London were expensive! Seriously, though, I think Japan esp. Tokyo would be an amazing place to live for a year or two, assuming you could draw a decent salary.

I get the feeling that gaijin never really fit in culturally no matter how long they stay, but I still think it would be an incredible experience. I hated the heated toilets in Japan. Some people like a nice warm toilet seat. One of my co-workers was a Japanese American born in Japan but grew up in the States. I asked if he ever thought about moving back to Japan and he explained to me that he would never be perceived as Japanese.

The social bonds between the Japanese managers and engineers were tight, but he was always treated as an outsider. On my one visit there, I saw "Japanese Only" signs posted outside many clubs. Near my hotel there was a small, mostly empty street. Every time that I walked down it, if a Japanese women was approaching from the opposite direction, they would cross to the other side of the street. So, no, a gaijin would never be fully accepted in Japanese culture.

Alex - That's because you likely weren't here for my original posts, or didn't read them, or didn't have much interest which is fine. I'm sure that the generic "flavoring" of my name is what these clowns intended.

Good for them, they've accomplished something in their lives. As another poster mentioned, it is possible to get work in the IT division of an American brokerage or investment bank, where Japanese language skills aren't so important. There were only 2 Japanese, and the reason they didn't have more was that they couldn't find enough programmers who could speak English!

The upside on these jobs: Japanese language is not required, and these firms will pay you better than a Japanese company would. The downside: if you're hired specifically to go work for them in Japan, you'll be considered a "local hire", which means all aspects of your status at the firm salary, bonus, title, responsibility, workspace, vacation time, etc.

Also, that industry is famously unstable: one or more bad quarters, and the IT group is forced to go around cutting staff. It was in a guest house, which I recommend over an anonymous appartment. You'll make Japanese and European friends there, and you will not feel alone. Especially in the beginning. Of course, this applies if you go in Japan alone. If you're not in a hurry, I would invest some time say 1 year to learn Japanese before leaving.

I've often had stories like ordering a number three in a restaurant and ending with three number ones. The cost of living isn't that expensive. You can go in "fast food" restaurants where you will eat Udon for a ridiculous price, given the reputation that Tokyo has of being expensive. The restaurants has the same tag price than in Montreal. Going out in nightclubs is an other story, though.

The prices are insane out there. Like some others said, Japan is a nice place to live, but only for an adventure of one year or two.

The lack of space, the insane hours of worktime, and people always telling you "You cannot understand" since you're a gaijin, are quite a lot to cope with. While I went in Japan in , I'm thinking seriously of returning in Japan in for working as a SW developer as well or English teacher if I don't find any job Muppet, thats exactly what I meant, the personality of one "muppet" is now rather hard to pinpoint : You can't fight them, they now have a purpose in life.

I was a software developer in Japan during a month university co-op term. The attitude towards foreigners was friendly and engaging. The cost of living is high, while the standard of living was slightly lower than here in North America. I found the cultural experience required much more adaptation on my part than day-to-day work. Coding is coding. You can find information on moving to Japan in Asia-specific business magazines.

While these are typically aimed at executives thinking of relocating entire teams, this is a good way to find labour market data for specific cities, along with info on taxation, insurance, etc. This will tell you everything you need to know besides what the posters here that have lived in Japan have already told you. The first topic pinned at the top discusses getting IT jobs in Japan. They are quite different experiences. Much like coding for 2 weeks or having a friend who is a programmer and then thinking you understand what it is about.

I love it here and have no plans to go back to the states as of now. The most important thing which everyone else has already stated is Learn The Language. But, that doesn't mean be fluent. It just means do a little studying everyday. Always be studying something. Memorize 2 new words one day. Next day memorize 2 kanji. Next day read about life in Japan. Next day, watch a Japanese TV show. Have something to talk to people about. Communication and understanding is very important.

I started studying 3 weeks before I left for Japan and am glad I did. I love learning the language. I think after learning plenty of computer languages it's interesting to compare and contrast learning a spoken language. These are my opinion - no need for flaming Thumbs up Tokyo: Safety, Efficiency train and everything , Service customer is always right! Apartment prices OTOH food and train is reasonable. The real key is yourself. Can you do what it takes to adapt to a new society and learn something new not neccesarily just the language, but a new way of living?

If you have a desire to live in a foreign country like I did get on with it before it's too late!! I've been living in Japan for over two years, and working as a software developer for most of that time. This is a hard deal to get - but my wife is Japanese Salaries are ridiculously low compared to the U. A previous poster mentioned million yen, but I think you would need to be fluent native-level in Japanese to come close. I don't need to speak Japanese, although I do, somewhat.

