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Hex tanning beds

Hex tanning beds

User Hex tanning beds. BUT it is an excellent tan! Goggles protect your eyes from UV ray damage. Smilies are On. Show Printable Version Email this Page. Central Florida Many clients choose to tan in a swimsuit or underwear. Note: If selling a salon, asking price does not need to be listed. Drink plenty of water to beda hydrated.

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I got my bed about 5 years ago, still using the original bulbs too. SunFire May 21, at pm. The lamps have been changed and still Teasher breast flicker. Or is there something you need? I know you hear people say that they are bad for you, well so is the sun and a lot of other things in the world today. SunFire 36 Booth. When I can, I will stop on my way home from work before picking up the kiddos so I can unwind a bit and de-stress! I got a decent color on this one too. Source: VitaminDfoundation. Hex tanning beds vertical Hex tanning beds you stand in a booth where the tanning bulbs are mounted behind Plexiglas and emit rays from all sides. For more information ask for Michael. Hx been to several bedz tanning salons in SoCal. If i can do it you can I am such a priss LOL.

What better way to complete a workout than with a relaxing cool-down in our Hex Tanning unit.

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  • Tanning beds were developed as a result of medical research conducted in Germany in the early s.
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Rep Power: 0. Rep Power: The are hot, go through lamps like crazy. Get a Suncapsule, used one would be fine. Originally Posted by Sarge. They are hot, go through lamps like crazy. I have a HEX. LOVE it. Does burn a lot of lamps. In 10 months about lamps. BUT it is an excellent tan!

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Copyright - tanTALK. Hex II Tanning Booth. User Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read. Tanning Equipment From Low pressure to High pressure tanning equipment. Thread Tools. The tan great and never break. But im in a little town! Digg del. Posting Rules. Similar Threads. Mobile spray tanning. Boy burns in tanning salon. General Tanning Industry Discussions. LinkBack URL. About LinkBacks.

Log Out. I got a three month unlimited package at my local tanning salon last year. This comes in VERY handy during the winter months when things are gloomy outside. Attached Images. They use low-pressure fluorescent bulbs to mimic natural sunlight.

Hex tanning beds

Hex tanning beds

Hex tanning beds

Hex tanning beds. Hollywood Tans Stand Up

I would not call an electrician for this. If you find out it is in fact a fuse a local electrician store should have it or be abel to get it.

The other thing is to check your lamp holders make sure they are clean and not black or discolored. If i can do it you can I am such a priss LOL. I will take a vacuum to my holders and give it a quick sucking and see if this fixes my problem. Images: If a fuse was bad you would probably have a whole panel of lights that wouldn't work.

Check your lampholders and make sure they aren't burnt. Pull the back panel off and find which ballast runs those lamps and swap with a ballast that you know is working. This might sound stupid, but how would i know if my lampholders are burnt. I know about the starters on the laydowns and they sometimes need changing.

If a ballast was out would it not have the lamps completely out as well. I had to replace a ballast on one of my laydowns and afew of the lamps were completely out because of the ballast, but not flashing at all, they were dead cold out. Images: 3. Its not a fuse! Could be lamp holders, loose wire at the lamp holders or crapped out ballast.

Each ballast on that controlls 2 lamps. Last edited by thetanningguy; 1st December at AM. Reason: punctuation. BB code is On. Smilies are On. Trackbacks are On. Pingbacks are On. Refbacks are On. Forum Rules. Central Florida The Season is upon us Help shed some light on natural breast cancer prevention.

Source: VitaminDfoundation. Log Out. All times are GMT The time now is PM. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Terms of Use. UVB rays quickly produce sunburns, so researches increased the levels of UVA light to produce a tan without less burning. The bulbs in a tanning bed are responsible for producing the UVA light rays that give you a tan. They are fluorescent bulbs, and like all bulbs they become less effective over time.

Generally low-pressure bulbs should be replaced after to hours of use. High-pressure bulbs have a maximum range to hours. The life of a bulb is usually rated by the manufacturer. I usually prefer the laydown horizontal beds. I feel like I get a better and deeper tan and plus its a great time to slow down, relax, and maybe take a quick nap. When I tan, I like to feel it. I hate getting into a bed and coming out dry and the same color I got in there with.

