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Plot: Way before Puss ever met Shrek, our suave and furry feline hero goes on a swashbuckling ride, as he teams with mastermind Humpty Dumpty? Keep track of all our Puss in Boots news here. Click the poster to make it grow! Robert Downey Jr. Aardman Animations' lovable rogue Shaun the Sheep returns wi

First puss

First puss

First puss

He is First puss taken to Princess Alessandra First pusswhose "Heart of Fire" Ruby, the crown jewel of her kingdom, is missing. Facebook Messenger Click the button below and wait for a message from our Facebook bot in Messenger! The cat then rushes away, leaving his master to fend for Ashley brown model. According to the second verse, the moral of the story is that a miller's son can marry a princess simply by being young, handsome and well-dressed. The new feature allows users to play movies and TV shows at a variety of speeds, ranging from 0.

Aphrodite and mermaid. Puss in Boots

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Puss in Boots and his master are depicted on this East German postage stamp.

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  • Puss Gets the Boot is the first animated cartoon of the Tom and Jerry theatrical shorts.

Puss in Boots is a main character in the Shrek franchise and the title character and protagonist of the film Puss in Boots He made his first appearance in the film Shrek 2 , soon becoming Shrek 's partner and helper alongside Donkey. The film Shrek Forever After is primarily set in an alternate universe , where Puss is Princess Fiona 's pet and has gained weight after his retirement.

In the spin-off and prequel Puss in Boots , his origins are described. Puss was inspired by the title character of the fairy tale " Puss in Boots ". His design, created by Tom Hester, was based on real cats. Several characters were used as inspirations for Puss's characterization, such as Zorro and Indiana Jones. The idea of Puss as the protagonist of a film was explored after his debut appearance. While he initially tried a high-pitched voice for the character, he and the Shrek 2 filmmakers decided on a tone that was deeper than his normal voice.

Banderas said that voicing Puss was an important part of his career. The character has received generally positive reviews, with critics praising his depiction and considering him a source of comic relief. Reviewers have regarded Puss as a popular Shrek character. Banderas's voice acting has also been praised. Merchandise inspired by the character has been produced.

Puss in Boots is inspired by the title character of the fairy tale with the same name. After Antonio Banderas had been cast as Puss's voice, the Shrek animators analyzed his performance as the title character in The Mask of Zorro for insight into Puss's depiction. Chris Miller , head of story of the film Shrek 2 , [5] [6] [7] said that he enjoyed the character of Puss as much as viewers seemed to; he and everyone else involved in Shrek 2 wanted to add more scenes related to Puss to the film.

Miller described Puss as "a really cool, dynamic sidekick character at that time", saying that the filmmakers had decided to link the character to a "weird history" in which he had been "everywhere" and done "everything".

According to Miller, writing and developing Puss had been "so much fun", and the character had a "huge impact" in Shrek 2 by stealing so many scenes. Miller commented that the actor's performance was "pretty brilliant". After realizing at the Cannes Film Festival how much viewers enjoyed Puss's character, Jeffrey Katzenberg , co-founder of DreamWorks Animation , [12] began considering "the idea of possibly continuing with the character in the Shrek series" and creating a film with Puss as the protagonist.

According to Miller, YouTube was the filmmakers' "great resource" of inspiration to which they added their "personal experience". The Puss in Boots filmmakers knew from the beginning that something about the character "demanded [the story] just be larger than life". The filmmakers decided to give Puss "a heavy story" in Puss in Boots ; [8] they felt that breaking his heart would be "really important", and they wanted to offer him "something to redeem himself from and clear his name".

Miller said that although Puss could have been depicted as deceptive, the filmmakers had decided to portray him as blameworthy; robbing the bank was not Puss's plan and he ran away "out of fear", but he had to take responsibility for his actions. According to Miller, Puss's cape was "so expensive to keep strapped to that cat" and "so cumbersome" that the Puss in Boots filmmakers decided to have the character wear it for a short time, as in Shrek 2.

Doug Langdale , executive producer of the television series The Adventures of Puss in Boots , [23] [24] [25] said that in the series Puss fights "a lot more" compared to the films; [26] he is depicted "more as a master swordsman with lots of extra punching, kicking and action".

