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A Disney Vacation Club Memory-Making Experience Just for You

If you’re a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) member, you love how Disney creates great family memories and that’s one of the reasons why you became a member. You wanted to experience the magic as much as possible and pass the legacy on to those you love. For those of us in our “mature years” (wink wink), we watched “The Wonderful World of Disney” on our black-and-white TV sets on Sunday nights. Remember? And we’d also keep an eye on the local paper for the latest Disney movie at the local theater.

Back then, Walt Disney World Resort was just a dream and videos, DVDs and the Internet didn’t exist. But for me, as a kid growing up in Medina, Ohio, a weekly TV show and those great Disney movies – shared with my family – provided such great experiences and memories that it left indelible impressions on my heart.

Now, years later, I have the best job in the world. As the Manager of Dream Making I spend my day making dreams come true for you. At Disney Floral & Gifts when we had the opportunity to create something special for DVC Members; we opened the storybook and enjoyed writing the chapters of this new experience. A few weeks ago, I shared that I had a special secret for you. Today, I’m tickled pink to share that we’ve just released a DVC family memory-making experience that will hopefully leave an indelible impression on your heart.

Disney Vacation Club Memory-Making Experience from Disney Floral & Gifts

Today we announce the premiere of our new DVC Welcome celebration, which creates an experience that feels like Mickey, Minnie and Pluto have come to your room to create a personalized welcome just for you. A “welcome home” sash hangs from your resort room door that provides the opportunity for personalization of the year you became a member. When you open the door, there are Mickey footprints that lead to a large Mickey and Pluto plush. You’ll also discover cookies Minnie Mouse baked for your family, a personalized matted illustration of Mickey and more. The price for this family experience is $295.

Disney Vacation Club Memory-Making Experience from Disney Floral & Gifts

So here’s to creating family memories just for you. Hopefully this experience will warm your heart – much like “The Wonderful World of Disney” did for us – to provide you with cherished memories you’ll be able to recall for years to come.

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