When I want to get tan fast, I use a high pressure bed and stay in for about minutes. Staying in for the full 12 would go past the tan point onto damaging my skin.

The amount of time you stay in each bed is very important. You may spend the full 12 minutes in the bed, but develop an uncomfortable sunburn later. Remember that you get darker for 4 hours after you get out the bed.

I have a package at my tanning salon for a s-class bed. I go once or twice a week to the salon and am very happy with my bronzed look. I personally use a mix of the low pressure and high pressure beds.

I started with two sessions in a higher pressure bed to avoid burning as easily. I tan fairly easily average so I did 10 minutes in the high pressure bed. The high pressure deepens the tan I already have, and the level 1 is more for maintenance. I do, however, take full advantage of my high-pressure sessions and go full time. Also, I have found the high pressure beds to be bigger and more comfortable, though hotter temperature wise. My favorite is the Matrix L My best tip no matter what beds one uses, never go more than every other day!

I love going to the tanning bed its so relaxing I love to just lay in there and have some me time. I just wish I had some advice on what to do. Some advice would be greatly appreciated until then ill keep going at least to get the me time I love so much! I like to go to the tanning bed because he helps me to relax and I personally think it helps me when my body is achy.

It also makes me feel and better. I like other people have reached a point to where I am not getting a dark rich tan like some people I see that go to tanning beds do I need to purchase a special tanning lotion? I buy the lotion from my salon. I have tried several different name brands and still nothing. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have used tanning beds for the last 16 years or so. I know you hear people say that they are bad for you, well so is the sun and a lot of other things in the world today.

Getting in a tanning bed after a long day at work is the most relaxing time to me. If I am achy and sore it makes me feel so much better. I also like to get in there before the summer to get a good based tan. I will continue to lay in a tanning bed as long as I am able. Love it! I really like the level 2 beds for a quick tan. It is very relaxing also after a rough day at work. I say tanning beds are awesome. I just bought a 10 visit package to just get my tan started for vacation. I love relaxing in my tanning bed.

I have my own bed at home. I usually start in Feb. I love getting in my bed, turning on my Ipod, just chilling out, most relax time I have. I got my bed about 5 years ago, still using the original bulbs too. I feel they produce more light and I see more results in through out my body, like the new bed cover more and tan faster with stunning results! For tanning oils, always use the type specifically made for indoor use, avoiding outdoor tanning oils that can intensify a burn.

The type of bed is also important. You will have a choice of vertical or horizontal with the vertical chambers putting out much stronger UV rays than the type you lie down in. Finally, limit the time spent in a tanning bed and always begin the tanning process gradually! I usually do the standing one for 9 minutes, I just need 5 sessions to have a sun kissed glow, like Jeniffer Lopez.

I love the stand up beds. Also, you get a better result. I got so much darker after switching from a regular tanning bed to a stand up one. Also there is more of a risk to get sun burnt. Besides feeling good about my image, going in the tanning bed is so relaxing.

If I was not standing up I would probably fall asleep. I love to tan. Having a tan makes me feel more confident, it also helps with some aches and pains you may be having. I think going 4 to 5 times a week to establish a base tan is what I did and now I only go about twice a week. My sister goes with me and she loves it too. She is much harder to tan than myself, but using lotions helps her a lot too. I love the vertical tanning beds there faster and hotter.

I have my own tanning bed and it is a 20 minute bed. This is very convenient but it is fun to go tan in some of the newer and much faster beds. Just curious if with the less hot beds anyone finds using certain tanning lotions helps to darken your tan faster.

I do love the stand up beds as well but it is very relaxing to get to just lay and listen to music for 20 minutes…nothing like a tanning bed!! I prefer the stand up vertical beds because I am someone who is always on the go and they tend to be much faster. I go to my local Planet Fitness gym and they have tanning beds both vertical and horizontal. I can pop in on my way home from work and get a quick, deep tan in the Hex vertical beds.