Antonio Banderas voiced Puss in the Shrek franchise. Banderas said that the first scene he had recorded was coughing up a hairball , adding that he had spent "45 minutes doing strange sounds"; [29] [32] although it left him voiceless, [29] [32] he saw the moment as "fun". For Puss in Boots , Banderas advised the filmmakers to depict the relation between Puss and Kitty Softpaws voiced by Salma Hayek as a "love-hate" relationship to generate "a great lot of comedy"; [29] Hayek stated that Banderas is completely believable as Puss since both are "very self-confident", characterizing him as perfect for this role.

Asked about similarities between him and Puss, Banderas said that Puss had values which he lacked; the character was "too courageous". Banderas said that he loved Puss's character. Playing Puss meant "a lot" for his career; [29] although he had not been able to speak English when he had come to America, the filmmakers wanted his voice for the films.

Since he voiced the central character in the series, Bauza had "the luck and luxury to be able to record with a majority of the people that are in the show". Miller characterized Puss as "a fiercely loyal and honorable cat". Langdale said that Puss is a "character anyone can relate to", which makes him "great".

Banderas described Puss as "a little bit mysterious", with "a sweetness"; [20] he added that the character "knows how to make people jealous" and "can be manipulative with just his eyes". Puss makes his first appearance as a supporting character in the film Shrek 2 , [2] where he is initially hired by the father of Princess Fiona Shrek's wife to kill Shrek.

He meets Shrek and his companion, Donkey , and unsuccessfully attacks Shrek. Puss tells Shrek the reason for his attack and begs for mercy. Because Shrek spares his life, Puss offers to join him and becomes his partner. During the course of the film, Puss helps Shrek to obtain a potion that turns Shrek and Fiona into humans, attacks a group of guards to buy Shrek time to save Fiona, and befriends Shrek and Donkey.

At the end of the film, Puss sings a duet with Donkey. During their journey, Puss gives Shrek advice. In a later teleportation spell, Puss has his body switched with Donkey's. After initial difficulty getting used to their new bodies, Puss and Donkey join forces in the battle against Prince Charming to save Shrek, and they convince Arthur that he is meant to be king. Puss and Donkey regain their own bodies and, in an end-of-film ellipsis , Puss and other characters care for Shrek and Fiona's children.

Puss is present in the film Shrek Forever After , at the beginning of which he attends the first birthday party of Shrek and Fiona's children. In the alternate universe created by the film's antagonist , Rumpelstiltskin , and entered by Shrek, Puss has gained weight and is Fiona's pet after his retirement.

Realizing that Shrek and Fiona have feelings for each other, Puss becomes Shrek's friend. When Shrek, Fiona, and the other ogres in this universe are captured at Rumpelstiltskin's behest, Puss and Donkey save Shrek and Fiona; Puss is a key participant in the later battle against Rumpelstiltskin and his allies.

Shrek returns to the real universe, where Puss as his usual self enjoys the birthday party with the other characters. The film Puss in Boots is a spin-off from, and prequel to, the Shrek films.

He becomes friends with Humpty Alexander Dumpty , who gives him the name "Puss" and with whom he decides to find the magic beans that would bring them to the Golden Goose which lays golden eggs. Puss performs a heroic act, for which he receives acclaim and his boots. His bond with Humpty begins to fray, and Humpty compels Puss to unknowingly rob a bank with him. Puss leaves San Ricardo; years later, he learns who owns the magic beans and plans to steal them.

He meets a cat who also wants to steal them: Kitty Softpaws, Humpty's partner. Humpty asks Puss to join them in their search for the beans, and Puss eventually accepts.

They find the beans, plant them, and a beanstalk brings them to a castle in the sky. They find the Golden Goose and return with it to the ground. Puss returns to San Ricardo, where he realizes that Humpty has been plotting against him.

Puss is arrested, and he learns that the Golden Goose's mother will come and try to retrieve it. With Kitty's help, Puss escapes, goes to Humpty, and they reconcile. Humpty sacrifices himself to allow Puss to save the Golden Goose and return it to its mother preventing the town's destruction , and Puss and Kitty escape the town guards. Puss is present in the short film Far Far Away Idol , singing a part of the song " These Boots Are Made for Walking "; [63] [64] he also appears in his own music video of this song.

