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Jean D. Castration of men and males of other species was almost certainly the first experiment in endocrinology if not in zoology , and the literature on the subject is vast. Indeed, the Cumming Manuscript Collection of the New York Academy of Medicine Library contains more than references, abstracts, and documents concerning the early history of human castration 1. In antiquity the procedure was performed for several reasons, including as punishment for prisoners of war 2 , and by the time of Aristotle in the fourth century BC the physiological consequences of male castration were understood with remarkable exactitude 3. Birds have their testicles inside, and oviparous quadrupeds close to the loins; and of viviparous animals that walk some have them inside, and most have them outside, but all have them at the lower end of the belly.

Two, 2-day transcripts collected four months apar. Although these cutters offer a necessary service reducing the instance of self-castrationfor the most part they too find the act of cutting erotic. Myers, W. Talking about doing a DIY castration, one cutter described the "lovely crunching sound" a Burdizzo a castration device makes "like biting into fresh celery". During the first world war Sexual side effects perscription drugs Wagenseil had been assigned as a physician to the German Red Cross Hospital in Istanbul, where he took care of a yr-old eunuch from the harem who died after a febrile illness eelf typhus and subsequently examined 10 additional eunuchs, most of whom had voiding difficulties Subsequently, during the Men losing testicles self castration device occupation of Romania in the Casyration World War Walter Koch studied 13 Skoptzy men, Meh between castratiln and 94 yr of age averaging 64 yrwho had been castrated for an average of 46 yr BrunoBrunan 1. The Vietnamese government mandated that boys born with defective genitalia were to be reported to officials, in exchange for the town being freed from mandatory labor requirements. I use the testicles as earrings to show that I am proud to be a castratrix.

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T he university library at my medical school was shared with students of veterinary medicine.

  • Acknowledge the word occupation much less the incredible suffering endured by Palestinians Do these two.
  • Men who want to be castrated fit no stereotype, have no common neuroses or childhood experience.
  • Wondering about relevance of canon law here: both requirement that candidates for the priesthood have intact male genitals and prohibition on deliberate unnecessary amputations.

Jean D. Castration of men and males of other species was almost certainly the first experiment in endocrinology if not in zoology , and the literature on the subject is vast. Indeed, the Cumming Manuscript Collection of the New York Academy of Medicine Library contains more than references, abstracts, and documents concerning the early history of human castration 1. In antiquity the procedure was performed for several reasons, including as punishment for prisoners of war 2 , and by the time of Aristotle in the fourth century BC the physiological consequences of male castration were understood with remarkable exactitude 3.

Birds have their testicles inside, and oviparous quadrupeds close to the loins; and of viviparous animals that walk some have them inside, and most have them outside, but all have them at the lower end of the belly.

Birds are castrated at the rump at the part where the two sexes unite in copulation. If you burn this twice or thrice with hot irons, then, if the bird be full-grown, his crest grows sallow, he ceases to crow, and forgoes sexual activity; but if you castrate the bird when young, none of these male attributes or propensities will come to him as he grows up.

The case is the same with men; if you mutilate them in boyhood, the later-growing hair never comes, and the voice never changes but remains high-pitched; if they be mutilated in early manhood, the later growth of hair quit them except the growth on the groin, and that diminishes, but does not entirely depart. The congenital growth of hair never falls out, for a eunuch never goes bald.

In the case of all castrated or mutilated male quadrupeds the voice changes to the feminine voice… All animals, if operated on when they are young, become bigger and better looking than their unmutilated fellows; if they be mutilated when full-grown, they do not take on any increase of size. If stags be mutilated when, by reason of their age, they have as yet no horns, they never grow horns at all; if they be mutilated when they have horns, the horns remain unchanged in size, and the animal does not lose them… As a general rule, mutilated animals grow to a greater length than the unmutilated 3.

In contrast to the rapidity and sophistication of the early advances, studies of the physiological effects of castration in more recent times have been relatively limited presumably because fewer castrated men are available for study , and most studies of androgen deficiency focus on hypogonadal states rather than castration 4.

However, in the s, Hamilton and his colleagues did pioneering work in the United States on mentally deficient men who were castrated as a consequence of eugenics laws, quantifying the effects on skeletal development, hemoglobin production, and metabolism 5 , and Bremer subsequently defined the relation between testicular secretions and male sexual drive and function in men who were castrated in Norway because of sexual offenses 6.

Most studies of castration in men have involved relatively short term experiences usually men who had been castrated for less than a decade , but in the 20th century the effects of long term castration have been studied in three groups of men: the Skoptzy and the court eunuchs of the Chinese and Ottoman empires Table 1.