The hours are not bad either. It is very expensive here, and very hard to fit in. The safety level has not been exaggerated, though. There is a big lack of space compared to the US, although I used to live in Manhattan, so I am used to a smaller place. The software created here is pretty low quality overall, although games are an exception to this.

Find By Court Search manuals and training for your court. A federal judge later acquitted her [sources: Megan Meier Foundation , Steinhauer]. Last year, the F. Deny the motion and proceed to trial since a pattern of conduct was shown by the defendant raising the garbage can issue on five occasions. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. The purpose of Wikipedia is to present facts, not to train. Sallinger, 11 Or App , P2d

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C At the time the offense was committed, the person reasonably believed the victim to be under 18 years of age and more than three years younger than the person; or. D i The person conveyed a threat to kill the other person or any member of the family of the other person;. State v. Sallinger, 11 Or App , P2d Zeit, 22 Or App , P2d Sanderson, 33 Or App , P2d Notwithstanding that initial stop of defendant was unlawful under ORS Keller, 40 Or App , P2d Blair, Or , P2d Lowery, 71 Or App , P2d Moyle, Or , P2d Telephonic or written threat must be genuine and pose objective risk of breach of peace and failure by defendant to act on threat may suggest it was not genuine, but failure does not compel such conclusion.

Section 40 of the Administration of Justice Act creates the offence of harassing a contract debtor. The marginal note to section 1 of the Protection from Eviction Act refers to "harassment of occupier". Section 4A of the Public Order Act , inserted by the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act , creates the offence of intentional harassment, alarm or distress. Section 5 creates the offence of harassment, alarm or distress. This Act was primarily created to provide protection against stalkers, but it has been used in other ways.

Under this Act, it is now an offence for a person to pursue a course of action which amounts to harassment of another individual, and that they know or ought to know amounts to harassment. Under this act the definition of harassment is behaviour which causes alarm or distress. This Act provides for a jail sentence of up to six months or a fine. There are also a variety of civil remedies that can be used including awarding of damages, and restraining orders backed by the power of arrest.

For employees this may provide an easier route to compensation than claims based on discrimination legislation or personal injury claims for stress at work, as the elements of harassment are likely to be easier to prove, the statutory defence is not available to the employer, and it may be easier to establish a claim for compensation. Also as the claim can be made in the County Court costs are recoverable and legal aid is available. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Well, I have heard some anti-abortionists say women should be prosecuted, even to the point of facing the death penalty.

But then I have female evangelical friends who will admit that, when push comes to shove, they really do want to keep the legal option of having an abortion. They just are very careful to whom they admit that wish. This a great post and a more than fair question, but I think the preceding conclusion is a jump. I think two things may be said. Ask yourselves this question though: what would you have thought if someone had quickly and unequovically answered the question with a judgement of the death penalty?

Would you have applauded their logic or been abhorred at their honesty? They treat their victory over one anecdotal person as the crushing defeat of the whole ideology. Everyone should read it. Amazing video. Here, let me help you out a bit. Well, at least one of them grudgingly accepted that life in prison should be an option, and was against the death penalty in general. Points for being consistent?

Not surprisingly, it was the youngest of the protesters who was the most coherent. We spend far too much time finding ways to fight than finding a real solution. I think a better question to ask is abortion good for the mother? The protesters on both sides of the issue seem so bent of beating each other up that they have forgotten about the women who are looking for help. When we become so entrenched in an ideology that we lose intellectual honesty we have lost far more than an argument.

I love it when people think and observe and speak intelligently, whether I agree or not. However, I do think abortion is murder. I do have particular beliefs by what the Bible says. I do literally enjoy it when you stump the Christian. Of course, I regularly see the same on other fronts: Dems vs. Repubs, atheists, gays vs straights, war vs anti-war, global warming folks vs intelligent people, etc….

So, I DO appreciate you and would appreciate some dialogue from you, if possible. In your transition from a Christian to atheist, what has changed in regard to how you live — physically, spiritually, emotionally? Are your days longer, shorter, harder, easier, friendlier, meaner, etc…? I truly enjoy dialogue with people, regardless of what they believe. Thanks for your time reading this massive comment.

Feel free to bog down my blog with a monster comment as well. I oppose murder, and that means that I oppose abortion. Yes, the women who have the abortion should be tried — and so should the doctors.