He makes a cameo appearance in Shrek The Musical. Critical reception of Puss has been generally positive, with reviewers praising his portrayal in the films and describing him as "suave", [18] [39] [] [] "lovable", [74] [] [] "cute", [] [] "feisty", [] [] "legendary", [] "heroic", [] "honorable", [] "an instant charmer", [17] "a natural-born star", [] "a notorious adventurer", [2] the "suavest of swashbuckling cats", [] and "the world's greatest feline swordfighter".

Critics have stated that Puss is similar to Zorro, [28] [46] [47] [48] [] [] and he was called "a glorious reimagining of the swashbuckling charm of Zorro".

The character's design has been discussed and praised, with Jesse Hassenger of PopMatters calling Puss a "spry, well-dressed" cat. Scott of The New York Times praised his "convincingly animated fur". Puss's ability to trick his opponents with his eyes has also been praised, with NJ. Reviewers have provided comments regarding the character's popularity. Steven Lebowitz of AXS said that Puss was "just as popular as Shrek", [31] and Joseph Airdo of the same website called him "arguably the most popular" character in the Shrek franchise.

Critics have praised Banderas's voicing. Rob Levin said that Puss has "a decidedly Latin flavor" in the Shrek films due to Banderas, who "plays the part with gusto, giving the tiny hero all the bravado and charm of his real-life persona". Merchandise based on the character has been released, including plush toys. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Character in the Shrek franchise. Main article: Shrek 2. Main article: Shrek the Third. Main article: Shrek Forever After.

Main article: Puss in Boots film. Comic Book Resources. Archived from the original on July 3, Retrieved June 30, Animation World Network. Archived from the original on June 30, Archived from the original on July 4, Retrieved July 4, The Hollywood Reporter. Archived from the original on July 31, Retrieved July 31, Animated Views. Archived from the original on July 30, Retrieved July 30, Screen Daily.

Fantasy Magazine. The Film Experience.

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Punctuating her last line, Mammy pushes the cat away with her broom. Jasper creeps away, but soon runs into a table. The cat sees a vase falling from it and rushes over to save it; although he succeeds, he soon spots the mouse laughing at him. Jasper crawls over the floor malevolently, and Jinx gets out of the candlestick as Jasper runs up onto the table. Before the cat can catch him, the mouse holds out a wineglass from the table and threatens to break it.

Jasper skids to a stop to avoid serious trouble, retreats. The mouse nods in delight, but soon sees Jasper running after him once again and renews the threat. This time, Jinx adds a taunt for good measure: he whacks the cat with the glass, who once again is forced to retreat. The mouse then decides to try a different method; with a wink at the camera, he throws the glass down and whistles for the cat, who sees Jerry pointing towards the ground, panics and dashes at the glass, narrowly saving it.

With another whistle, more glasses and a tray is thrown by Jinx; Jasper is lastly hit on the head with a decorated plate of flowers thrown by the mouse. Jasper sees Jinx taunting him with one more glass in his hand, and Jasper attempts to throw the plate to the ground in frustration, but realizes this would probably break it and hits himself over the head.

Jasper then spots pillows of all sorts on a nearby couch and lays them out, determined to end this threat. As Jinx is marching along the table, Jasper pops his head up next to him, and Jinx's threat fails to affect the cat.

The mouse then twists his tail at the cat as if to say "Have it your way", and throws the glass to the floor in total arrogance. Not hearing the crash he expected, he looks down to the ground and sees that the glass fell on one of the pillows, followed by a smug grin from the cat.

Jinx is now forced to flea himself, but Jasper holds down Jinx's tail. After Jinx says a quick prayer "Now I lay me down to sleep.

I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake, I hope and hope my soul He'll take. Jasper then tosses the mouse into the air and opens his mouth, expecting to eat the mouse when he falls back down.

However, Jinx grabs a china plate on his way down. The plate then drops down onto Jasper instead of himself. Jasper is momentarily stunned, but still catches the plate; however, his troubles only begin as Jinx proceeds to run across the shelf of plates, knocking every one of them down.

