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Opa! Kouzzina by Cat Cora Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

Time flies when you’re eating well. It’s almost been a year since Kouzzina by Cat Cora made its delicious debut on Disney’s BoardWalk, introducing us to celebrity chef Cat Cora’s Greek-inspired cuisine. And we’ve started hearing plans for some fun new changes for the restaurant. Details soon.

Cat’s parents were on hand for the opening, her mama walking table to table with Cat to check on guests. Cat’s favorite memory of the day? “Being able to spend it with my family and performing traditional Greek dancing with the staff,” Cat says.

It’s been a busy year for Cat and for Chef Dee Foundoukis, who keeps the kitchen running when Cat is one the road. The two chefs cooked together at the White House for President Obama and Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou, and Dee assisted Cat on a recent “Iron Chef” episode on the Food Network.

Favorite new tastes from the opening that stay on the menu are the garlicky skordalia (a silky dip made with pureed potatoes) with salt-roasted beets; Cat’s version of grape leaves stuffed with herbed goat cheese; her cinnamon-stewed chicken, and our top pick, the fennel-infused fisherman’s stew with ouzo butter. (The koto kapama, or cinnamon-stewed chicken, is Cat’s choice, a reminder of childhood, she says.)

The biggest menu change on the dinner menu was the smart addition of the Kouzzina Trio, featuring smaller tastes of the cinnamon-stewed chicken, pastitsio (Greek-style lasagna with bucatini pasta and béchamel sauce), and the char-grilled lamb burger. Perfect when you want to order everything.

For breakfast, we could just be content with the sweet frappé coffee drink. Chef Dee tells us that the spinach tomato and feta scrambled eggs is the hands-down favorite of guests. We’re partial to the turkey-sweet potato hash with two poached eggs on top and a flourish of peppery arugula.

When Cat manages to slip out of the kitchen, she loves to spend time in the Disney parks. Her favorite attraction? “Still Space Mountain,” she says with a big smile.

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