The three groups of eunuchs under consideration in this review fall into the castrati category. The Skoptzy or Skoptsy, meaning the castrated , also called the White Doves, were a Christian sect whose male members, to attain their ideal of sanctity, subjected themselves to castration. Their origin in the 18th century, their spread through a large part of Russia and into Romania and Bessarabia, the attempts by the Russian government to suppress the movement, and the theological underpinnings of the religion were described by Pelikan 8 , Grass 9 , and Pittard Because they believed that the second coming of Christ would occur only when the number of Skoptzys reached the apocalyptic number of ,, they became ardent proselytizers.

Their critics claimed that they used coercion among children and prisoners, a charge that seems warranted in view of the fact that many were castrated below the age of 10 yr, but others were religious enthusiasts who underwent the procedure voluntarily as adults. Women were not castrated, but were subjected to mutilation of the breasts and external genitalia.

In men the procedure was of great simplicity; namely, the operator seized the parts to be removed with one hand and struck them off with the other. In the early years of the sect the surgical instrument was a red-hot iron rod or poker hence the expression baptism of fire , but instruments of castration included pieces of glass, razors, and knives.

A cicatrix formed, with healing in 4—6 weeks Fig. In some instances the procedure was performed in stages taking the lesser seal before the great seal. When the penis was removed, nails were inserted into the urethra to avoid strictures, and such men were said to urinate while sitting or squatting. Many Skoptzys were deported to Siberia, where they formed settlements, and the sect continued to perform castrations as late as Persecution of the Skoptzys persisted into the Soviet era, and during the antireligious fervor in — they were subjected to sensational public trials and publicity.

It was estimated that there were between and Skoptzy in Soviet Russia in , of whom lived in Moscow, but by none were thought to be alive Anatomical preparation of the external genitalia of a Skoptzy man who had received the greater seal. Reprinted from Koch Medical studies on the Skoptzy. Medical studies were performed on the Skoptzy by at least three different groups of investigators. At the turn of the century Pittard made measurements in 30 Skoptzy men in 1 Romanian village and noted that they appeared to be taller than their peers In Tandler and Grosz examined 5 Skoptzy men in Bucharest whose average age was 30 yr and who had been castrated between ages 5—21 yr Subsequently, during the German occupation of Romania in the First World War Walter Koch studied 13 Skoptzy men, all between 50 and 94 yr of age averaging 64 yr , who had been castrated for an average of 46 yr A variety of anthropomorphic measurements were made, and skull x-rays were obtained in some The practice of employing eunuchs as court functionaries in China and in other oriental countries goes back into prehistory The procedure by which the Chinese court eunuchs were castrated in the late 19th century during the Qing dynasty was described in some detail by Stent in 15 , and subsequent descriptions of the practice, including those by Korasow 16 , Matignon 17 , and Wong and Wu 18 , appear to be paraphrases of Stent However, on the basis of published interviews of surviving eunuchs, the surgical procedure appears to have been essentially the same in the later days of the dynasty Possession and employment of eunuchs as servants in China were reserved for the imperial family and the 8 hereditary princes.

The emperor maintained approximately in his service, the imperial princes and princesses each had about 30, and various family members were allowed 10 or so eunuchs each. On occasion, the castration was punitive, as in prisoners of war, but most were performed voluntarily in adults who, because of poverty or laziness, underwent castration to gain employment usually as young adults, but sometimes in men after having born children or in children under compulsion who were sold by their parents for the purpose of castration Specialists termed knifers performed the operation in an establishment maintained outside one of the palace gates in the imperial city, and the trade was handed down from father to son.

The subject reclined on a broad bench, and the genitalia were anaesthetized with a secret agent known only to the surgeon. Two assistants held the spread legs, and a third assistant secured the arms. The surgeon stood between the legs armed with a curved knife Fig.

If the answer was yes, the genitalia scrotum, penis, and testes were removed with a single cut. A plug made of pewter Fig. The wound was washed three times with a solution of boiled pepper and covered with a piece of soft, moistened paper. With the support of two assistants the subject was made to walk around the room for 2—3 h. For the following 3 days, the subject was not allowed to drink liquids or to urinate. On the fourth day, the dressing and plug were removed, and if the subject was able to urinate the operation was considered a success.

Healing took approximately days, and eventually all that was left was a contracted scar Fig. Urinary retention was treated with drugs, and if it persisted the surgeon beat the patient on each visit. Until convalescence was completed the pewter plug was only removed to allow urination. With time the opening of the urethra could become narrowed despite the use of dilators, resulting in urinary dribbling or retention, urinary tract infection, and bladder stones.

Urinary incontinence was said to be common and caused a characteristic odor in the unfortunate victims. The stoma sometimes required dilatation long after the castration 16 — Some of the instruments used for creating and treating eunuchs. Redrawn from Wong and Wu Redrawn from Matignon A string was placed in the eye to prevent it from slipping into the bladder.

