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Mickey and His Pals Get ‘Animated’ in a Unique Way at the Magic Kingdom Park

Creating animated motion using still images has been a favorite of designers on the Internet for many years. With a series of still photographs, artists can create fantastical scenes and vignettes that tell stories at a single glance.

We recently asked some of our favorite Disney Parks character pals to join guests in Magic Kingdom Park to create a few of these vignettes. Disney Parks Photographer Kent Phillips conducted photo shoots with Mickey, Stitch and Goofy, and then Production Director Ed Brown and the rest of the magic-makers of Disney’s Yellow Shoes Creative Group went to work to bring Kent’s photos to life.

Mickey and His Pals Get 'Animated' at Magic Kingdom Park

I asked Kent to explain a bit about the methods he, Ed and the team utilized. “A sequence of still photos is taken, with a single photo used to comprise the majority of the visible frame. Holes cut digitally in that photo allow select pieces of the rest of the sequence to be seen running behind them. The whole thing is set to loop continuously, and a still picture is given a breath of life.”

Goofy Gets 'Animated' at Magic Kingdom Park

Speaking personally, I think it’s fitting that Mickey and his pals have told countless stories over the years through animation and that this process is yet another form of animated storytelling in which they are featured.

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