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Magic Kingdom Parking Lot Welcomes Heroes and Villains at Walt Disney World Resort

Are you a “hero” or a “villain”?

Pretty soon, that’s all guests at Magic Kingdom Park will need to remember in order to find their vehicle in the parking lot at the end of the evening – or at least, doing so will help narrow down the location.

Earlier this week, work began to split the parking lot into what will be two main sections, “Heroes” and “Villains,” and then smaller sections within each, including: Woody, Aladdin, Peter Pan, Simba, Mulan and Rapunzel (Heroes lot), and Zurg, Jafar, Hook, Scar, Cruella and Ursula (Villains lot). Each lot also will have its own color, so essentially, all you have to remember is one of these three characteristics (hero, Rapunzel or blue) and you can find your car.

If only Disney could help you remember what your rental car looks like!

(Note: The time completion of these parking lot changes may be influenced by weather).

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