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Vintage Walt Disney World: Remember the Magic

Sure, there were 25 candles signifying the 25th anniversary of Walt Disney World Resort for all to see, but it’s not what guests remember the most.

This 185-foot-tall birthday cake as big as a castle (Cinderella Castle if we’re getting specific) was the centerpiece of this celebration that had guests talking for years. It was estimated the cake weighed in at 40 million pounds. That’s a lot of cake mix!

Centerpiece of the Anniversary Celebration - the 185-Foot-Tall Birthday Cake

With 55,040 tablespoons of pink paint in three different shades (who kept count? I lose count after counting out five tablespoons!), this cake was rich enough to satisfy any sweet tooth with its 50 gumballs, 30 lollipops, 4 Life Savers, 12 gum drops, 16 red candy hearts and 16 green candy stars.

During the 25th anniversary, guests knew it was Time to Remember the Magic and the transformation of Cinderella Castle is one memory no one is soon to forget.

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