Jasper sweats increasingly more as he lugs around the stack of plates, then finally manages to stow it against the wall and pants from the weight of the dishes. Jasper is briefly safe, but he soon spots the mouse waving at him from the top of the stack. Jasper can only watch in terror as the mouse throws one more plate down to the ground, and it breaks.

Mammy hears it from upstairs and storms down the steps, proclaiming that she will evict the cat as soon as she gets down. To multiply Jasper's humiliation, the mouse leaps in triumph, then runs down the stack of plates, stomps on Jasper's nose, rolls the cat's eyelids, squirts Jasper's milk on Jasper's back, and even cleans himself with Jasper's tail. DickPal Mature Porn Network Mature 8 X Moms Movies New Matures Secret Matures Tv Wifes Filmed Several Movies Ripe Mom Lord Of Tube Fat Mom Tube Mature Hd Videos My Mature Granny Moms Tube Cooch TV Sweet Show Sex With Mature Bonus Vid Tender Mom Daily BBW Porn Secret Mom Tube Granny Patty Mom Sex Lovers HQ Boobs Tube Mom Video Private Mom Tube VIP Mature Tube Ardent Mums Stale Moms Dirty Home Clips Mature Wife Tube Aged Maids Fucking Mom Tube Nasty Mom Tube Bang Mom Tube Polar Porn HD Real Mature Tube Mature To You Best And Free Fuck Mom Tube Uni Mature Tube Go Mature Sex Mature Sex Top Tube Vector My Loved Tube Granny Fish Tube Dessert Desired Tube Mature Porn Stream Mother Tube Spicy Grandma

Puss in Boots (Shrek) - Wikipedia

Puss in Boots and his master are depicted on this East German postage stamp. The oldest known version of the story was written by the Italian author Giovanni Franceso Straporola in the mid 16th century and is included in his anthology Le piacevoli notti The Facetious Nights of Straparola.

Straparola may have invented the story or may have adapted it from an existing folktale. A slightly different version of the story appears in Giambattista Basile's anthology Pentamerone. The plot of Charles Perrault's "Puss in Boots" is set in motion when a young man inherits nothing from his late father apart from a cat.

The talking cat tells the young man that he is better off than he thinks he is. The cat then sets out to make the young man's fortune. Puss brings presents to the King. Illustration from a Polish picture book edition of "Puss in Boots". A miller has three sons. When he dies, he leaves his mill to his oldest son, his donkey to his second son and his cat to his youngest son. The youngest son is very unhappy to have inherited nothing but a cat. He thinks that he will be able to eat the cat and use the animal's skin to keep his hands warm but that he will be left with nothing after that.

Puss the cat [2] says that he can help the young man. He asks to be given some boots [3] and a sack. Puss puts on the boots, puts some food in the sack and lies in wait to catch a rabbit. When a young rabbit goes into the sack, Puss takes it to the King. He tells the King that the rabbit is a present from his master the Marquis of Carabas.

Shortly afterwards, Puss catches two partridges. He takes them to the King and tells them that they are a present from the Marquis of Carabas. This time, the King gives Puss a little money in return for the partridges. For several months, the cat goes hunting and gives what he catches to the King.

Each time he says that he is bringing a present from the Marquis of Carabas. Puss knows that the King and his daughter, the most beautiful princess in the world, are going to pass by a river.

He tells the miller's son to swim in the river. While the young man is in the river, Puss hides his clothes under a rock. When the King's carriage approaches, Puss shouts out that the Marquis of Carabas is drowning. The King gets some of his soldiers to pull the young man out of the river. Puss tells the King that some robbers stole his master's clothes. The King provides some fine clothes for the miller's son. The princess notices the young man and finds him very handsome.

Puss before the ogre. Early 20th century illustration by the British artist Walter Crane. The cat goes on ahead of the King's carriage. He sees several groups of peasants working in fields. He tells each group of peasants that when the King asks who the fields belong to, they have to answer that they belong to the Marquis of Carabas.

Puss tells the peasants that they will be chopped up into little pieces if they do not say what he has told them to say. The frightened peasants do as Puss tells them.

As a result, the King thinks that the miller's son owns a vast amount of land. All of the farmland really belongs to an ogre who lives in a castle. Puss goes to the castle. He asks the ogre if it is true that he can change into any animal that he chooses. The ogre replies that it is true and changes into a lion to prove it. Puss then says that he does not believe the rumor he has heard that the ogre can also change into small animals like rats and mice.

