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Four Ideas for Planning Your Very, Merry Unbirthday Party

Whether you’re planning a birthday party, a very merry unbirthday party, or a family gathering, there is plenty of Disney inspiration to help you add a few special touches to your celebration. Take a look at these four ideas for planning your very own Alice in Wonderland-themed event – you don’t want to be late for this very important date!

#1. Immersive Room Décor

Surprise your guests by completely immersing them into Wonderland! With oversized chairs, captivating props, and a themed backdrop, your guests will be delighted by the intricate level of detail you put into your event’s décor.

#2. DIY Table Effects

'Alice in Wonderland'-Themed Table Décor

Get everyone to join in on the fun of your Mad Tea Party with steaming teapots, colorful dining table arrangements, handcrafted bread-and-butterflies, and maybe even a surprise appearance from the sleepy Dormouse – just use a plush toy mouse and hide it in a teapot for your guests to discover!

#3. Centerpieces and Silverware

'Alice in Wonderland'-Themed Table Centerpieces

As Alice discovers, there’s a lot you can learn from the flowers – especially when it comes to floral centerpieces! Your guests will be surprised by every vibrant, unique miniature floral arrangement, plate, and napkin set before them and how you personalized each setting!

#4. Signature Drinks and Desserts

'Alice in Wonderland'-Themed Décor

Of course, what is a Wonderland-themed party without the signature “Eat Me” cookies and “Drink Me” beverages? Just add labels to items on your assorted treat display. Consider additional themed dessert options, such as “painting the roses red” cupcakes and “tea cup” tiramisu!

Alice Enjoys an 'Alice in Wonderland'-Themed Party

And, if you decide to plan an “Alice in Wonderland”-themed event for your group at a Disney destination, there are plenty of ways to bring extra magic to your event. With special Character appearances, captivating table effects, and other interactive, whimsical elements, the possibilities are endless!

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