Redrawn from Millant External genitalia of a young eunuch of the Chinese court. Reprinted from Matignon Genitalia retained by the knifers were kept in jars labeled to indicate from whom they came and when the amputation was performed. Each eunuch was buried with the preserved genitalia, because of the religious need to be as complete as possible when departing into another world.

The palace eunuchs were divided into 48 departments for looking after gardens, courtyards, kitchens, armory, furniture, etc. Each department had a superintendent, usually of the sixth grade, and a chief eunuch served over the entire complement of eunuchs. At least in the last phase of the Qing dynasty, eunuchs were subject to the Imperial Household Department, which was not headed by a eunuch All eunuchs received a regular stipend as well as room and board.

Most lived in the palaces until they were released from service in old age. Some spent their final days in monasteries. Those who had families and children before castration rejoined their families, and others married and adopted children. This couple survived until the Cultural Revolution of —76, the wife dying of malnutrition, and the husband disappearing after being deported to the countryside After the revolution of the emperor Pu Yi retained figurehead status and continued to reside in the Forbidden City.

According to the articles of agreement with the new government, the existing eunuchs continued to be employed in the Imperial Household Department However, on July 15, , the entire staff of eunuchs with the exception of about 50 household servants of elderly members of the imperial family was expelled from the Forbidden City because they were suspected of stealing and selling furniture and works of art and were believed to have burned a portion of the edifice as a protest against a planned inventory of the palace treasures Although there is disagreement as to whether the eunuchs were responsible 14 , 20 , corruption in the Imperial Household Department was pervasive.

Medical studies on the Chinese court eunuchs. The expulsion of the eunuchs from the Forbidden City left most unemployed and many destitute. Ferdinand Wagenseil, from the Institute of Anatomy at Freiburg but then at Tungchi University in Shanghai, conducted anthropometric studies on normal men from northern China 24 , and in he examined 31 eunuchs at the German Hospital in Beijing The technique of study involved measurements of height, weight, and a variety of skeletal dimensions, radiographic studies of the skull, and descriptions of skin and body hair.

The average age in this group was 57 yr, and the average duration of castration was 38 yr. In Wu and Gu 25 , 26 performed careful physical examinations, including palpation of the prostate in 26 eunuchs 5 of whom had been castrated after the revolution of who lived in Beijing.

The average age in the latter study was 72 yr, and the average duration of castration was 54 yr. The practice of employing eunuchs as palace functionaries in Constantinople Istanbul apparently began during the reign of the Emperor Justinian in the latter days of the Roman Empire and persisted through the Byzantine 27 and Ottoman eras 7. In contrast to China, ownership of eunuchs in Turkey was not limited to the royal palaces; any citizen who could afford the purchase price was entitled.

Some eunuchs of the Ottoman Empire were from Russia or the Balkans, but from the 16th century black eunuchs were in charge of the harem in the Ottoman court, most commonly individuals from Ethiopia or Sudan who had been castrated as children Slave dealers kidnapped some, and some were sold into slavery by their parents.

According to Penzer, stopping points were used by the slave exporters, and it was during the halts at such places that the castration of the boys took place 7. According to other reports many of the boys were castrated at a monastery in Upper Egypt where Coptic priests performed the operation 29 , The child was restrained on a chair; the phallus and scrotum were tied with a cord which was pulled taught, and the phallus, scrotum, and testes were removed as close as possible with a single stroke of a razor.

Bleeding was stopped with boiling oil, and the wound was dressed with an extract of wax and tallow. In some instances hemostasis was achieved with hot sand, and the wound was dressed with an extract of acacia bark. The mortality was said to be high, only about one in three surviving.

As in the case of the Skoptzy and the Chinese court eunuchs, a nail was introduced into the urethra to prevent stricture formation. The eunuchs squatted to urinate, and both urethral strictures and incontinence must have been common, because some eunuchs carried silver quills for self-catheterization, presumably because of strictures 7 , and others used a removable plug Fig.

Owing to the high death rate, the survivors were sold at high prices either to Turkey or to Persia

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By clicking register, I agree to your terms. All rights reserved. Design by w3layouts. Johnson and Michael S. Irwig Abstract Eunuchs are biological males who have undergone voluntary castration for reasons other than male-to-female transsexualism. Out of fear of embarrassment or rejection, many eunuch wannabes do not consult medical professionals regarding their desire for voluntary castration.

Instead, they commonly resort to self-castration, castration by nonmedical professionals, or self-inflicted testicular damage via injections of toxic substances. Urologists should be aware of the growing popularity of these procedures.

In particular, intratesticular injection of toxins is performed so that urologists will remove the damaged testicles. Johnson, T. However, other biological males seek to have their testicles removed or destroyed without the transition to female gender.

