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The Wicked Gooey Apple Awards Celebrate Your Favorite Disney Villains

Last Halloween, we asked you to vote for your favorite Disney Villain. Even though, in the end, Maleficent reigned supreme with the most votes, the other nominees are demanding a rematch. But this year instead of one prize, we’ve got five! Each week we’ll ask you which Disney Villain deserves to win in a different category.

This week we start with the “Your Highness of Hissy Fits” (Shortest Temper) Category. With a tick-tock of a crocodile’s clock, a temper is a time bomb just waiting to explode. This Wicked Gooey Apple will go the Disney Villain you think is the overlord of outbursts, the ruler of rage or the maharaja of huffiness. Vote now at and we’ll post the winner next week, along with the next voting category.

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