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Tour de Turtles at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort Boosts Awareness for Sea Creatures

I haven’t posted for a few weeks because I was on vacation. It was a hodge-podge holiday combining family visits, a little business and some long overdue beach time. I was amazed to walk along the beach and see so much sea life – including star fish, jelly fish and even turtles.

The sea turtles have always fascinated me with their prehistoric looks. Secondly, it is hard to imagine how they lay their eggs and then head back to the sea leaving their helpless eggs to nest and then hatch on the beach. Luckily, Disney’s Vero Beach Resort has a Sea Turtle Conservancy program to raise awareness about the threats that impact sea turtle nesting. This picture shows a loggerhead sea turtle, who had just laid its eggs, as part of Tour de Turtles. It was fitted with satellite transmitters and released to the sea. Disney’s Animal Programs researchers are tracking some 10 endangered sea turtles to learn more about their habits and migratory patterns. It’s a pretty cool program you can watch unfold on

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