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Quiz: How Well Do You Know Main Street, U.S.A.?

One of my favorite areas in all of Walt Disney World is Main Street, U.S.A., at Magic Kingdom Park. The architecture of the shops that surround you are lovely, the smell of freshly made caramel apples pouring out of The Confectionary is tempting and the sounds of the Dapper Dans is charming!

How well do you know Main Street, U.S.A.? Put your knowledge to the test below!

How large is the Main Street Philharmonic?

Where can you hop on one of the Main Street Vehicles?

If you board the Walt Disney World Railroad at the Main Street, U.S.A. station, how long will it take you to make a full trip around Magic Kingdom Park?

What is the name of the Street Party you can be a part of on Main Street, U.S.A.?

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