Other men have xenomelia, a neurological disorder of the sensory cortex of the right parietal lobe, which makes them feel that their male sexual organs do not belong on their body and should be physically removed.

Here, we report on a community of biological males who Competing interests The authors declare no competing interests. In addition to raising awareness of this topic, we hope that practicing urologists will consider the ethical issues of whether to perform voluntary castration. Despite these limitations, important data have been gathered on voluntarily castrated males that provide insight into this community. Over one-fifth of eunuchs report a change in their sexual orientation after castration.

Although only a very small percentage of Americans live on farms 2. An even higher percentage of both groups participated in the castration of animals as children— Abbreviation: NA, not available. This website contains first-hand accounts of castration, including both successful and unsuccessful attempts, as reported by its members.

Since its launch in , it has attracted over 70, registered members, approximately 12, of whom remain active today. Over the past dozen years, the site has been accessed via approximately , unique internet protocol addresses per month, by individuals who do not need to register in order to read the site.

In addition, gatherings of members of the Eunuch Archive community have been held in various locations across the USA. A sur vey of already-castrated members of the Eunuch Archive unpublished data, T. Those taking no HRT, or very low doses of HRT, are more likely to experience male-toeunuch gender dysphoria than those taking high doses. The average age of the population at the time of the survey was Many of the men who request help from their urologist with voluntary castration state that they are unable to find a qualified surgeon who is willing to perform this procedure.

However, Romilly and Isaac18 identified an additional 44 cases in the literature published since However, most of the mutilations deemed to be psychotic acts were focused primarily on the penis. As such, they are less likely to self-castrate as an impulsive and psychotic act and present as patients to emergency departments.

Internet sources for obtaining antiandrogens such as progesterones and cyproterone acetate and other chemically castrating pharmaceuticals are posted on the site and various suppliers are rated for reliability and price. Strong warnings are also given that surgical castration by anyone other than a trained surgeon is highly dangerous. Nonetheless, there are long discussions of methods for self-castration. The Burdizzo clamp crushes the spermatic cord and disrupts blood flow to the testicles.

Men who have attempted self-castration with a Burdizzo clamp report it as extremely painful and seldom successful. Orchiectomies can then be performed as either self-surgery or by others. Reports circulating on the Eunuch Archive, and on other internet sites concerned with body modification, tell of cutters who have performed many castrations without any medical follow-up care. Indeed, according to self-reports posted on the Eunuch Archive, most men who perform self-surgery are successful and do not require treatment in emergency rooms.

The thread has been accessed over , times since the first comment was posted in October It includes detailed instructions for injection, with recommended sources of ethyl alcohol and associated materials that are available either locally or online. It can be used to crush the spermatic cord and disrupt blood flow to the testicles.

It is used to place a tight rubber ring around the scrotum above the testicles to restrict the blood supply until the testicles and scrotum necrotize. Links to web addresses for online videos of the procedure are also provided within the thread. Nevertheless, many members of the Eunuch Archive describe success with this procedure, which usually ends with a urologist removing the damaged testicles.

Readers are also advised to seek the help of a fully trained and qualified surgeon, rather than performing self-castration by injecting toxins into the testicles.

He asked me if I had any recent sexually transmitted diseases or infections, any sort of trauma, and I told him not that I was aware of, just the onset of sudden pain at one point and swelling the truth, technically.

He said it could have been some sort of serious acute infection, but that other than that he was clueless. Men with the less widely recognized male-toeunuch gender dysphoria have far more difficulty with obtaining castration through the proper medical channels and are more likely to resort to self-surgery, enlist the help of cutters, or inject toxins.

A common goal of injecting toxins is to injure the testicles so that a surgeon will remove them safely. If a qualified and willing surgeon cannot be found, men with extreme castration urges are likely to resort to unsafe self-surgery or the services of a cutter found online. BIID or xenomelia is rarely considered to be a valid diagnosis for surgery and, when it is, it generally refers only to the desire for amputation of a lateral appendage most frequently, the left lower limb.

However, in a survey of the medical literature on BIID, Swindell and St Lawrence27 found that approximately one-third of the cases reported involved amputation of male genitals. Bergelson29 points out that, although some forms of self-harm are prohibited, others are clearly permitted. What is permissible also changes over time; for example, body piercing and tattooing which was only made legal in New York City in have gained wider acceptance recently.

Physicians—urologists, in particular— need to be aware of the growing popularity of self-castration and self-inflicted damage to the testicles. A misdiagnosis of bilateral testicular cancer will lead to costly blood tests and imaging studies, possibly resulting in an inguinal orchiectomy, which is much more expensive than a simple trans-scrotal orchiectomy under local anesthesia. It also has the potential to cause psychological distress for the surgeon who might feel guilty for removing potentially healthy testicles that were noncancerous on pathology.

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