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Disney’s Dreamers Celebrities Share Their Favorite Disney Moments

This spring, Walt Disney World Resort welcomed the 2011 Disney’s Dreamers to what has become an annual event called Disney’s Dreamers Academy. For the past four years, 100 students are picked out of thousands of applicants to attend a four-day program that has a simple mission; to encourage the students to dream.

Educators, singers, actors, and executives from a myriad of industries spend time with each student to help them harness their full potential. The four days are chock full of interactive workshops and experiences that are designed to focus, inspire and jump start each child’s passion. Yes, there is a lot of work, but the weekend is also filled with lots of Disney magic.

You can follow the past and current Dreamers on their Facebook page and their Twitter page.

While we had them here, we asked these three well-known celebrities what their favorite Disney memory is. They surprised us with their answers! What are your favorite Disney Parks moments?

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