The ogre takes offense at this. To prove his great magical powers, he changes into a mouse. Puss jumps on the mouse and eats it. The King's coach arrives at the castle. Puss tells the King that it is the castle of the Marquis of Carabas and invites him inside. A meal has been prepared because the ogre was expecting some friends. His friends do not dare enter the castle when they see that the King is there.

The King is very impressed by the castle. Seeing that his daughter likes the young man, the King says that the two young people should marry. The miller's son and the princess marry the same day. Puss is rewarded by being made a lord. Perrault ends the story with two short verses. According to the first verse, the moral of the story is that becoming rich through one's own hard work and knowledge is better than inheriting wealth. According to the second verse, the moral of the story is that a miller's son can marry a princess simply by being young, handsome and well-dressed.

The earliest known version of the "Puss in Boots" story is "Constantino Fortunato" "Lucky Constantino" which was written by the Italian author Francesco Giovanni Straparola between and and is included in the anthology Le piacevoli notti The Facetious Nights of Staparola. The basic plot of Straparola's "Constantino Fortunato" is identical to that of Charles Perrault's "Puss in Boots", although there are also several differences between the two stories.

The title character , Constantino Fortunato, has two brothers named Drusolino and Tesifone. They live with their mother, an old woman named Soriana who is very poor. Soriana only has three possessions of any value, her cat, a kneading trough which is used for making bread and a board which is used for making pastry. When Soriana dies, she leaves her kneading trough to Drusolino, her pastry board to Tesifone and her cat to Constantino.

Neighbors sometimes borrow the kneading trough and the pastry board. They pay Drusolino and Tesifone for the loan of the objects by giving them cakes. Drusolino and Tesifone never share those cakes with Constantino.

They tell him to ask his cat to provide for him. The cat is really a fairy in disguise. One day, the cat speaks to Constantino and tells him that he will provide for him.

The cat does not ask to be given boots in "Constantino Fortunato". The cat gives King Morando of Bohemia presents of hares and other animals he has caught. Unlike in "Puss in Boots', the cat does not invent a title of nobility for his master and simply tells the King that he is bringing presents from Constantino.

The King rewards the cat by giving him lots of food and drink. The cat takes some of that food and drink home and shares it with Constantino. When Constantino is pulled out of the river, the cat says that his master was on his way to present a large amount of jewels to the King when robbers attacked him and threw him in the river.

When the King hears this, he believes that Constantino is very rich and has him married to his daughter Elisetta immediately. The King gives Constantino presents of gold and many fine clothes which are carried by ten mules. Constantino asks the cat where he will be able to keep all of the presents. The cat then goes on ahead to look for a castle. There is no ogre in "Constantino Fortunato". The cat finds a badly guarded castle.

He tells its guards that an army is coming and that they will be cut up into pieces unless they say that the castle belongs to Master Constantino. The castle really belongs to a nobleman named Valentino, who happens to be away. Luckily for Constantino, Valentino has an accident and dies while he is away, meaning that Constantino gets to keep the castle.

Another version of the "Puss in Boots" story that predates Charles Perrault's one is "Cagliuso" also referred to as "Gagliuso" or "Pippo" written by the Italian author Giambattista Basile and included in the anthology Pentamerone. Basile's version of the story differs from both "Constantino Fortunato' and Perrault's "Puss in Boots" in several ways.

The moral of Basile's version of the tale is that ingratitude ruins everything. Basile's story takes place in Naples. A very poor old man has two sons named Oriatello and Pippo. When the old man dies, he leaves his sieve to Oriatello and his cat to Pippo.

Oriatello is able to use the sieve to earn a decent living. Pippo complains that he now has to provide for himself and the cat as well. The cat, who is female in Basile's story, says that she will look after Pippo. As in "Constantino Fortunato", there is no reference to the cat asking for boots.

Unlike in "Constantino Fortunato', the cat is not said to be a fairy in disguise. The cat first brings fish, which she says are presents from Pippo, to the King of Naples. She later brings birds. One day, she says that Lord Pippo will visit the King that evening.

First puss

First puss