I love having a tanning bed in my own home. It is very convenient and I can tan whenever I want. It is a 15min bed and I am in and out in no time! I always went to salons before and would always have to worry about waiting or making sure the bed was clean, etc. Now I just get home from work, strip down, and jump in! I have light skin so I only burn in the sun, but I can easily achieve a dark tan in my tanning bed.

Horizontal beds are the best because you can just lay down and get a little cat nap. Tanning is overall very relaxing and comforting and I am pleased with my bed. Ive been to several different tanning salons in SoCal. So far Darque Tan is my absolute favorite. The atmosphere is much more pleasant than ones I have been to, and the staff is very much professional.

I cannot stand the other salons I have been to because of the lack of professionalism or knowledge… I enjoy utilizing the level 2 beds because they usually have facial bronzers which I can turn on or off. I personally love the low pressure tanning beds. You get better, faster results and I have never burned! If you want a quick tan for a vacation, or a special event I highly recommend using a low pressure tanning bed or at my tan salon they are called Instant Beds.

They are much bigger so you can relax more and enjoy your tan! I get better results when I use the regular lay down tanning beds first for about two weeks then I switch to the vertical model to get that all over even tan.

And of course the lotions I use help a lot too. In no time I am ready and set for the beach and never have to worry about burning in the sun. In these days of making every penny count, I still am unable to give up my tanning.

I have recently started at new place and using a different bed. I have found the new Suncapule 7 minute booth to make a dramatic difference to my tan. But for cost effectiveness, high pressure with a 7 minute booth every four time gives me the best tan for my dollar. In my personal opinion, I much more prefer Vertical Beds.

I am a little overweight, and the horizontal beds always seem to leave white lines. In the Stand Up beds i do not have this problem, and to me its much more fun because I jam out to the music. So exercise and a Tan! Nothing is better than that! Also i just wanted to state that tanning for some reason really makes me happier, and have a better sense of well being. I dunno, its just nice to go tanning and have a peach smoothie!

But tanning at the tanning salon in the nicer beds turns me so dark. I like to use lotions with bronzer so that will get me a nice even color. I am a beginner when it comes to tanning. As I got older it seemed harder and harder to obtain a tan and not burn. So I have decided to give indoor tanning a try.

The first time I used a matrix bed which is double sided and only takes 12 minutes. I then tried the regular euro bed in which you have to turn 12 minutes in. I actually liked this one. It was comfortable and the extra 12 minutes was not bad. I got a decent color on this one too.

How to Use a Stand Up Tanning Bed (with Pictures) - wikiHow

What better way to complete a workout than with a relaxing cool-down in our Hex Tanning unit. At KOGYM, we know that not everyone has time in their busy lives to relax in the warm sun to get that perfect tan for their special occasion or vacation.

We have for your convenience a private and spacious tanning, outfitted with an upright HEX Tanning booth and changing area to provide tanners with a controlled UVB treatment. Tanning is a natural process of the human body, producing the melanin pigmentation what darkens your skin that can actually be used to prevent some sun burning and encourages the generation of natural vitamin D.

Sessions last for a maximum of 10 minutes. Healthy tanning is tanning that does not include burning of the skin.

You can still sunburn with an indoor tanner. Beginners are recommended to use shorter sessions and gradually increase their time over the course of several weeks. HEX Tanning booths are outfitted with a cooling system to make your tanning experience more comfortable and are mounted with speakers so you can enjoy your favorite music while in your session. Because of the upright design of the booths, they are far more sanitary than horizontal tanning beds, allowing for a clean and pleasant stay.

Unlike spray tans, lotions, and creams used to bronze or color skin, your tan will be a natural even color and last much longer. Tanners are required to bring their own towels and, if they prefer, their own lotions and goggles. Because of the privacy we provide, you are welcome to tan in whatever fashion you desire. Click on coupon to open in new window and print. We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.

Here are some links to learn more about Hex Tanning. Bring a friend and you can both workout together! Contact Us. Best gym in the county, join today!

Hex tanning beds

Hex tanning beds