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Walt Disney Imagineering’s Green Art Show Makes Recycling Beautiful

Earlier today, I had the opportunity to attend Walt Disney Imagineering’s Green Art Show, my favorite Earth Day event that takes place here at the Walt Disney World Resort.

This annual show, now in its fourth year, takes place backstage at WDI headquarters and challenges Imagineers to create a piece of art from recycled, repurposed or natural materials. The event not only celebrates the “beauty” of recycling, but it gives this talented team a chance to step out of their daily roles and stretch their imaginations by experimenting with new mediums and unusual artistic materials. And they never fail to amaze me what their out-of-the-box creativity!

For example, WDI Senior Interior Designer Claire Wiley prepared this mixed-media piece, Cat Heaven, for the event this year. Claire used a picture and frame she rescued on its way to the trash, then painted and collaged over it.

Art Piece Made by Senior Set Decorator Katie Roser

Senior Set Decorator Katie Roser repurposed crepe-myrtle tree trimmings by weaving them into a basket, which is filled with fruit made from scrap fabric.

Art Piece Made by Graphics Intern Lindsay Agnew

And Graphics Intern Lindsay Agnew used acorns, seashells, corn tassels, leaves and repurposed packaging materials to create this festive nature-themed wreath.

This is just a sample of the creativity displayed by Imagineers at this year’s event. How will you celebrate Earth Day?

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