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View Full Version : Duke Nukem. This is my boomstick! Level Secrets Is there a way DN3d over internet with XP? I've figured out how to stop time outs on dx!

Only cc free creations show on the penhtouse. Video Aliens Vs. However, the Pig Cop is fairly slow-moving. RPG 1 rocket. Very nice cottage! Duke Dnmp penthouse Episode 3 Speed run - complete. If you see some cc that you like feel free to ask me where I got it.

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  • The Pig Cop affectionately referred to as Piggy , Piggycop or just Pig is an enemy in Duke Nukem 3D , and is not only the enemy with the most permutations in the game, but is also one of the most popular ones.

View Full Version : Duke Nukem. This is my boomstick! Level Secrets Is there a way DN3d over internet with XP? I've figured out how to stop time outs on dx!

New Parody's? Giant inflatable Duke Nukem Demos Solve this duke3d mystery If you could have.. I challenge you all Thanks, guys! Duke's glasses.. I'm new to DN3D user levels Duke3D screensavers? Poll: do you use a duke port to play duke 3d? If lameduke was a scraped version of Duke3d.. Go get em tiger! Is there a connection between these Duke games?

Duke Still number 1 essential downloads for a xp user Duke3D Problems! BattleField 3 Released! My worst nightmare is in practice [DNMP] we need this game on handhelds!

Deathmatch Mappers? Construct Strife is back duke nukem players 1. DN3D port? Poll: Do you use a port when you play Duke 3D? Poll: Do you own the Atomic Edition, or Duke 1. Is there a video of this?

Other babes? Searching for an old Duke3D map Help!! VOC sound files? So we have duke 3d, shadow warrior Duke Nukem Timeline duke nukem video options Duck Nukem some help for a newbie, please? Article about duke and the queen at the inquirer anyone know any codes for this game Need Help with Dukester X! Sega Saturn Duke 3D If duke nukem was a fish Duke3d atomic comes with dukes 1 and 2 right?

How to display top down pics of the enemies? Shareware Episode Vs. Full Game Episode Need help on binding keys. Got a cool idea Did you get any Duke Stuff lately? Help a newbie, please? What does the secret word in DNAdvance mean?

Deus Ex style Duke TC? Tame a wild subway John St. It looks awsome! Duke3D Repository? Duke Nukem Revealing information inside! Whats your Favorite Duke? Anyone wanno play me online? What Do You Prefer? Video Aliens Vs. Predator Vs. Duke Nukem! New, cool duke 3D level Is there a mod Getting sound clips from duke3D?

Duke Nukem Episode 1 Speed run - complete. WGRealms 2 update. KaiseR Land series. Mleh, nice spoof for Linux What is that map? Duke 3D online?? Maps in 1. I have a question about a secret in DN3D I can't get my Game to work! Duke's Penthouse Paradise - how to load it? Duke Nukem Episode 2 Speed run - complete. Duke User Map Issue Episode 1, lvl 1. Is there a mod that Duke Nukem Episode 3 Speed run - complete. Need some help to debug!!

Who made Duke? Freezing with usermaps!!! Problems with Duke It Out in D. Need better looking mod for DN3D.

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It appears only in Earth-based levels and thus not at all in Lunar Apocalypse , except as two corpses found in Dark Side. Fierce and fearsome, the Pig Cop is one of the most well-known enemies in the game.

They are often compared to the Enforcers , sharing the same strength and aggressiveness in combat. They are cunning in battle, often dropping to the ground to make themselves smaller targets while they fire their shotguns at their victims. They patrol mostly on foot, but also in tanks or aircraft. In groups, the Pig Cop is a fierce opponent which should not be underestimated due to their high pain tolerance and devastating Shotgun attack.

Pig Cops are described in the game's instructions page, that cited they are 'extremely intolerant towards humans and exhibit blind rage when they detect human scent'. This could lead for the fact, that Pig Cops are misanthropes, human-haters. The Pig Cop retains much of the knowledge and intelligence of the human that mutated into it, but thanks to the alien influence they have been turned against humanity. They are described as 'alien operatives' who 'suppress residual human opposition'.

However, they do not attack females. Apart from the voice players can hear at the end of E1L2 , they seem incapable of speech, instead producing a variety of lower-pitched squeals and grunts. The Pig Cop is a human-sized boar-like creature. It is not an alien, but a mutated police officer. It has a very large muscular torso and bulging arms, large hands with three thick fingers, wide chest, huge biceps, small ears, a large snout, long tusks and sharp incisors, glowing red eyes, and a brown mohawk on its head that goes down his back.

Their red eyes can glow in the dark, which makes them easier to spot. Pig Cops have undershot jaws - an underbite, meaning their lower jaws are longer than the upper ones, thus their teeth sometimes stick out - even with a closed mouth.

They look to be carnivorous, but this may not be the case. They seem to have fur all over their bodies which makes them look brown, considering that their nose is brighter in color. They wear a torn, dark blue, short-sleeved police uniform and black boots.

Their clothes, most apparently the pants, look slightly damaged, with tears and dirt marks on it. They also have a yellow, oval-shaped badge near their left shoulder. It wears body armor which it sometimes drops when killed as Used Armor. They hold a Shotgun in their right hand, however their shotgun features a wooden slide, instead of a grip.

The Pig Cop' s weapon of choice is the shotgun. While it is a weaker version of the player's shotgun it produces 5 pellets instead of the player's 7 , it can still deal out significant damage. It has almost perfect accuracy, fires twice in each volley and can reload quickly.

However, the Pig Cop is fairly slow-moving. The Pig Cop can attack either while standing, or while lying chest-down on the ground in its prone position. When lying down, the Pig Cop is harder to hit. A Pig Cop sometimes appears to the player in its prone position to surprise them. Upon being killed, the Pig Cop will occasionally drop either a shotgun with a varying amount of ammo in it, or some Used Armor which is weaker than new Armor.

The Pig Cop has a significant amount of health , which means that a bad choice of weapon to use against it is the Pistol. Since it takes 17 Pistol rounds to kill it, the Pistol must be reloaded at some point, which takes valuable time. In Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes , the latter are also named as:.

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