And that is how it was before Look it up. Doctors who performed this illegal act of killing a human being were tried for murder. So if you think women who have an abortion should be tried what about men who leave women pregnant and fail to face their responsiablity to the women and unborn child. I thinkwe should keep it fair. People are too p. Applaud their honesty even as I work to undermine and exclude their principles. I always prefer it when my opponents are willing to brand themselves as fanatics; it saves me the effort.

But frankly, I doubt that even the hard-liners would support the death penalty. There have been a couple of articles about how anti-abortionists are almost as likely to get an abortions as the background population. I think the point is that when someone actually thinks through everything, the idea of killing a mother who has had an abortion becomes silly.

Who cares if some godless liberal thinks your uncompassionate? Great post and video, Daniel. Consider this. The result was your unborn child being killed. What punishment would you see fit for the drunk driver? This same logic should be applied and discussed here to make your post a bit more thoughtful and compelling.

The abortion procedure is punishment enough for the woman, so it should be legal, but they are punished for it anyway. Hi all, without say whether I am pro- or anti-abortion, I think those interviewed above could have put forward a better argument as follows: If abortion is illegal, then the main punishment should be for those who commit abortions — those who assist with and promote them. Women who undergo abortions should be accountable, but the punishment should consider, for example, their emotional well-being at the time.

Those who help or convinced them to undergo an abortion should also be accountable, for example, partners, parents, etc. It is funny how brainwashed people just spit out what they are told without thinking things through. It is the doctor who should be prosecuted. But no, you are only going to stop stupid anti-abortionists with that question. In an abortion, a doctor kills the child.

The mother is probably an accessory or conspirator to the crime at worst. In many situations, it is quite possible that a mother is forced into an abortion in which case she may deserve no punishment at all. In any case, the murderer — the abortionist — should be fully punished under the law. The relative involvement of the mother is to be determined by the courts on a case-by-case basis.

Abortion is murder and should be dealt with accordingly. However, in the US, aiding and abetting a federal crime is equally punishable. Perhaps the law-of-the-land involving abortion is not the only unjust law in the US.

It puzzles me how anyone could view the unborn as anything other than human beings. I believe unborn women should enjoy the same standing before the law and the born. In my view, we need to start by fixing our society, and prove that we truly value children; health care, education, poverty, cultural decay as manifested through rampant greed, selfishness, and myopia, etc.

When we do, bringing kids into the world may not seem quite as scary. As for the stumper question; start with abortionists. This is a matter of principle. Thank you, Lance. My sentiments exactly.

If there was no demand for them, there would be no need for it to be illegal. But I think it should be legal, because I think the decision should be up to the mother. Yeah, the rhetoric is just that. For instance, ask them if they were living in Germany during the Holocaust and a law passed that allowed the legal killing of Jewish babies, would they just spend 40 years trying to use the political process and elect officials that would put a stop to it or would they feel morally obligated to stop that by any means necessary?

An unexamined part of the issue is whether execution is a just punishment for murder of any kind. That always gets me. I am not unsympathetic to your view. The one argument I hang to though proffered by a theist is that there is a symbiotic relationship between mother and fetus — a unique biologically closed society between only those two where one is host to the other. As such, those outside that relationship do not have moral say as to what happens within that closed biological society.

Curious — what is your opinion on birth control that could be abortificient? Would you outlaw the pill? Admitting that the woman has actually come to this decision with a sound mind would implicate her with some of the guilt. The Doctor must have coerced her into it. She must have been pressured into having the abortion by her husband or her boyfriend or her father. The women are innocent dupes. Operating under the rules of logic surprisingly enough is not a common sense skill.

What I think this video is doing, is demonstrating the importance of having a point of view, and a providing a practical means to achieving goals. If their goal was to end legalized abortions, then they burden is on them to provide a practical means to make that happen, in this video they failed in doing that.

Such prideful christians, I bet they were so excited that they were doing such a great thing by showing disgusting pictures of dead infants. I would bet money on it that at least half of them have had abortions. I wonder what their mighty god thinks of them. End of story. Women will never stop having abortions; there will simply be more women dying from botched abortions.

Abortion is an unfortunate necessity in our culture where the right wing christians feel the need to limit the access to birth control and family planning for women, especially poor women. No, nobody wants an abortion, but seriously sometimes it is the only option. I have had a friend who had to have an abortion because of being raped by their brother.

Or what if the woman and the baby are both killed in the accident?