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Go Back to the Bayou With The Princess and the Frog Drawing Tutorials

The Princess and the Frog is a beloved Disney animated classic, and now you can go back to the bayou and learn how to draw Tiana and Naveen from Walt Disney Animation Studios artists who helped bring the characters to life!

With over two decades of experience, Lead Key Cleanup Animator Rachel Bibb effortlessly brings Tiana to life on the page. The character was the first Princess that Bibb was in charge of, and thus has a special place in her heart. While reminiscing on Tiana’s creation and offering up great drawing tips, Bibb’s simple sketches magically turn into the Princess’s familiar features.

As the supervising animator for Naveen, Randy Haycock is more than familiar with the prince of Maldonia. Haycock’s 28 years of Disney artistry shine through as he sketches. In the tutorial, Haycock reveals the secret to drawing the Prince: his bold human eyebrows also appear in his frog form!

These entertaining tutorials show all the details that make Tiana and Naveen classic Disney characters. Check out more fun drawing tutorials from our pals at Walt Disney Animation Studios on

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